Day 11- Your famile

Wednesday 31 August 2011

Hello there.

for some reason, I feel like doing this post in french so here we are:

Nous sommes cinq et je suis la dernière carte, j'ai parfois gâché par les plus âgés, mais pas tout le temps que je dois aller usully faire les corvées et les courses pour tout le monde.
Nous sommes frais et pour être honnête avec vous, je ne sais pas quoi taper dans ce post, mais oui j'espère partie répondu.



J'ai besoin d'aller regarder les 9/11- Histoire des pompiers sur Channel 4. À bient

Day 10- Put your music player on shuffle and write the first ten songs that play

Tuesday 30 August 2011


Here we go-

  1. Juanita Bynum- I don't mind waiting
  2. Bouqui- Mo ri le
  3. Mary Mary- The Sound
  4. Obi Shine- Ngalaba
  5. Ne-yo- So sick
  6. Donnie McClurkin- Holy
  7. Dipo Sodipo- Bola ba de
  8. TB One- Igwe
  9. Deitrick Haddon- Bended Knees
  10. Dipo Sodipo- Awade
Day 11- Hey there!

Day 9- How important do you think education is

Monday 29 August 2011

Jamb Question. LOL!

Education is overly important from my own point of view. Although some people do say that if everyone is educated then there is no value in education (purleasseee they are in dreamland to me).
Education is a process that one has to go through to become as valuable as gold in the future but unfortunately not everybody has the opportunity to be educated as due to some reasons some people either drop out of school or do not even go at all but for everybody who has got the opportunity, I believe we should all use the opportunity wisely and cherish education. Education (the process) also gives you the chance to make some memorable friends and have some real good memories and fun that can only be gained during school days. Thank God for education!
What else can I say- Education is extremely important...simples!

Day 10- where art thou?



Day 8- What you ate today

Sunday 28 August 2011

Day 8- you go girl!
What I ate today- I had a combination. What a coincidence that I already blogged about a bit of what I ate today in the previous post. hmmm

I had some specially cooked spaghetti (cooked by yours truly) and then I went over for the bbq and had some beef burgers, real hot and spicy suya ( if you are from Nigeria then you'll know what that is), then later some pizza.
I've had so much junk today its unbelievable! goodness.....funniest thing is that its not like I'm gonna add on the pounds....ptchewwwwww.

Thats it....Day 9 are you there?



Summer dress wahala! and Summerfest/Barbecue

Hey Lovelies,

Bank holiday tomorrow- dancing makossa!

Anyways today was good, my church had this summerfest/barbecue thing today and it was real fun(ny). I checked the weather forecast today and it was meant to be a rainy day with max temperature of 14 degrees or 16- cant remember exactly now. So yea I was meant to leave around 10am or so (being a "worker" I had to be there early) but I didn't get there until about12.10pm. It was scheduled to start at 12pm. I felt bad but I just put a brave face on- you know!

Day 7- Five pet peeves

Saturday 27 August 2011

Hmm as usual I'm jus naming five pet peeves that I can think of now, here we go;
  • No please or thank you- this infuriates me when people lack manners and do not say thank you or please when talking to you in public. People are like this but hey what can one do?
  • Removing my stuff- I hate it when my stuff is taken away from where I put it in my "territory". I love to put my stuff somewhere and still find it there. Or messing somewhere I just cleaned up- ohhhhhh that makes me go gaga
  • Raising voice- it is so annoying when people raise their voices when talking or when arguing. There is totally no point in raising your voice and I do not like. If you cannot talk to me with a normal voice tone, then talk to the hands because the ears are at the spa!
  • Showing off-  When people show off what they have, it sort of pushes my button. e.g. asking you- oh what kind of phone do you use- Nokia 3310 (wow I remember that phone like yesterday) and in response they say oh when I went to Dubai, I got my Blackberry Torch but I dint like it so I when I went to Milan, I got the new Blackberry bold off much?!! who cares about your phone?
  • Bad attitude/swear words- when someone has got bad attitude or crazy stupid ego, then that pushes it. When  they talk with this attitude and have an ego as big as a town centre urban outfitters store then seriously go to bed for real! *ptschewwww* I totally detest swear words, they are disgusting so when I hear people curse it infuriates me especially in the presence of little kids (even adults). Sometimes I feel like slapping them across the face- silly cheese sticks.
There we 8 where you at?

*sort of dozing off at my pc now.......been tired lately....sigh and yawn together.
Barbeque/Summerfest tomorrow- lets hope it fun! I'll update you.

God is love!


Rihanna- this is for you.

So when I saw this, I was like "okayeeee" lets see what this is about. As I started watching, something kept tugging my heart strings and I realised that the words that came out of her mouth were so true and reassuring. Sometimes in life, we need that kind of  reassurance and God definately knows how to send that reassurance message to us somehow, someway, somewhere...
This according to this lady is to Rihanna but we all can kind of relate to what is being said well I know I can!
Lord please draw me closer to you daily!



The Oliver Twist Alhajis and Alhajas

Friday 26 August 2011

This has got to be the funniest so far. I just saw these videos and couldn't help but burst. Wow- is it by force?
Youtube stars overnight!
Just for laughs!

Day 6- Your view on mainstream music

Ok so this has got to be the borinest (if there is a word like that lol!) topic offence.
My view on mainstream music-- according to what I understand *clears throat* Mainstream music is the type of music that is regarded as not harmful to the listeners and suitable for them.
So my view on mainstream music is so so.
When I hear a song, and the beat sounds good I tend to just boogie down to it (but if I hear anything I dont like while listening to I am turned off) after that, sometimes I then return to the song thanks to Youtube and listen to it again but once I hear something inappropriate in the mewszeek, I then obviously make the obvious decision but so long its clean, sensible, meaningful and good then its alright. I love various types of music- I'm kinda indifferent but very picky with the songs. If it contains rubbish...honey count me out but if it is good then Imma bop my head to it.
Some Nigerian/Foreign artists and songs that I like are people include to list a few;
Kefee -sapele water- I love the beat and meaning full words used. Teewai knows I can overplay this song.
Julius Agwu- Adanma- sensible, hilarious and alright. One request is- Julius please dont ever stop being funny..
Timi Dakolo- I love you- his voice is hmmmmmmmmmmmmon point!
Ibiyemi- Dont leave me and ore- I love this girl's voice and her stylist is fab. This song (ore) makes me reminisce and it makes me say I LOVE MY HOMEGIRLS! loaf ya
J-moss- We must praise. I adore this song....its simply undescribable. Love it to bits. Its probably the song that still till date reassures that in the sight of God everybody is equal
If I were a drummer, I would use my cymbal
If I were a writer, I would use a pencil
I would use my voice, if I were a singer
No matter who or what we are, we must praise

If I was a doctor, I would use my research
A prolific dissertation, if I was a speaker
I would use my hands, if I were a potter
No matter who or what we are, we must praise
Back to the topic- My view on mainstream music is as stated above, so long it is clean, good and make sense, then it is good to go!

I think I have answered this boring one. LOL!



Please say a prayer for Abuja and Nigeria as a whole

Rescue workers at UN building in Abuja, Nigeria - 26 August 2011
Earlier today, headlines flashed....bomb blast in Abuja Nigeria. All I could do was drop my jaw. I was dazed. Wharis allvis? It aint cool at all.
When did Nigeria start all this? Nigeria was a country full of love, happiness and hope but now they seem to be bombing the whole place to the ground.
Nigeria needs prayers. lets all say a prayer for Nigeria that the unity that once existed between the various tribes and religions return that peace may return to the country.

BBC news kept repeating it over and over again, showing people climbing into the UN building using a ladder. That is so not cool!
At least 18 people were killed Friday in a bombing at a U.N. building in the Nigerian capital, a police spokesman said. Police commissioner Michael Zuokumo told reporters eight people had been injured.
Rescue officials at the scene in Abuja helped to pull the dead and injured from the rubble. Bomb squad officers and other security teams were also sent to the scene, deputy police spokesman Yemi Ajayi said.
A representative for the National Hospital said there was a shortage of blood to use in surgery. Hospital staff and relatives of the injured have been going to the blood bank to donate.
The hospital called in all doctors and nurses who were not working Friday to deal with the emergency, the spokeswoman said as ambulances brought people in.
Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan condemned what he called a "barbaric, senseless and cowardly attack."
A statement issued by his office said extra security had been ordered in the area around the capital and Nigeria would do everything it could to bring the perpetrators to justice.
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, addressing the media in New York, said exact casualty figures are not yet known but are likely to be "considerable."
Read more

A long whirlwind Complicated Friendlationship!

Source- complicated
Hey Lovelies,

This is an event I have decided to gist you guys here on Missy Tee’s corner.....
On Friday May 26th 200?, the day before the annual Children’s day party in High school everybody was hyped and excited about what was going to get down the next day, the whole school probably did not pay attention to any of the teaching on that Friday before the day after.....girls keeping mute on what they were going to wear, boys making a list of girls that they were going to hang out with the most during the school party, teachers teaching themselves in front of the blackboard (thinking students were paying attention) and so on. The whole school was HYPED about the party-“Children’s day” party! *raised eye brow*
After school hours on that day, when almost everybody had left school leaving the late leavers behind at about 15.00pm (or so) there was a girl, Miss O (as I wish to address her on MTB) who was in SS1 at the time, happened to be chilling/gisting (as usual) with her girlfriends Miss T, Miss K, Miss F, Miss Ti and others, having a laugh and just waiting to get picked from school.

Then came this other girl Miss Y, who was a senior at the time (In SS2 to be precise) and a boarder who was able to sneak and stay out of dorm when every other boarder (not all to be honest) were locked in their dorm; at least they were all excited to be in dorm that evening all because of the party. Back to the story, Miss Y while roaming school ended up sighting Miss O and her friends.
 Miss Y called Miss O and hence the conversation;

Miss Y- Hello. How are you?
Miss O- (Sceptical) Hi I’m fine thanks
Miss Y- Please I just want to ask for a favour
Miss O-  What favour?
Miss Y- You know it is the Children’s day party tomorrow right?
Miss O- Yea? (Reluctantly)
Miss Y- I was just wondering if you could please lend me jewellery to use tomorrow, I’ll return it to you immediately after..
Miss O- (Surprised) Uhmmmm lend you jewellery?
Miss Y- Yes please I will return it I promise
Miss O- I am sorry I can’t because there is no way I can sneak jewellery out (obviously Miss O didn’t want to lend Miss Y jewellery because she was trying to avoid her jewellery being damaged or even stolen)
Miss Y- Is there no way you can just put it in your bag and bring it tomorrow? Pls! I don’t have any jewellery to use tomorrow and they are not coming for me tomorrow
Miss O- Nope- I’m so sorry!
Miss Y- Okay Thank you
End of conversation.....(for now)

Miss O on returning to her friends, then chuckled to herself thinking “If I give it to you and then you start telling tales about the jewellery going missing or it’s been damaged –then drama starts *ptschewwwww*”
Anyway, Y then went ahead to ask the other girls individually.

Then came the D-day *drum roll*- day students arrived school earlier than usual all because of Children’s day parry (on normal school day, they’d arrive super late!) Boarders flung their doors open for day students to use their rooms in changing to their “head turning” party outfits.....

To be continued......

Day 5- Things I wanna say to an ex!

Thursday 25 August 2011


Hey sweeties,

This is a really wierd post pour moi because.....................................

Day 4- Bullet your whole day

Wednesday 24 August 2011

Okay Day 4 thank God I'm only meant to "bullet" my day- here we go;
  • Woke up at past 6am
  • Devotion
  • Ready
  • Left ta mayke some dushhhh
  • Resumed
  • Lunch
  • Finished
  • Journey back
  • Stopped over at the store to get some essentials
  • Spoke with Teewai almost throughout the journey
  • Arrived at 6.15pm
  • Cooked
  • Dinner
  • Chores
  • Watched some TV shows- Bondi rescue etc
  • Caught up on emails and messages
  • Blog update- obviously doing that now
  • Devotion
  • And the wonderful sugar sugar sleep
What a day, all in all Thank God for the day!
So tired.......yawnnnnnnnnn literally- I don't wanna swallow my pc!
Sooooooo....See y'all tomorrow



Is it true or false? Wizkid is a baby daddy?

Tuesday 23 August 2011

I read this on Naija Ent and I am really finding it hard to believe. It can't be! He is just 20 or so right?  He looks so innocent, I'm not saying he isn't .This so cannot be true- it is impossican't!

Mikel Obi's father has been found- Great!

Source- Mikel Obi
This was breaking news allover the world about the kidnapping of Mikel Obi's father. At the time, Mikel was overseas probably in the UK when it happened. But he didn't put his job on the line instead he stayed back. That's quite brave!
But the great news is that his father has been found along with the people tryna extort N20 million from his "rich" son. They were thinking upside down. ptcheww

May God continue to watch over every single Nigerian and please be careful out there at all times. It can only get better in Nigeria.

Big ups to the Nigerian Police Force for a job well done-tracking them down in a matter of days!

It can only get better.

T-Boy again- Throw it in the bag! (oldie)


Day 3- A book you love


Day 3 of the 30 day challenge...woop woop.
A book you love:

Ok so I read various types of books but out of the one's I've read so far, the one I love the most is- How to hear from God by Joyce Meyer

I love this book by Joyce Meyer -How to hear from God.
In this book, Joyce explains the various ways that she hears from God and how she confirms that it is really from God.
She also explains that there are times where we go way too fast and do not realise that God is using a certain action to speak to us. He also uses certain actions to confirm what He has said.

There are times where we are also super sure that it is God talking but maybe it seems like something very difficult to do, then we act like its just us thinking out that loud. For exanple; when one is super sure that God has instructed you to give your best car to someone, then you then act like you did not hear anything or you just simply disreagard the voice.

In this book, she uses real life experiences to explain anad clarify how God speaks (to her). She also points out that the way God speaks to each and every single person is different.

I love this book because it explains and gives guidelines on how to hear from God, how to create an atmosphere to allow you listen/hear Him clearly, how God clarifies that indeed He spoke to you regarding something (from Joyce's point of view).
What to do if you need to be super clear about what your are being told to do.

This book is very uplifting and has got things that I can relate to. It feels like someone is actually explaining things to me without me even asking or telling them about my thoughts.

Day 3 down *wooooooooop*

See you on Day fowerrrrrrr (four)!



Day 2- Something you feel strongly about!

Monday 22 August 2011

Day 2! Something I feel strongly about. There isn't just one but I'll pick one of 'em.

Everybody has been created to do different things in the world, look different, talk differently and so on and we were all created equally but in various cases peoples abilities are underrated and often killed as they do not get the opportunity to exhibit their abilities.
People suffer in various ways sometimes because of some features that they have and also some of their habits or decisions and so on.

My First Audio Blogpost- a mix of it all!

Boyfriends does his girlfriends' makeup- So sweet!

I honestly think this is really nice, some bonding time. Its hilarious and sweet at the same time. Take a cue gentlebrothers! Love it!

Day 1- Five ways to win 'your' heart!

Grrrrrrrr- why am I nervous about doing this- maybe because you guys would get to know mo' about me via this task ( that noborri sent me to do o!)
Well here we go-
Five ways to win "your" (me? or you? lol!)  heart!
I'm thinking this is referring to a guy (as in how a guy can.....) from a girls perspective.....this aint all but five of 'em. Lol....gonna put some pictures along with the points to kinda pass an impression. :-)

  • A heart after God's own heart- Ok so to win "your" (my) heart first thing first he has got to be after God's heart, wanting to know him more and seeking to hear His voice/dwell in his presence day by day. I don't mean - be a pastor o not saying shouldn't be a pastor either hehe!. But yea I love it when people love Jesus and are straight with their religion/spirituality. This has to be because its the way to go- Life without God is a no go area! ok on to the next one.....

  • Gats to be responsible- Need to responsible in every area such as being focused, having a plan of what to do now and also in the future.Doing things the way it should be done, at the right time and place. Not procrastinating- come on we all procrastinate but it should be kept to a minimum. Have something doing e.g. working and being comfy- ladies you all know that we love to be comfy but this is better when "cha-ching" is plenri- lemme say enough so we can go Louis Vuittoning or Chloe-ing. Just kidding- but gats to be responsible as per work/education wise- setting good goals and working hard to hit it. 
  • Caring and Understanding- caring by being a listening ear and understanding so as to be the advising mouth and vice versa. Willing to advice,and comfort one. Speaking from the heart so as to make one feel at ease, e.g.being there whenever the phone rings and its a certain Missy Tee on the other end of the phone or when wanting to have a chat. Understanding my ranting and complaints and saying certain words that makes so much sense that it would make me just say a prayer for him.*sweet*..hmmmmm
  • Perfect Gentle"person"/ Manners- aint nobody perfect I know but a gentle"person" with manners, respect and good intentions. Having a good and clear personality as well as a sense of humour. Having a soft face at all times with a one million dollar smile and dress sense. Have a giving heart by helping people out in every area/way possible. 
  • Appreciative-  appreciating God, people, things and many more. Not taking things for granted and appreciating things that he has. Understanding that there are people out there that are wanting what you have so you shouldn't waste/destroy what you've got.

Ok it wasn't that bad but there you go!


Missy Tee!

30 day challenge- Shall I Shan't I

Saturday 20 August 2011

My blohearrrrrrrrttttttttts

I bet you guys have been saying where is this girl with wierd thoughts gone??!
I've been busy- this summer seems tiring and all. Gotta get a lotta dushh so yer kan gow owut spendeennnnnn.- ( if you actually understand that, you are a genius) lol.

So I've been scoping this 30 day challenge and was kinda wondering whether I should do it or not- due to the thought of not keeping up with it.
Anyways I finally made the decision to just go for it......and if i dont complete it  then oh well sowreeeeeeeeeee!
If I do keep up with it then that would be fab!
PS- feel free to join in too.

See you on the first day!

I LOVE YOU----Whats the biggie?

Thursday 18 August 2011



Just a minor thought
Saying 'I LOVE YOU' feels like a real task when it being said sometimes. Its easy saying it to people that are family but why is it so weird when you say it to an ordinary friend?
I do say it to my girls and boys ( but not what you think **before you think otherwise *rolling eyes*) because I do mean it but when some friends says for example over the phone when you are just about hanging up...I Love You- I personally am like THANK YOU! because it kinda feels weird and isnt expected but I am quick to getting used to it and saying it back....but there are some friends that it feels so comfy saying it to them even if it the first time they are saying it to you or vice versa.
Although when it is first said, you are like ohhhhhhhh okaayyyyyyyyyy...... but as time goes on you kinda get used to it and just say it back as it becomes a reflex action (I know I do!).
A friend of mine when we were in high school texted me one day and at the end of the text typed- LOAF YA!. It was hilarious at the time because I was like that is so clever of her but hey she didnt wanna create any "homo" thoughts so you've gotta express ur affection (still love in my dictionary..duhh) somehow to your homegirls or boys (so the boys dont feel left out lol). Back to the story, ever since then, we haven't really grown outta saying LOAF YA to each other and it did spread to the rest of the clique (yes a clique- we were nice though!) We still say it to each other TILL DATE!
But when a total stranger says I LOVE YOU, why does it feel so weird and when you wanna reply, you kinda stutter and think twice before responding.

Have you realised that guys think its soooooooooo weird to say I LOVE YOU or Love you to people most especially guys (they think it sounds .......)

In church one day, I cant fully remember but I think the pastor said to the congregation to "Turn to your neighbour and say I Love You" the whole church kinda hesitated

so he had to say "Turn to your neighbour and say I love you with the love of the Lord"-------I'm not saying don't love with the love of the Lord but why couldn't they just say I love you to they neighbour even if they dont know each other?

Sometimes- I say to people
Define Love (5 Marks)
List the characteristics of Love (10 marks)........what am I like!

But why is that mentality of when someone says I LOVE YOU, they mean something totally different?
I know its something very sensitive to just say like that but whats wrong is saying I LOVE YOU to someone you met today and your friendship is a day old?

I am not saying I'm saint that I dont shy away from saying it sometimes but to be honest, I was just thinking- whats the biggie in saying I LOVE YOU- why do people always have two takes when someone says it to 'em.
You dont hate your friends thats why you are friends- cuz you love'em but why is it weeeyyeeerrrddd saying the words I LOVE YOU to them when you really do?!

P.S- I know this post is all over the place- apologies for that, I just dint wanna let this one slip off again, just thought I should voice this out!

Well now you know I LOVE YOU!


Thanks for stopping by!


Sunday 14 August 2011

Rainbow Cake

My goodness for crying out loud isn't this a beauty- the rainbow cake?
If you are getting married, you can have them in your wedding theme colors...the colors really pop on the one above.
Everybody likes cake so you can't deny this one now and if you claim this aint gorgeous to look at or you dont like- well Imma errr uhmmmmm uhhhh- I dont even know what to do to you.
Just love the cake- its amazing- courtesy Whisk-kid!
Isnt it lovely, isn't it wonderrrrfulllllll-- can you imagine- the cake's got me singing!


More pictures of Whisk-Kid's work after the jump

All for Sam Loco!

Saturday 13 August 2011

Sam Loco (middle)

Hello Darlings,
I am so sorry I left for too long- I'm back now (sorta)!
Over the week I heard the story about Sam Loco and it was absolutely shocking- so here I am writing this lil something in honor of the funniest Nigerian actor - Sam

Meet the adebanjo's last online episode

Sunday 7 August 2011

Special Edition Meet the Adebanjo's Complete Season 1 DVD Boxset

Hey Sweeties,
So we all have enjoyed the past couple  of episodes of Meet The Adebanjo's but the last online episode which you can watch here is the end of the free viewing. You can watch all 8 episodes non stop by getting the box set. You can also get that here. Enjoy!
Feel free to contact me for the viewing pass.

Have a good laugh!

Happy Birthday Pres. Obama

I know I know, This is coming late but hey..better late than never uhn? I gotta send my wishes to him too duhh! Well Happy Birthday Pres. Obama, you are half a century now and uhmmmmm getting younger I should say before....I start something else. Pls my blog is still young oh! if you know what I mean.
Happy 50th Pres!

Fantasia is indeed PREGGERS!

Tuesday 2 August 2011

Happy news: Former American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino announced over the weekend that she is pregnant

A few weeks back, I remember putting a post up re- Fantasia and her man on holiday click here to read and she looked as though she had a baby bump (in the pictures)- well it indeed IS a lil baby in there.
Fantasia herself has confirmed that she is indeed expecting another child. She made the announcement on stage at a charity event on Sunday in Jacksonville, Florida and she doesn't care what anyone has got to say!
She said

You are the first [people] that I share this news with," she told the audience gathered at the opening of the Riverview Apartments complex. (Watch her full announcement below.)

"And I share this with you because I can relate to you. And for a while, I walked around figuring out what they will say and what will they think about me. But now I tell you, I don't live my life for folk."
"So, this child that I carry – God has given me this child. And I don't have to hide it from none of y'all."
Watch the video after the jump!

Another Royal Wedding- You've just gotta see this!

Royal Wedding Fashion Prince William and Kate Middleton Designed by Sarah Burton Royal Wedding Fashion Prince William and Kate Middleton Designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen

On Sunday 31st of July 2011, another royal wedding rocked the world Lagos. A wonderful couple who are not deeply in love walked down the aisle in a fab style similar to that of Prince William and Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge.
Introducing the latest royal couple in Lagos, Uti and Munachi- the duke and duchess of ????lagos citayyyyy!
Weddings by MAI recreated the royal wedding cleverly- dressing Munachi Abii in a similar wedding dress to that of Kate the Duchess of Cambridge and Uti in a similar uniform to that of Prince William the Duke.
They walked down the aisle....and so on.....see for yourself.
Good job Mai Atafo