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Monday 13 February 2012

Hey there bloghearts,

Thanks to everyone who commented on the previous post much appreciated.  Welcome to my lovely new readers.
So something snapped in my mind on Saturday when I was thinking about what to wear to church on Sunday.
Lo and behold, I thought about a strapless dress I wore at one of my friends wedding back in 2009. I had so much fun at that wedding, I wore two dresses, enjoyed the girly nights at the hotel and the bachelorette party was off the chain. So much fun argghhh.
Anyways back to the dress, I decided to dig out the dress and it was all rough and guess what, it was no longer sweeping the entire floor like it was almost doing 3 years ago. Well I decided to improvise as I love dresses that are so long that they totally touch the floor.

Dress before with the belt on the back
I decided to convert this beautiful dress to a skirt, a full skirt however, I did not want to sew anything or take anything off. Hence what I did was, I folded the top bit in half to make something like a band-look-a-like with the belt still showing.

.....folded in half and this is the front view
I particularly love the colours and felt like going all traditional on Sunday so I did, well kinda of!
I wore a black top which I got from DP- my favorite store, I just love the top because the sleeves reveal my wrist allowing me to wear bracelets on my wrists and not under the top on my wrist or over the top on my wrist.
I was also able to dress like this because the snow had melted so I was feeling the girl yea feeling feeling the girl yea!. LoL
...doing the twirl
I tied the belt which is not so visible in the picture above in a bow and it was holding the dress skirt in place. I never expected it to turn out so nice considering my skinny frame but it turned out really cute. I wore black flats and black earrings which are also not visible and a red and black bracelet along with my wrists bands which can be seen in the picture above (I wear them all the time or lets say majority).

I know I tried even if you don't see anything nice in the assemble! ;-) hehe
So in the spirit of Valentine's which is tomorrow, I hope you like.

Happy Valentine's day sweeties.

Feel free to share roses and chocolates with Missy tee's. You can send me an email for my postal address.



  1. Loving it!!! U look pretty o...(the much I can see)
    Happy Valentine to u hon. You for post earlier na, I for share chinchin with you...:D

    1. Awww thank you Honeydame. Ah its not too late to share the chinchin- thank God for freezers or cupboards. :-)

  2. That's a beautiful picture, I also love the pattern and colors of the fabric.

  3. girl what are you talking about? its realllly nice and very innovative jare..cute.

  4. Love, love the dress! It fits you well.

  5. reali love dis,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,even if d pic aint dat clear, sure u were lukin stunnin,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,way 2 go gal


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