2011 so far....from the heart!

Friday 30 December 2011

Sometimes the best way to speak is to speak from the heart.
I am going to try do this also try not to pull things back because I tend to do that sometimes all the time.

Its the last day of 2011 literally although there is just one day to go. I am so thankful to God for bringing us all, yes us all including you reading this post thus far and also for where He is leading us to.
Personally, 2011 has been one heck of a year. I made some decisions that I took wayyy too long to make and some that I did not even in a million years think I was going to have to make. Sometimes things  just do not go according to your own plan because your plan is not good enough for God. I had some plans but He wrote them off and said no that is not what is best for you right now and do you know what? I had no choice than to obey Him because he sure knows best. All of this just brings to my mind "Lean not on your own understanding".

Looking back at 2011, I had days where I was just plain down and nobody could do anything to make me feel better, I had days were I cried my eyeballs out alone in my closet and immediately I stepped out of the door, this sudden smile cropped up and I looked like life was just perfect but deep down inside of me I was shattered, plain hurt and unable to believe and decide.
2011 also made me miss my younger days when I had no care in the world because I was just too young to worry or think about things like I do now.
It was one heck of a year I will say. A year that I cried when I tried to look inwards to see the real Tee because I just couldn't decipher which one I should go with, not that I couldn't really find the real Tee but the fact that I had to make some decisions for a certain Tee to remain or go for good.
Looking back in the days, seeing what I could have done better and what I could have lived without doing but I always tried to hide behind that "everybody makes mistakes" shadow  outside but deep inside I criticised myself so bad and felt extremely bitter all the time.
Its crazy when people ask you "How are you?" and all you say with a smile is "I'm fine thanks". Whenever I answered such question I asked myself- Are you really fine Tee?
2011 was one heck of a year! Have I said that already? Sorry!
At the beginning of the year, I was so ecstatic- you know that New Year feeling, I was hyped but as the year went on, the feeling kind of dropped.
I started my blog at the beginning of the year, so that's something to be happy about.
This year I kinda hid myself from quite alot of people for a personal reason (note the 'a') which sometimes I said to myself" why exactly are you doing this?"
Its crazy because other people just did not think it was worth me hiding but like they say- its only the person wearing the shoes that knows where it hurts and Mayne they just could not wear those shoes.
2011; a year that I kinda look back at now and my eyes fill with tears of mixed emotions and my stomach knots. A friend of mine and myself kinda parted ways partially because my friend thought it was to do with him but I couldn't bring myself to explain to the point where he could understand what I was saying. All of this made me send annoying vibes his way which I did not do intentionally but I hope he understands. I took my anger out on him and hearing things did not help either. I ended up saying things the way they should not have been uttered but I can't and couldn't even explain it to him which also made him say somethings that I am trying to believe he did not mean to say....(I hope so!) We were pretty close friends...I have said it before but I hope you do understand if you do read this.

Moving on, my phone was off for a month in 2011 and people tried reaching me but I was just unable to pick myself up to actually turn on my phone. I cried my eyes out and screamed Jesus's name out so loud that I bet the neighbour must have thought that someone was having a baby(that's what I can think of)! But you know what? He says that the plans He has for each and everyone of us is better than the ones that we have put down.
I guess I relied too much on my plan that it literally shattered me when He pushed it all aside. Lord I'm sorry for going against "Lean not on your own understanding". I guess I got lost in the moment.

I have been away.......hanging out! Merry Xmas!

Saturday 24 December 2011

Hey there bloghearts,

Talk about miss you guys, I have missed you guys so very much you can't even imagine. I should have posted this during the week but I spent the most of Monday on a train going down the map. It was tiring, annoying but trust me it was all worth it.

Before that, Update on my Christmas shopping. I finally got round to doing my Christmas shopping a week exactly before Christmas- Last Sunday!!!!!!! It kind of cost more than it would if I paid a lot of attention to my shopping and if I did it in advance. Also about my Christmas tree, I finally put that up on Thursday evening. Sigh- Thank God for 2011! It was snowing cat and dogs last Christmas but the weather forecast is 15 degrees Celsius max for Christmas- thats awesome.

Ok moving on to the three days of fun story:

I decided to go visit my sister 'Miss Tee' as I'd love to call her here (Yes she is Miss Tee too! and no not Miss Tee from this post and post) as  it was her postgrad grad (you know what I mean) so I hopped on the train to begin the journey there. So being that I hadn't been over to hers in a year- I didn't take much clothes and accessories because I thought I was returning up the map the next day. When I got there- my mind changed with immediate effect.
First up, I left at past 1pm to commence a journey that was meant to last about 4-5 hours max. But my train was delayed and I was carrying this big cake along with me that she had no clue whatsoever about. But due to all the delays and everything guess what happened, I miss the whole grad thing!!!!! I was so mad at myself and the train that I couldn't even talk when everyone was calling to ask where I was. I then texted them all and told them to text me instead cuz I can't talk. I was hiding under the 'tired' excuse when to be honest I was ANGRY!!!
So my sister was kind of getting worried that I was still far away and didn't even worry too much or get too angry that I missed the main show. When I arrived finally at almost 8'o' clock, she was busy taking pictures with her friend in the lounge when I just cropped up behind her. The look on her face when she saw me there was priceless that all the anger flew away with the birds. When she saw the cake too- the expression? undescribeable!
I was totally exhausted as I had not eaten real food all day apart from the couple of short bread biscuits I had on the train. So yea yea yea. She looked so pretty in her dress and all.
When I got upstairs and pushed the door open, my knees just gave way and I fell to the floor because I couldn't even stand anymore- Yes I was that tired! My cousin was there and he was shocked that I fell to the floor.

Anyways yea. So when everything settled down- my sister told me about a party that she was going to the next day and she persuaded me to stay. I jumped and said Yea, sure! not remembering that I didn't bring a lot of accessories and bla bla bla.
Lo and Behold, every other person left for their respective homes and then I was left with the trio making me the fourth and extra one.
Skip to the evening, one of the girls Miss I as I would like to call her on here was meant to go over to her sister's house in Manchester as she was (well she's left now) going over to Nigeria for Christmas.  'Miss I' booked her ticket a week or so ago at a reduced price. She was really excited then came the time for her to leave, she left for the train station with my sister and then she ran back again- I thought she left something and had found it but she returned again with my sister. Apparently, 'Miss I' had misplaced her card as she can only collect her ticket with the card used in booking it. She was really angry- we all helped her in looking for the card but couldn't find it. Then she called her sister and they started shouting at each other over the phone. All I could do was stare because she was obviously really angry.
That went by and it was time for us to get ready for the house party we were to attend. 'Miss I' then decided to come along which was a good idea.
We began the train journey of almost an hour to go stay at a party for about half an hour. I'm not complaining because it was fun and nice to be out.
Missy Tee- I like this picture because my face can't be seen fully.
This was when I was taking pictures for my blog.

Miss I- She was on the phone
for almost the whole journey

Miss I again- she was still on the phone but
 the brolly was kind of away from her face

Miss Tee- She took the picture of  me and
 we both kept dancing on the roads and at the train stations
 to songs from her phone. (It was really loud)!

The last train station before the party destination.
We were waiting for the host to come get us....... I took some pictures, the words above are translated in Welsh below.
.........I couldn't resist.....

I didn't really like what I was wearing because I didn't pay a lot of attention and did not bring the clothes I would have loved to wear along. Anyway thats gone now.
I had so much funnnnnnn- I can't even explain it enough.
Those three days were pure and clean fun.......

Then I left along with Miss I on Wednesday on different trains to the same destination can you imagine but I had to catch a connecting train which was also delayed......sigh!
Miss I and Missy Tee...Miss O took this picture and I absolutely love it. It is perfect.

I've been baking and braiding (my hair that is)....

Sunday 11 December 2011


My sugar bananas!

I told you I'd be back in a few hours well I literally am blogging a few hours

Thanks 9jafoodie  I'm back now. ;-) Please show 9jafoodie's website some love.. and don't forget to sign up!

Well the title is that because it rhymes but yea I've been baking,, braiding and cooking (but this is a psot for another day because I cannot seem to get the pictures up here but yea I'll sort that out for the next post- and 9jafoodies, you inspired the cooking bit!)

I loooovve baking so much that although I am not a professional baker I have sort of professional tools for baking. A non-professional baker would probably jusy have a spatula and a bowl and use spoons to measure and not bother buying the baking tins but just use cup cake cases.....' that's my little idea of what a non-professional baker who just bakes when they have to or for some reason have to bake an impromptu cake. wow look at all that rambling lol Ok back to my point. I do NOT bake all the time but I do sometimes when I just feel like because I think it is a relaxing activity and totally wonderful to bake for people. So I used my pretty WHITE mixer, my red spatula, my white measuring tool and my grey pans (I love the colors thats why I'm showing them off lol).
So I baked a couple of cakes; a carrot and lemon cake.
Like I emphasised above, I am not a professional baker so they definately won't look professionally made. *They are not quite circular and rectangular because I used a baking sheet rather than pour the mix directly into the baking tins so hence the funny shape*. I dint want my fresh looking tins to have burnt or dried marks on them.
So yea here are the little wonders.
PS- everyone that had a bit LOVED it to the fullest. Both cakes only lasted a day!!!!!!!! I would have iced them but due to lack of time and icing....well they still loved it. It was yummy!

Lemon cake

Be back in a minute...

Saturday 10 December 2011

Errr make that a few hours.
Hey darls,

How's it going. I shall be blogging by His grace as soon as I get to a computer because this Geeseem (phone) is driving me gaga while typing . So hang on or stay tuned or like cheesy actors say- don't change that dial! What if I do? The TV is mine right? Lol. Just kidding.
See u in a bit.



Christmas in the air and there's love everywhere- Its Green!

Sunday 4 December 2011


Its been a while since I posted something on here.
Well thanks to everyone who commented on my previous posts. Muchos Gracias!
To the new followers, thank you so much for joining. You guys are fabulous. God bless ya plentayyy!

The weather is gradually changing and its getting colder and colder. No, no snow required please. I have been around doing the norm.
About a couple of weeks ago, after church we went over to a chinese store to get groceries. My shopping companion saw a bag of clean big onions for five bucks. Well, you know Nigerians- we bought the onions and then this particular guy insisted on carrying the big heavy back to the boot of the car for me. I felt he was being nice, he actually works in the chinese store- so I was thankful and led the way. After dropping the heavy bag in the boot, he asked;
Guy- Do you have a boyfriend?  (in the most mumbled german or whatever accent I've ever heard- I wonder how I was able to make out what he said)
Tee- Why do you ask?
Guy- I like you- you know?
Tee- (Bursts out laughing) Oh! Thanks a lot, thanks (walks away)
I couldn't help but laugh. On my way outta the store, he positioned himself in a place where I could see him- however I walk out acting like I didn't even know he was standing there. 'Twas funny.

A while ago too, I had to get the bus so on while getting off the bus- I realised this particular guy seeking my attention; I thought he was lost or something so therefore being a nice missy that I am *wink*, I stopped to hear him and possibly help him out if I could.
The next thing he said was;
Guy- Excuse me, do you leave around this area?
Tee- How may I help?
Guy- I am interested in you, are you interested in me?
Tee- Are you kidding me? I'm sorry I gotta leave. Chao!

So these things still happen in this day and age? You've gats to be kidding me.
Guys are really brave mayne! I bet some other ladies could have provided them with wonderful insults and do they actually think ladies will agree to their on the spot request. I don't even know your name, never seen you face before....... wow. God bless the brothers out there! Amen someborri?!

Christmas is in exactly 21 days and its not even funny- I don't even have a christmas list! I normally am organised when it comes to Christmas but I dunno what happened this time.
I love the Christmas-sy atmosphere, you get and give gifts, its cosy majority of the time and so on.
Oh well darlings, whatever gift you get from me this christmas; even if it isn't as nice- just know that I love ya! (Apology for not planning in advance). LOL!
Gotta hit the stores next weekend.....

In order gist, I'mma be braiding my hair in a few days and I'm pretty hyped about it; I've been announcing that I might braid it over two days because I am not one for sitting in the same chair for HOURS- Uhmmmmm Na! So yea. I'll probably take a picture of it and put it up here.

Till then, I leave you with this song that has been on replay for a while now;
The young man singing at 4.23 is ..........*clears throat*. I looooove his voice.

Have a good Christmas!

Love y'all

Missy Tee signs out for now.........