Oh my daze! Can you imagine?!

Tuesday 9 July 2013

Hey guys

Okay this is so similar to Sisi Yemmie's post.
I didn't want to blog about it but I just had to.
Sisi Yemmie must read this.

After a very long day and journey to the town centre, I was approached by this lady who looked so innocent. She moved so close to me that I moved away and tightened my grip on my bag.
I had a puzzled look on my face and lo and behold, she started talking

Person x: 'xcuse me. I just left my purse or bus pass (one of them) on the bus and I don't have any money on me

Missy Tee: *puzzled look*

Person x: I was wondering if you could give me a quid, I am waiting for my friend to finish from work

Missy Tee: Oh I'm sorry I don't have any change on me (I honestly didn't, I would have given her if I had because she acted so well). Sure you don't have a chip and pin device - no I didn't say that!

Person x: awwww okay thank you

Missy Tee: Sorry! No worries.

I walked away feeling guilty, searching through my bag using my head for any change I could have dropped somewhere.

Fast forward to the following week;

Le sisto and I were walking past an area close to where I saw person x.
Le sisto passed a comment about person x's dress along with a baby bump and immediately I saw the face, looked so familiar and I was wondering where I had seen the face.

While le sisto and I were busy chatting, this other lady was walking not far ahead and guess what?!
Person x stopped her and I slowed down a bit in a bid to recall the face, and what made me remember person x was the story.
She gave this other lady almost the same 'lyrics' that she gave me.
She was asking her for money!!

My eyes widened and my jaw slowly dropped.

I couldn't believe person x was pregnant because I didn't notice or to be honest I didn't look down to notice the bump. She looked so innocent and hey  Angelina Jolie does NOT have anything on her.
To be honest, I don't know if she misplaced her bus pass again - I'm not judging even though it seems like I am :-/

Sisi Yemmie's post immediately popped into my mind - mainly because it happened in an entirely different country.

Some people are just talented!

Another post coming up shortly!!

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