FGM - Poor females.

Sunday 2 February 2014

Hello everyone.
Happy new month. It's the month of loooveee February!
Inform us if you do get a gift :-D. Me? Oh I shall be biting my nails or posting myself a card at least that'd be me getting something from someone (Missy Tee also known as me) in love with me... I love me too.
We'll get there! Pray for Missy Tee.

Moving on,
I watched a documentary in great horror and I could not believe that people could be so inconsiderate. The Channel 4 documentary was about FGM...Female Genital Mutilation. I really don't want to go too far into deets about this topic because it's heartbreaking.
Why oh why oh why? What's the reasonable rationale for this?
Why would you just go and cut............oh dear! No proper instruments (not that there should be), no proper care afterwards, great deep pain. Honestly why?
I found myself cringing almost throughout the programme. Ladies gave accounts of their experience and all I could say was 'unbelievable'.
The lady that led the documentary explained to some guys what FGM was about and said this is done because of and for you guys. They didn't really seem bothered and then she showed them the process and one of them couldn't stand it. He practically felt unwell and had to go outta the building. He was SO dazed.
Another lady explained that the amount of pain and tear (I think) she experienced and had during childbirth was beyond this world. Obviously, Drs would have had to 'make amends' for the baby to come into the world. Oh my gosh!! Childbirth is enough pain already not to talk of adding the effect of FGM.
This left me with so many questions. The leader sent a letter to the Sec of State...because she is woman and would be able to relate/understand what they are after (trying to reduce at least the rate ) and join their campaign. But nope! They got a response to the letter from a MAN who according to her didn't really understand what she was trying to achieve.

Why would cultures undertake this kinda act?
 Why exactly is that measure thought to be effective?
How can the perpetrators stand to watch an innocent teenager go through that much pain?
Do they weigh present benefits and does that outweigh future 'benefits'? (Obviously NO!)

I can't put pictures or anything as such up for obvious reasons.

I am short of words mehn!

Have a wonderful month y'all!

Lots of love

PS. I saw the movie:  12 years a slave. The amount of beating in that movie was painful absolutely painful. It kind of reminded me of those days in Secondary School (although it wasn't as much as that but .....still reminded me of school). Lupita and Chiwetel - Welldone. I don't think I'll be watching it again not that it's not a good movie, but all that flogging!!
Okay see ya!