Pride - what I've learnt from you

Wednesday 15 January 2014


Hello everyone

So this is a topic that has been on my mind for a while and I find myself talking about it indirectly almost all the time.
People sometimes cannot help but be so proud. Their shoulder pads are higher than those of our beloved village women. I definitely know people who I look at and go please stop being so proud.
You see, I have experienced some kinda pride in  people that I almost want to say you sound like a broken record.

A few scenarios;

I was way younger then when I called this lady ( I'm going to call her this lady in this post for confidentiality purposes and pretty much so she doesn't know it's her). She saw a friend who came to visit (who happens to be a well-known blogger here on blogsville) off and innocent teenage me called to see if she was alright as she didn't arrive back home on time. Goodness, she spoke to me as though she was talking to some slave from 1842. I wanted to melt, that was the gravity of how she spoke. If only I could have yanked her hair from where I was. You see this lady acts as though she is on the highest of the highest class and every other person is under feet. I HATE THAT!
She got married and we haven't seen each other ever since but because I am very niceee I have reached out to her.
Sometimes I try to reason why she is like so but 85% of the time I cannot just comprehend.

Pride goes before destruction (Prov 16.8), I definitely do not want her to fall which is why I wanted her to desperately change at the time.
I realised one thing, you cannot change everyone. They'll always be what they choose and decide to be. However they wish to carve themselves that's how they'll be. This is not a new story of course.

Hello 2014! 2013 in a nutshell...not entirely!

Friday 3 January 2014

Amazing individuals,
Happy new year and a very merry Christmas in serious arrears.
Where have I been you ask?
I have been to London to visit the Queen, I saw lil' Prince George, Kate is ever so nice. She kept smiling. Prince William? Oh he wasn't around.
I gave Prince George the Nigerian flag, I hope they keep it safe for him so when he gets older he'll know a Nigerian has been to say hello and left him a little souvenir. The Queen is also very charming.


Oh you haven't been to see the Queen and Prince George? breaking news-------- I haven't either. If you believed that, then I need to give you a great big hug.

Happy Happy Happy New Year. I actually begged my siblings to do  guest posts but they are oh so busy. I hope they someday get to share their interesting stories here - yes they are quite interesting which is why I asked them to share.

2013 was a uhm year altogether - Thank God. It went by fast, again saw some of my people (including Baby T. Hey Baby T!- my amazing little big girl) that I hadn't seen in yearssss.

1. Visited a city again after a decade and could not even recognise some streets.
2. My orthodontist happily placed braces in again....I don't mind because you won't notice - no I don't have 'such' teeth. It's just a correction after having a 'dental accident' a while back.

Found this easier than writing

3. I took  a taxi by myself in a city that I knew barely any routes (Thank you Lord for creating google maps). The taxi driver thought I totally knew where he was talking about, I did kinda but oh well.