Nelson Mandela to launch clothing line- 46664 Apparel

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Former President Nelson Mandela
Former South African President Nelson Mandela to launch his clothing line. The clothing line cleverly labelled '46664' Apparel which was his inmate number at Robben Island Prison  would debut in August 2011 and would be raising funds for Nelson Mandela's foundation and augumenting South Africa's textile and clothing industry.
” Achmat Dangor, a 46664 board member, announced earlier this month. “The work of the organization encompasses Mr. Mandela’s humanitarian legacy, as well as confronting and inspiring action to address the broader social injustices in our society. To this effectively, 46664 needs reliable and sustainable income streams, something we believe 46664 Apparel can significantly contribute to.”
 The 46664 Apparel's logo is an embroidered palm which symbolizes Nelson Mandela's hand.
The clothing line is made up of both menswear and womenswear and would be well recognised in the world of clothing lines.
International distribution is likely to commence in the year 2012 alongside the website/e-commerce sales.
So you are gonna have to wait till 2012 to purchase yours online darling!

God bless Nelson Mandela!

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Photo: Nelson Mandela Polo Shirts
46664 tees

People looking at some of Nelson Mandela's designs

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