Showing some love in Red, Gold and Black!

Monday 13 February 2012

Hey there bloghearts,

Thanks to everyone who commented on the previous post much appreciated.  Welcome to my lovely new readers.
So something snapped in my mind on Saturday when I was thinking about what to wear to church on Sunday.
Lo and behold, I thought about a strapless dress I wore at one of my friends wedding back in 2009. I had so much fun at that wedding, I wore two dresses, enjoyed the girly nights at the hotel and the bachelorette party was off the chain. So much fun argghhh.
Anyways back to the dress, I decided to dig out the dress and it was all rough and guess what, it was no longer sweeping the entire floor like it was almost doing 3 years ago. Well I decided to improvise as I love dresses that are so long that they totally touch the floor.

Dress before with the belt on the back
I decided to convert this beautiful dress to a skirt, a full skirt however, I did not want to sew anything or take anything off. Hence what I did was, I folded the top bit in half to make something like a band-look-a-like with the belt still showing.

.....folded in half and this is the front view
I particularly love the colours and felt like going all traditional on Sunday so I did, well kinda of!
I wore a black top which I got from DP- my favorite store, I just love the top because the sleeves reveal my wrist allowing me to wear bracelets on my wrists and not under the top on my wrist or over the top on my wrist.
I was also able to dress like this because the snow had melted so I was feeling the girl yea feeling feeling the girl yea!. LoL
...doing the twirl
I tied the belt which is not so visible in the picture above in a bow and it was holding the dress skirt in place. I never expected it to turn out so nice considering my skinny frame but it turned out really cute. I wore black flats and black earrings which are also not visible and a red and black bracelet along with my wrists bands which can be seen in the picture above (I wear them all the time or lets say majority).

I know I tried even if you don't see anything nice in the assemble! ;-) hehe
So in the spirit of Valentine's which is tomorrow, I hope you like.

Happy Valentine's day sweeties.

Feel free to share roses and chocolates with Missy tee's. You can send me an email for my postal address.


February: The month of Love and SNOW!!!!

Sunday 5 February 2012

Yes you read that right snow. We've just had snow since Christmas and No, its not funny.
How are you doing? I seriously mean this question I wanna know how you are all doing so let me know.
I am sorry I have been away for so long. I have definitely missed blogging. So it February, the famous month named the Love Month (sigh!). Valentine's day is just 9 days away so lets look out for chocolate and roses from someone who knows our zip code or some postman who mixes the zip code with another. (Just teasing!)

So what makes February so special, its the second month of the year, a month were lovers are meant to show affection towards each other by exchanging gifts and all that (is that right?)
Anyway, I got into an argument with a friend of mind regarding public display of affection, PDA for short! Before I talk about that; let me gist you about I love my baby that's my baby. (I typed this last week and it was sat in my draft pile of posts anyway here it is, I 'm merging posts here)

Yello' peoples (Okay that was MTN's way of saying Hello 10 years ago)
I am one for using sweet words like Darling, Sweetie, Sugar (love this the most), Love, Honey and so on get the gist.
But some people just take it way too far. I wouldn't have blogged about it if she had STOPPED saying baby!
I thought about this when a friend of mine whom we were inseparable back in Secondary School was telling me about her 'boyfriend' who she refers to all the time as 'My Baby'.
This young lady once told me when we were in Secondary School that her first boyfriend was going to be her husband but my darling friend kind of faced reality quickly. ***gist for another day****
We reconnected lately and we've been talking almost everyday and there is no time that she doesn't talk about 'Her Baby'. It gets on my nerves when it gets too much and I pull faces even though she can't see them but I do show her sometimes by sending her bbm ***rolling eyes or not interested*** but she doesn't get it most times because I am too nice I guess that I literally send them in a nice way.
Whenever she updates her BBM status, she just says the same thing- 'I miss my 'Baby' and all that. When she sends me IMs, majority of what she says is; I can't wait to see my baby, my baby is so busy, my baby bought me this, my baby and I are just out chilling, my baby and I are going to church, my baby and I....... and I find it so hard to just tell to zip it (a more polite way to say 'Shut it!').
Oh no not again!! Source
I am not saying she shouldn't tell me about her boyfriend but she goes too far with it sometimes and she also just doesn't quit saying my baby. She does realise sometimes that she is saying my baby too much but she can't control it. She says it so much that she can make you snap at her unconsciously.
I was one day pushed to actually tell her to quit the 'baby' talk because its getting too much.

Back to the argument now; we were talking as usual and she said ' When my baby and I go out, I get shy when he kisses me'. My dear, my head went rolling 4606 degrees and I said uhmmm lady what are you talking about? Before I say what I told her, I do not really believe in all that kind of PDA with a boyfriend, he has to put a ring on the finger and pay the necessary things beforehand. I am pretty traditional so please do not slaughter me.
So I asked her, are you meant to be doing that most especially when you are not sure he is for keeps? Kiss on the hand or cheek is fine but not going that far*. So I went on to say that what if you break up with him now and then you go out with another and then you'd kiss that one too? That means you'd have a list of kissed or PDAed ex-boyfriends?
She kept saying, I don't see anything wrong with that. You have to, it is necessary and  all that she was starting to get a little angry and I had to pull back a bit. She kept going on saying that they are really close and have been friends since childhood and they trust each other so much and bla bla. It got so complicated and she just went on and on but at the end of it all she said 'it is well' and that made me laugh because I was dazed, she was the one getting all upset about the issue. I just changed the topic.
I love things done in moderation and in the right way which is the traditional way.

So who are the fabulous people to tell about this other than my beautiful blogfam. What do you think? Am I too traditional or what? Was she right in her saying? Is being traditional wrong?
I really wanna know so please drop some thoughts. Thanks!

And oh yea we finally had some snow. Grrrr , not that I am excited about that but what can I do. My fingers were going numb holding the wheel and my back and shoulders were all tensed because I was just so stiff. Sigh!
Here are some pictures, its not even that heavy snow and also during the week when the snow was still prepping to fall, I noticed on my way out that my gloves and nail varnish MATCHED! It was so unplanned and I really did not know until I was heading out. I smiled to myself when I realised, I just hope no one saw me when I did that #littlethingsthatexciteyouinthemorning. Please ignore the keys and my lovely keyholder, love it!
The not-so thick snow

My Unplanned matching nail colour and glove
In other news, I heard about Chigal about 4 days ago while snooping around Youtube (not that I do it all the time). Like I always say, there is love in sharing.

You get itit? Please watch, she is HILARIOUS!

I look forward to reading your thoughts guys.
*apologies for the long post*
As always