Misplaced Document + Being Tourists

Saturday 16 August 2014

Hello Everyone! Back again

Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous post - I'll keep you posted when I catch up with "Kelly" in a few weeks. I won't be surprised if they are actually dating now.

Right, I'll make this quick.
So I took a trip to Amsterdam weeks back. It was a quick one and I stayed indoors 75% of the time I was there. It was my first time visiting so I was really a newbie.

On arriving at there, I was wearing a cardi because I don't really trust the weather. Anyway, the weather nudged me! I was frying in my cardi, couldn't wait to pull it.
Got to the was it pretty?! All these rich people that stay in hotels constantly, now I really understand why you all want to live there for life. Once had a friend say to me, I love hotels hence why I am getting a job that would give me that 'luxury' - Good luck to that company!
I love yellow (to some extent) and the chairs and cushions were all yellow= Happy bunny.
I hated the pillow though, they felt like air!

Anyway, Le Sisto came that night to join us.
As soon as she walked in, she said "I can't find my travel doc". Panic mode over-activated.
We searched her bags over and over and over that night. She went back to the airport and no one seemed to understand. I made so many phone calls that night - I bet Skype was very happy and made a lot of profit.
I felt so bad for was just crazy! Her eyes were red.I already started searching for how to get a replacement. We left it in His hands that night.

Next morning, I was up super early and ready to get to the airport but others were TAKING THEIR TIME! I kept saying "come on, you guys"...but it seemed to fall to the ground. It felt like I was the one who misplaced the document and had to get it. Le Sisto started cracking jokes and being all funny and I had to do a double take.....was she really being funny when we couldn't find the document??
We finally left at almost 11am, and got to the airport. We started being detectives, trying to find this document. The Lord does work in mysterious ways- He kept it for us.
Le Sisto went to the police desk and explained to them, and this guy collected some ID, made a phone call, pronounced the last name in a ridiculously funny way but he was quite close to getting it right, and BOOM! He walked back out to us holding the document in his hand. We all yelled at that point, it was noisy trust me! We shook the place (okay maybe not). Thank You Jesus! You're the MAN (should have been You're the God right?  Ha!) (that was my anthem).
Now the theory at the time was: when she arrived, the officer that welcomed her, took the document for reasons we still can't crack. Oh well, the explanation is between him and God.
Finally we were able to "be" tourists, I didn't really enjoy their town centre though. It was TOOOOOO busy. Bought some souvenirs and a suitcase (I needed one and I'd searched over and over here but couldn't find one in my price range ;-) but I found one there so I went for it). Was tempted to buy clogs but I didn't - saw some cute ones.
How Cute: Source
Now we were starving so we stopped to by a foot long from Subway - let's just say it wasn't a very clean experience - they need a deep clean. It was HOT and busy so we went straight back to our room. The double decker train was soooooo clean and cute, I loved it. Big downer, their sockets are very different from ours and we didn't realise so we had to use the TV to charge our phones. It could only charge phones, not camcorders or any other gadget we had. So I couldn't take a lot of pictures on my phone.
The following day, we packed our bags and it was home time. It was an adventurous weekend.
Got here and it was cold, well I was cold at least - it's safe to say summer is gradually coming to an end. Its been raining cats and foxes (forget dogs) here.

I hope you guys are making the most of summer while you can.