Baking Series - Episode 4 - CranberryMacadamia Infusion

Wednesday 14 February 2018

Hello and welcome to  Missy Tee's bakery!

Today, love is in the air. If you're inclined to celebrating Valentine's, this is for you.
I decided to make a Valentine's day themed cake. So let's get to it
Introducing the "CranberryMacadamia Infusion" made with intense affection...maybe not! iKid.
Once again, this is MY recipe, I love to mix and match. I've noted (as you should really) that strawberries immediately come to mind when we talk about Valentine's. So I decided to use cranberries instead - they're red, aren't they? So why NAT? #rebel
I would have loved to use some glazed cranberries but I could not get any so I made do with what I had. I bought the dried cranberries and macadamia mix and went to play.

Please meet the "CranberryMacadamia Infusion".


As you know, I love to keep my ingredients simple - I love simplicity

- Self-raising flour 200g
- Butter 180g
- Eggs - 4
- Milk - 1/2 Cup (dependent on the thickness of the mix)
- Caster sugar - 180g
- Dried or glazed Cranberries (and macadamia) - 1 Cup
- A drop of vanilla essence - optional


- Parchment paper
- Mixer
- Spatula
- Kitchen paper
- Oven
- Baking tin
- Weighing sale
- Timer


- Sift the flour and sugar into a mixing bowl
- Cream the butter and sugar along with the flour
- Add the eggs in
- Mix until fully incorporated
- Add the vanilla and the cranberries
- Mix until smooth
***ensure the mix is slightly heavy to prevent the cranberries from sinking!
- Pour into the prepped baking tin
- Bake away


- I baked this for about 45 mins because my mix was quite light!

Remove from the tin and place on a cooling rack. Once cool



- Sift some icing sugar on top
- Throw some leftover cranberries onto it


- Grab a glass of wine (if you drink) but for teetotal Missy Tee - deceive yourself by pouring some cranberry juice into a flute/wine glass or whatever and enjoy!



Missy Tee

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