Happy New Year Everyone! + Back again

Friday 18 January 2013

I know I know.
I've been away for way too long.  Not good, especially when I am pretty new on blogger, well kind of.
Moving in swiftly, I am very sorry!

Hello everyone. Been too too long.

Phew! 2012 has gone gone gone. Was it wearing roller skates ? I realised that each time I thought of my blog, one task or  more will come to mind making me unable to blog .
Anyway, that has be broken sorta.

Is it me or the economy is really really somehow? Roads that used to be so smooth that you'll feel like tyres are not even rolling now have holes I and when I say holes I mean ..... Even when they are filled, in a week or less its as though nothing was done. Please help us beg the people in charge of the country to release some funds.

Another random bit
What can you do to overly inquisitive people?
This is when you cannot say shut up directly?
I need ideas please because I just might need it soon.

It's obvious I did not plan this post. I just had this urge to blog about something right quick.
I won't be away for this long again. I will try try try

Happy birthday to my blog, I'm sorry I abandoned you for this long .
Happy new year to you and yours.

Stay safe out there and always be alert!
Ps. Have you guys been to
I just discovered her website and its pretty good. Thanks to Paosin's website.
 She didn't tell me to do this, I'm just sharing because I enjoyed reading her posts.

Have a good day!!!!!