Expressing opinions

Sunday 18 November 2012

Hey beautiful!

Hope you are doing good? Let me act like I have not been away for too long......okay I'm sorry I really am. Please don't give up on Missy Tee.....

Thanks for checking up.... you know yourselves. You guys are awesome!

So I met one particular person in September and honestly I cannot believe how amazing Nigerians could be at times.
Being me I regard him as a friend which he is obviously and nothing else. He started bugging me all in the name of wanting to be friends and some of my other friends came to me asking if he has been pestering me too because he has been on their necks too.
Anyway this person has been trying to over familiarise which sometimes is unhealthy yea unhealthy.
He was becoming too overbearing and I decided to 'block' him meaning give him the 'dude chill' gesture somehow somehow.

He confronted me one day and said 'I do know he is married and all that and he has a pretty wife' so  shouldn't think he is thinking otherwise or something. I looked at him and simply gave me the appropriate response and left his presence so he is now trying to reconcile somewhat because he literally jumped the gun......typical!!

Ladies and gentlemen, that was where he completely shocked me! First up, who thinks about that in 2012? Certainly NOT me! Again he is married, double reason for me not to think so.
My lovely friend has been avoiding him too so she literally prays and tells me to wish her luck so she doesn't run into him......

We are coursemates by the way! *double deep sigh*

Some people need to change their thinking!!

I shall be back again when 'skuwl' permits.

Take care guys and be safe!

Ps- I absolutely love(from Sunday best)  Jessica Reedy's album. You should check it out.
Something out of nothing - JR - makes you thankful.
Always be thankful even when you do not know what to be thankful for or you think there is nothing to be thankful for because He is always busy looking after you and taking care of you!!

Moving on- JR

Enjoy these ones and the others!

Catch you soon..