I have an excuse........

Saturday 30 June 2012

..................................for not blogging like I said I will in June. I planned on posting an update before June 2012 went by but I cannot upload my post because I have been unable to send the videos which I NEED to include in the post to my blog which is pretty uncool but I will sort it out tomorrow by His grace. So technically  I have not broken my promise because this is a post but the proper post should be up in a bit.
I shall give you a hint of what the next post is about-
 It is:

Yes I saw the Olympic Torch live and direct so await the videos- I have three videos to show you- I sincerely hope they upload and work on my blog.

In a bit....


Missy Tee!

Hello There!, Random Reflections and Giveaway!

Friday 8 June 2012


Soooo by popular demand- we haff back. Simples! (Luv that ad!)

Como estas- bien supongo?

Good evening!

E Kale!

Eti Sen!
Sup sup?

Have I missed blogging? Well I do not even need to answer that- this post should answer!

I know I know I have been off the radar in fact, I have been far away from the radar until it located me on the new planet called Planet Busy!
Throughout the month of May I think it’s safe to say I was a conveyor belt- busy 24/7. I barely hung out at all in May- last May was a busy busy month for me. You want to know what I was doing? Gimme a call on 01-missytee and I’ll give you every tinny little detail. Don't wanna bore people with the uber long list.
How have you all been by the way?

To those who checked up and asked why my blog was so quiet- thanks a bunsheeeees! You all are the best!

I just finished reading Atilola’s book- Yep I started today and finished today. I started reading saying okay I should finish this by tomorrow but seriously I just could not get myself to close the page- it was fabulous I really like the Chief Goshe’s bit, My own enemy (I think there is a word missing there I can't recall atm but it should return), The Lagos Bus Conductor, The lady preacher- Fire and Brimstone preacher??, the street with numerous churches seriously lets just say I loved them all. I was putting off reading the book till I bought the hard copy but I could not resist.  I think I might be the first to actually write a review on Amazon- we’ll see. Oh and the bit Mrs PRESSURED? that says that people should not call me Mama *insert child’s name* I am Atilola even if I have 20 children.......... J’adore that bit- I agree 100%! Or is it this Parrot girl  you wanna talk about- okay I’ll stop analysing the book now. Click on the link on my blog on the right for more as in I mean buy the book and read it!
I shall read the book again!

I need to apologise publicly by the way to Atilola-  I did get your email but I haven’t been able to reply SORRY!!! but I have managed sort it out- I hope I am forgiven? :-) I’m not usually like that- I reply emails regularly it’s just this one time.