I must be fat by force

Friday 27 September 2013

Hello lovelies

Lately I've heard a lot of ladies say things like 'I'm too fat', ' I need to hit the gym'. I just give 'em the 'purleaseee move' look.
Can you imagine?
You guys can't understand. Perhaps I need to start talking more about how to gain weight for ladies who want to.

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Okay this is my story *ahem* Story as in weight-wise!

I am NOT fat, as in NOT at all. In fact, I've never been 'fat' and when I say fat I mean going past size 8. This is annoying. I need to get past 9st. I am not a model (for now) although I've been in a couple of contests-  I enjoyed them though but I need to get fat as in fleshy. Not extremely fat but fleshy (catch my drift?).

Sometimes it's my fault - I do not eat enough. I can feed the entire nation and ensure they get fat in one day but when it's time for me to feed myself, I don't eat as much.
I've been scolded so many times by friends and family but I can't help it, I cannot control my weight - I have no reason whatsoever why this is/was but I don't like at all.

When I do eat, I always unconsciously do things that involves a lot of energy such as walking or cleaning or studying (yes requires plenty energy) and before I know it the 'fat' has gone.
Le Sisto once took a walk with me (almost 2hrs) and man she could not believe it. She hasn't been on a walk with me for a while now. Can't blame her, no she's not as slim as I am.

There's was a time I lost 6kg in a week, that was a shocker and a wake up call for me.


Sometimes I look at my pictures from the past (when I was a bit fleshy) and compare them to my non-fleshy pictures and I just smile and sigh.

I used to skip breakfast on a school day, and barely have lunch and then have dinner.
On a free day, I'd have breakfast at 11 and then the rest follow on later and later and later.

There was a day I actually 'forgot' to eat. I sat on my bed and thought to myself, what did you eat today? Then I realised I hadn't eaten. It was a busy day I think (my excuse).

But I am turning a new leaf, changing these habits RIGHT NOW.
I want to get fat as in become a size 12 or 14.


So I've been trying to feed myself more these days and with plenty junk as well.
What else can a sister do to gain some extra 'fat/flesh'?
All of thee that are trying to lose weight? Do you have any tips for the opposite.
I shall update you on this journey!

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  1. Girl, same thing applies o. The annoying this is when i get called lepa. Tres annoying. I've been on this journey and i am tired. I gain some weight and then i lose it. I can't seem to keep it on constantly. I don't forget to eat but food bores me easily. I like the sight of food though. I'm gunning for a size 10 now. And it's hard!!!

  2. Take it easy o, you seem to be just the right figure now :)

  3. Wish i have something to offer to help out but my own weight gain is under different circumstances. I would say i'm on the slim side also even though I could eat a whole house. Not sure where it all goes. At the end of the day, what I've learnt is your body is your body and it knows what's it's doing. As long as you eat regularly and are healthy on the inside and outside that's all you can do for yourself and your body.

  4. For a young lady, I honestly don't understand why you want to be more than a size 8. Really.

  5. LOOOLLLL....You just gotta love @ilola!!!
    As a sisteh tryna shed some pounds.....I dont know what to tell...and as a sisteh who ate her way up to this point cos she wanted to add some flesh, I still dont know what to tell you.

  6. Toin: As in. You're in spirit, we need to start a fattening club asap.

  7. Myne: I'll try but just a little flesh won't hurt.

  8. Christiana: Well yes you are right, being healthy is important and your weight gain is 'good weight gain'. Can't wait nowwww, almost there.

  9. @ilola: oh dear, you do not understand :-(, I'll see you in camera, Toin and I will organise a way to take you to that 'level of grace' lol so you can understand us.

  10. Honeydame: Lol as in you just have to love her. You already said something now, eat your way up to gain the pounds. I feel yah sistah

  11. Set a reminder on your phone to eat..
    But like everyone has said, enjoy your weight.. some people are literally dying to have it xx

  12. Hian! And people are dying to reduce.kai!*smh.
    Just flaunt what u have for now,its ur body,love it and be proud of it d way it is.wen u marry and get preggy d weight will come and even if it doesn't,u r beautiful d way u are.btw,pls eat for health reasons o,ulcer is real o!


  13. Eh!
    Can u imagion???
    U wanna gain weight???
    And I am on weightloss journey right now to trim down.
    Infact to make it easy for both of us,I am a size 14 right now,biko come and take jor...

  14. I commented again wen av commented b4.that's to tell u how dis post dey pain me.lolz

  15. Omg! Cuzn mi, we are on the same page o.. U know how much I wanna add weight na! If u get tips please pass it to me o.. I'm just tryin so much to add a bit of weight especially since I'm a 6!!! Even when I eat its lik d food is just making me taller *sigh*..

  16. Thanks 1 plus the one. Exact words of le sisto.
    Frances: My dear, we need to have a chat on this weight issue! :-)
    Tanwa: I'll def fill you in. We must move to greater 'weight' right? we are physically tall enough, not competing with the men at all.

  17. Not only you dear like seriously I need to add weight and wouldn't mind getting tips for it. I look 5 years older than my age although I know it's good but it hurts Jor. I need to add that weight to look my age.

    I just stumbled on this blog and am loving it, keep it up.


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