Look who's back to work!

Sunday 31 July 2011

After having the beautiful bundle of joy (below) just days ago- Lauryn Hill is back to work already. She was spotted performing at the LA rising festival held at the LA Memorial Coliseum . She looks trim already. Wharis the secret? like I said the other day, what do these ladies do to fool us re-post baby bud? Ardyss?
Thumbs up Lauryn!

Kate re-rocks for Zara Philips' wedding

Saturday 30 July 2011

Kate Middelton turned up at the wedding of Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall wearing a coat she also wore in 2006
July 2011
Kate wore a coat to Zara Philips' that she already wore five years ago to Laura Parker Bowles weddimg according to sources. She sure knows how to re-rock. You go girl!
more pictures of Kate re-rocking below;

Pictures from Zara Philips' wedding

Stunning setting: The couple released an official photograph featuring them inside the ruins of Holyrood Abbey
Zara and Mike Tindall
The Queen's grand-daughter got married today in Edinburgh wearing a pretty ivory dress by Stewart Parvin. She wore The Meander Tiara lent to her by her mother Princess Anne. She had a private wedding and in attendance were the newlyweds Prince William and Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge,the Queen, Prince Charles and Camilla and many more......
Congratulations Mike and Zara!

Finally- Toya Carter's wedding pictures!

Friday 29 July 2011

Mr and Mrs Wright
Sweethearts, in addition to the post re- Toya and Memphitz 's wedding; here you have it- their wedding pictures.....see her now she's in loveeeeeeee. Danielle (her manager) is looking good post baby...only God knows what these people do to fool us re- post baby bud. *sigh* You can also watch the wedding below!

Two (or more) girls and a guy...whats up with that?

Hey lovelies

It isn't a new thing that guys date two (or more....silly) girls at a time but the first annoying thing is that the girls might not be aware of such. Guys *of nowadays* are not satisfied with one girlfriend at a time, even if they are, once they see another girl that is cuter than the former then they find a flimsy excuse and hop off to the latter (gosh girls have seen a lot) or better still keep both. Then when another one comes along, they then do the same thing. (ptschewwwwww). Yet they keep saying to each one of the girls- you are the butter on my bread, the sugar in my tea, the toothpaste on my brush, the only pin for my blackberry, the seasoning in my food....feed that to the chimpanzees at U.I zoo!
Whatever happened to 'clinging to one girl"?
I once heard a guy say that he is dating 'Girl A' and 'Girl B' but he already gave girl B a promise ring....are u seriously kidding me? That girl will actually be thinking that she is the only soup for his Amala.....gos forbis!
The second annoying thing is if a girl is caught dating two guys, they call her a nightwalker but if a guy is caught doing such they call him a "big boy"....dude get on up outta here....silly!
Alot of guys these days refer to girls as mobile phones, they can cohabit so long they don't come in contact with each other while being with the owner lest they interfere with each other and they can get changed anytime or better still as a fan- the blades never come in contact with each other!
Boy please.....
They say the guys aren't smiling right? well the girls ain't joking either! Standing up to double dating now...
Some do say that if one (girl) has something the other (girl) doesn't have, they compliment and make up for each....really? dude get a life!
The elders say: two wives/girlfriends is equal to double wahala/problem! So would you rather...........(put the puzzle together).
So if you are dating two girls to get the name tag "player"??? Honey you are on a long thing!
 A ship can't have two captains- if you don't like a girl as much, why date her then- if you know it ain't gonna get anywhere????
When a guy says, I don't double date, I usually have two takes. I'm like "you said what? What did you say? "*thick Nigerian accent*. Its rare to actually find a guy that genuinely doesn't double date or hasn't double dated.
One man that I really look at and wonder how he is coping with not two but three wives is the Nigerian King Oba Tejuoso...they recently visited the UK and they were all over each other- the wives were all united but I kept saying to myself: are they really like that or they are just putting up a good act for the audience? Only the God of all flesh knows.  Okay okay back to the main topic now: guys what is the main aim?
Girls how do you find out that he is double dating??
What will you do if he actually is dating you alongside other "girls"?
Guys, why do you double date? Whats up with that?

Would love to read your own opinions so please drop a comment......Thank yewwww

Wale remixes P-SQUARE'S "No one like you"

Wednesday 27 July 2011

Wale remixed P-Square's famous wedding party favorite- No one like you. I would have put the song up on my blog but due to some personal reasons- I can't! But you can listen to it here

Anchor Baby set to hit Odeon Cinemas in September

After a long wait, the UK will finally be watching the Anchor selected Odeon Cinemas. It should hit the big screens on Sept 2. Finally!!!!
You never know you just might win a couple of tickets to go see the movie here on MissyTees...... watch this space!

Fashion Spotlight: Keri Hilson spotted shopping in rainy NYC

Miss Keri was spotted in NYC shopping and she sure did pull off the denim look, armed with an umbrella (against the rain) she looked fierce in those shoes and sunglasses (well it wasn't even sunny Keri?!) . Well put together Keri- turning yourself into a real fashion icon go girl!

T-Boy again- Mr Don't Jealous Me

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Tolu definately knows how to leave you in stitches. God bless T-boy!

Pictures from Kimmie's bachelorette partayyyy!!

Mrs Humphries to be
So everyone probably knows that Kimmie is getting hitched to her man Kris in August hence the Hen and Stag do -they had friends and family around and partied real hard. They sure had a blast.
 I don't think the Kardashians sisters ever get tired of wearing heels...(sigh!).
It all feels like a trance- almost 2 years ago Khloe got married, Kourt had Mason and now Kimmie is getting married. Well I trust E! to broadcast live (fingers crossed) the wedding day ....Congratulations Kim and Kris!
More pictures after the jump!

Angela Simmons' Giuseppe Zanotti Butterfly Sandal

Angela got dressed for a night out and she chose a perfect pair of Giuseppe Zanotti Butterfly Sandal. Although they are way tooo high for me to wear (which means I'ld only like to look and admire it) they are very look at! LOL!
But if you want a pair, you can get them at- Bergdorf Goodman or
More pictures below:

Jackie Appiah on the cover of Genevieve!

Sunday 24 July 2011

Mrs Jackie (she's married isn't she???) well so as not to jump the gun, Jackie Appiah graced the cover of Genevieve Magazine July issue wearing a fitted lilac dress with a pink drape and below she is dressed in a Lanre Da-SIlva Ajayi dress alongside Rubies and Pink accessories. Pureettaayyyyy!......lest I forget the make up is on point!


IRO and BUBA + the Tote Collection- by Bola Obileye

Iro and Buba (blouse and wrapper for y'all that dont know...duhhh LOL!) is an attire that people automatically relate to old women which is kind of true but that is being turned around now with these gorgeous designs by Bola O. (I'll totally wear the one in the first picture) But the bags in the picture can be easily regarded as decoration (they kinda are) but they are real bags also designed by Bola O of seriouslydonuts.
The designs are really funky and they make the Nigerian ancient attire (iro and buba) look unique, hippy and pop. If you've ever seen the really old school movie titled Oleku, then you'll have a clue of what I'm talking about. I do remember in that movie that they wore stuff like this but this is more 2011ish (if there's anything like that). Well, imma be placing my order soon.......drop me an email with your contact details.....and I'll totally put you on the order list ;-)


Missy Tee's

Baby Harper Seven's first public photos!

Sunday 17 July 2011

Obviously Mr and Mrs Beckham are very happy about the birth of their lil baby girl. Harper Seven is a real lil beauty and I bet her siblings are over the moon happy about their lil sister. Well here you have it Mr and Mrs Beckham reveal their lil one to the world. She sure is daddy's lil girl and David can't help but cuddle the little baybay! Congratulations!

Nikki Laoye's blogpost proposal! Unique!

Saturday 16 July 2011


 Gospel singer, Nikki Laoye recently got engaged 'publicly' (literally...;-). Her man Alexander proposed to her in a very unique way on the 26th of June; setting up a blog just to ask the REAL question *how nice*

Chubby Bunny- Mr Don't Jealous Me!

T-boy and the chubby bunny game. Gosh T-boys is hilarious. Enjoy!

Meet the Adebanjo's- New episode

Thursday 14 July 2011

Heya sweeties,

Hope you guys are following Meet the Adebanjo's, the latest episode was split in half and the other half will air on Sunday. Click here to watch the second episode and don't forget to sign up for new episodes!

For you guys who don't know what Meet the Adebanjo's is about......Meet the Adebanjos is a family show about a family living in Peckham South London, consisting of Nigerian parents, British children and unwanted extended family. The show follows a larger than life Dad struggling to instill his old fashion African values in his British household. It is a clash of African traditional values versus British culture. With the mix of a radical Pentecostal pastor, a reggae loving tutor and a cousin who has just arrived from Nigeria how will Bayo cope and more importantly does he even stand a chance?


The past is history, the future is a mystery and now is a gift that is why we call it the present

Women can be so fake!

When it comes to being natural, women can like to say that they are so fake (*thick African accent). These days women wanna be like ladies they see on TV and quickly resolve to saying that their natural self is not as beautiful as the people they see on TV.

African Print Shoes and Clutch Bag

Saturday 9 July 2011

Hey Bloghearts
How are you guys doing? Ok so walking into Aldo alongside friends and a couple of shoes actually caught the attention, african print shoes along with the clutch bag. I saw their pictures on the internet a while ago but was not as hyped as seeing them physically. They looked so pretty beautiful, comfortable and also very walkable. Whoever came up with that concept is very clever and sensible.
Enjoy looking at the pictures and also there are a few pictures of a black wedge sandal that I like (and did not wanna take off) as well as a pink one.

WIz Khalifa- Black and Yellow..........AFRICAN REMIX!

Black and Yellow African remix.....these guys are good! If you don't move to this tune..well i dunno what to say!
Enjoy! 100k offering. lol!

I want!

Wednesday 6 July 2011

Beats by Dre

These are on the want list for nowwwwwwww so the Christian Louboutin shoes are gorgeeeeeeeee and the headphones...........uhhhhhhhh. ;-*

Have good one!

The Toyota FT-86 II- Hawt hawt hawt!

Introducing the FT-86 II concept from Toyota introduces a new generation of sports car. This front engine, rear-wheel drive concept gives the clearest indication of the FT-86 final design. This car will be very much comfy to ride in, it will be a fab road trip car........Honey I don't mind!!! lol Loves it. Guyss do you? 

So the key highlights are;
  • Driver-oriented sports car
  • Front-engine, rear-wheel drive
  • Lightweight, boxer petrol engine
  • Light, compact and agile
  • Sporting Toyota heritage
  • Length: 4,235 mm
  • Width: 1,795 mm
  • Height: 1,270 mm

Meet the Adebanjoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo's!

Monday 4 July 2011

Click here to watch Meet the Adebanjo' and laugh. Also sign up for the new episode airing on Sunday the 10th of July.....Adebanjoooooooooooooo!

Nigerian lady delivers quins in the UK and is demanding stay......

Saturday 2 July 2011

Bimbo Ayelabola, 33, had been taking twice the prescribed dose of a potent fertility drug while at home in Lagos.
Within days of discovering she was expecting she obtained a visitor's visa for Britain.
And she ended up getting the best treatment possible on the NHS following an emergency Health Service scan which showed she was expecting four babies.
After months of taxpayer-funded care - costing an estimated £200,000 - Bimbo had a complex Caesarean op 32 weeks into her pregnancy on April 28.

I refuse.............

Okay so the list of Wizkid's wanna be girls/baby mama is so long. It totally discourages you from joining it (not like I wanna) but seriously you've gotta keep yourself in check so you don't end up falling in that trap. Which brings me to say I REFUSE to join the Wizkid wanna be girl's list. *finger crossed*wink* lol jokes jokes jokes so don't quote me..........
Here's his 'Holla at your boy' video.......Enjoy.
Have a good one.............

Kim in REAL HIGH HEELS and planning wedding!

Kim is said to be close to finalising a deal with E! network to film her wedding ceremony, which will feature many members of the Kardashian clan.
Khloe and Kourtney will be her maids of honour while younger sibling Kendall and Kylie will be bridal attendants.

Kate and Pippa's school of how to re-rock.

Kate and her sister Pippa have recently been seen wearing their outfits again at events with pride. This is to show all of the people who love to think that outfits should only be worn once,well I've got news for you, you've just be schooled by The Duchess and her sister. there is absolutely no crime in you wearing the same attire more than once. I was watching Katie Price on tv (of course) and she said she wears her clothes once, once she has been papparazied (my new word for being snapped in public ;-)) in them. She said she'd get rid of them....girl seriously?? Like SERIOUSLY???? Well here are pictures of the Duchess and her sister re-rocking outfits. Have a good one sweeties. :-*

Who wore it better??

Monica and Chanelle McCoy wearing the same dress at different events (in different countries). So your take-who wore it better? 
Apologies- there isn't a full view of the dress......