Oscars 2011- The beauties, blehhh, and the Winners

Monday 28 February 2011

 Hey Sweeties,
So it was Oscars night last night and as usual they all came out looking gorge. but obviously some people looked blehhhh. I realy do like J Hudson's dress, Sandra Bullock's dress, Haille's Dress and hey my Hugh Jackman was looking AMAzing too as always.
The winners list is below after the pictures and yea Natalie Portman is looking ever graceful with that bun in the oven. Gotta go Glee's on...have to watch it.
What d'y'all think about their outfits...who's hot and who's not?
Lots of Love SweetestPiess

More pictures after the cutttt........

Genevieve's Outfit- By Nigerian Designers

Sunday 27 February 2011

Her Jacket- Zed-Eye
Her Dress- Jewel by Lisa

I bet her Make up is also MUD! I guessssssssss.....

Happy Sunday Sweetiepies

Lotsa Luv

Missy Tee's

Really?! Guys Guys Guys.....

Saturday 26 February 2011

Are you seeing what I am seeing?
What is that you are wearing Sir?

Guys please leave ladies clothes to the ladies , first it was skinny jeans and now its........
Are you gonna be wearing dresses anytime soon?

Mania Mag. launch

The Mania Magazine was launched six days ago in Lagos. And here are some faces ( and dresses) from the Launch (that I like).

I want the dress and the Louis bag!

More pictures after the cut....

Build a future for the abandoned lil kids

Mama Ekundayo

OK, I've heard this song before and the story of Mama Ekundayo for years now. But the song came on TV and from the beginning, the words, touched my heart and so I started typing. Although Mama Ekundayo passed on a couple years back, She is still an inspiration to me and others.
This woman took in over 400 children and she took good care of them with no help from the government or any other person. She had a little village house and by 2007, 469 children had passed through that house and trained, feed, clothed, blessed and loved by this woman- Mama Ekundayo. In the documentary below, mama asked, 'How can i eat when my children have not eaten?'.
She did this all by herself, they were not her biological children but she loved them like hers.
Be sincere to yourself; can you really do this? all by yourself? With no funds? With no support?
For years, she went undiscovered and towards the end of her time, she was discovered in a glorious way. She obviously would have lost count of the amount of kids she took in but she made a mark in their lives and they will all never forget her.
There are so many kids that are out there with no food, no water, no fancy clothing, no funds for school but yet we go past them daily and do not even blink.
We do not just pause a minute to think about these kids. 'We have to care for our own'. I am not saying- take every child you see that needs help into your house, Its simply impossible to take every single child you see everyday into your house all at the same time because you will not be able to look after them all all by yourself. You have to have a real massive building, continuous funds, right certificates and licence and resources to do that because they wont fit in your little house or apartment because right now, there are lots of them out there.

The Mirror Boy Premiere.... Massive

It was crazy on Thursday at the Premiere of The Mirror Boy at the Leicester Square- London's West end, fans turned out looking amazing. The Mirror Boy is the first African movie to ever grace the westend screens. The movie cast were all at the Premiere. They all looked stunning and the main character Edward Kagutuzi attended with his mother.

Cheryl Cole and Katie Price arrive in LA for the Oscars

Katie Price at LAX (
Chezza and Katie step off the same flight in LA in time for the Oscars.

Preggers Natalie is not left out too......

Natalie Portman at LAX (
Sources say that Victoria Beckham was meant to be on the same flight with Katie and Cheryl but she changed her mind and swapped her flight because of Ms Price....dunno how true that isssssssss although Katie's camp denies the story.

Full image of Katie after the cut....

Catherine Zeta-Jones receives CBE from Prince Charles

41-year-old Oscar-winner and Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones received  her CBE from Prince Charles for services to the film industry and to charity in the previous year's Queen's Birthday Honours. Catherine was accompanied by her husband, US actor Michael Douglas, and their children Dylan and Carys.
The announcement of the award was made last summer and she was ecstatic, she said she was "absolutely thrilled". "As a British subject I feel incredibly proud, At the same time it is overwhelming and humbling."
Burt Kwouk, famous for his Kato role in the Pink Panther films, also received an OBE at Thursday's investiture ceremony.

Jennifer Aniston's new hairdo

Jennifer's new haircut looks nice on her. She looks younger.. its hard to believe she is 42 years old! Ride on Missy!

Cheryl Cole and Prince Charles- Charity work in progress

Cheryl Cole met Prince Charles a few days back to get the Royal Seal of Approval on her foundation which will support the Prince's Trust's work. The Cheryl Cole Foundation's (I guess) goal is to help disadvantaged teenagers in her native, Newcastle and the funds to the Prince's Trust in the North East.

*I bet Cheryl Cole is expecting a Royal Wedding Invitation....hmmmmmmm no comment*

Show off much?!

Hey Honeypumpkins

So I was watching Julius Agwu's Festival of Love that was held on Valentine's day........
So yea, they were all looking nice and I wish I was there cuz I had a blast watching it on TV. But one thing I noticed was that almost 98% of them were using Blackerry biggie right?! Ok.... The shocking thing was that they were all using the Blackberry Torch 9800..... No biggie about that but MUST YOU SHOW IT OFF LIKE THAT?!
Everywhere the camera turned, they all had their phones up in a funny as though they were trying to get a signal on the phone, even when clapping, dancing or greeting each other. Some of them also were looking at the phone most of the time as though they were pinging...they probably were.
The funniest bit; Darey 'art' was performing on stage, so he got off stage and walked to this guy to say hi..... You all know how guys hug/greet each other? Instead of this guy putting his other hand on Dareys back, he slid his BB torch up and put it up as though he was praising God when he obviously wasn't..... Show off much.
They are all showing it off in the same hall with other BB torch users but when they do get outside and they all put it in a hiding place so the *you know who* don't nick it off them, even when they wanna answer a call in public they use a bluetooth earpiece so the *you know who* don't pinch it.
I sincerely think its funny cuz they were all using the same type of phone so who do u really wanna show it off to cuz they all have theirs anyway. Wow
Well all I can say is show off with sense darls and don't make urself look funny while tryna show off. We all do show off but there is a limit to it!
Have a FAB week!
Missy Tee's

Hey Hunniez!

Wednesday 23 February 2011

Hey Honeyz
Sorry I've been a tad bit quiet...........missed u peeps but hey.....I'll be updating my blog tmrw, I've just got stuff saved as draft, not yet published. I'll publish it tmrw.

Thanks sweets
God bless you lots!

Lotsa Luv,

Missy Tee..

I like this dress....

Sunday 20 February 2011

She is wearing it with an attitude..... You likey?

Fela Kuti is honored by L'official and Beyonce

L'Official dedicated its March 2011 issue to Legendary Musician Fela Kuti, founder of Egypt 80 band. Beyonce graces the cover and on the editorial page, Beyonce is dressed an African Queen in honor of Fela Kuti. L'Official is also celebrating its 90th Anniversary!

I am loving the headgear look more igbo that Yoruba in it missus!

Picture and Video after the cut........

Image of the day; Where your Church service ticket at?

Saturday 19 February 2011

How would you feel when stepping into Church and the;
Usher goes- 'Excuse me, Can I have your tickets please?' or better still 'Tickets please?'
And you reply; What ticket?
Usher: Ticket for today's service? If you don't have one, you can purchase on at the desk over there (where my fellow usher is at) for 'JUST' 1000 Naira
You: ?????
What would be your reaction at this point?

Lord Jesus, You indeed are a patient God!


Its official, THEY ARE NOT!

Can you recall that a few weeks back, I posted the story about a rumor that went about that Stella and Mofe being an item? If you dont, then here a Link to the post . Well here you go...according to sources- THEY ARE NOT!
I am glad, I defended them both- well in a way. They are both adults and mature and they can do whatever they wish. Mofe Duncan is her MANAGER!!!!! So o ye rumor fabricators. lol
But can't really know the real truth unless they speak out themselves.

Square Image, the publicist of versatile Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus, says that Mofe Duncan is her manager and business partner, not her lover as being rumoured recently.

Damasus’ publicist stated that apart from being her manager, Mofe’s 5ive28 Entertainment is a partner of Stella’s SDA Production, and they are both working on the actress’ projects, some of which will start showing on TV next month.

Stella is planning to hit the local and international screens with her television programmes soon. Her Changing Lives will berth on OH TV in the UK, next month, while two Nigerian stations have also got the right to broadcast it.

She has also set up a film training school, Stella Damasus Arts Institute, and will hold an audition for interested applicants later this month.

“Stella has been so busy for sometime now, so she obviously has no time for unnecessary distractions,” the statement reads.

Genevieve- Face of Luna Milk!

Genevieve is the face of Luna Milk- The advert above was shot in Lebanon in 2010.
Indeed she is going places.

Ride on Chica!

Nigerian idol

Hey Sweethearts,
Ok, so I have been following the Nigerian Idol show, although I do miss it once in a while.....I still kinda catch-up later.
Naomi is one of my favorite contestants if not the only fave!
She sings good in contrast ( note the emphasis on in contrast) to others but that's just me and what i think. I kinda hope she does win and Tonii was evicted on Thurs but Hey she was a fashionista on the show.....sorta!

Watch her sing here;

London Fashion Week has commenced!

Paul Costelloe Catwalk - London Fashion Week
The London Fashion Week, it's more than just A London thing, various celebrities, bloggers, fashion lover, magazine editors from all over the globe visit London to have the first glance of Famous Designers latest clothes, shoes, make up and other accessories. Models set the Catwalk stage on fire as the guests admire and take pictures. London Fashion Week is hosted at the Somerset House on Strand. Up to 10 designers including Mulberry, House of Holland, Paul Smith,Jaeger, Nicole Farhi, Kinder Aggugini, Vivienne Westwood,Betty Jackson, Rocha John Rocha,Matthew Williamson, Craig Lawrence, Antoni Beradi, Paul Costelloe, Hannah Marshall, Richard Nicoll, Orla Kiely, Caroline Charles  and Missy Tee *wink*
This year, Burberry Show will be streamed live at Piccadilly Circus and in 40 stores.
The Final week of the Fashion Week is for Menswear.
These are exciting times for London Fashion!
More Pictures after the cut.....

Paris Hilton's 30th Birthday Gift

Thursday 17 February 2011

Lexus LF-A

Lexus LF-A

Lexus LF-A

Lexus LF-A

Paris Hilton got a special 30th birthday surprise gift- a Lexus LFA supercar from her Boyfriend, Cy Waits.
The Lexus is said to be priced at £330,000 price tag which is worth it.
The car has a high-revving 4.8-litre V10 engine and 552bhp output, suspension set up for track driving and a paddle-shifted gearbox. The car is more like a race car as it reaches 62mph in 3.7 seconds with a top speed of 202mph.
Her Boyfriend Cy, pranked her by giving her a yellow Lexus LFA before actually giving her her own Pearl White Lexus LFA.
Wanna see the gift presentation? Then wait till her new reality TV airs. x

P.S- Boyfriends step up yo' game! :-)

President Obama to visit the UK in May alongside Michelle.

Buckingham Palace has confirmed that our beloved first African-American President Obama will be visiting in May 2011.
This is the first state visit since 2003 by Former President George W Bush and Laura Bush.
President Obama will be visiting London from the 24th to 26th May 2011 alongside his wife, Michelle.
According to British Prime Minister David Camerons' spokesman, "The prime minister is very pleased this visit is taking place. It is a sign of the strong and enduring relationship between our two countries."
Although President Obama visited the UK for the G20 summit back in 2009, that was not a state visit. The itinerary has not been released.

Derbyshire Police search for owner of Size 21 trainers.

Police in Derbyshire are attempting to reunite a pair of size 21 shoes with their rightful owner.
The gigantic trainers were found in Long Eaton and handed in to police by a member of the public.
Police believe the red and white Nike basketball trainers could have been imported from America.
The new shoes, which were in a genuine Nike shoe box, were found at a petrol station in Long Eaton.
Denise Bostock who works at the lost property office at Derby police headquarters said: "We were most surprised at the size, we all said 'wow look at the size of those' when we saw them."
She added: "We wondered if they belonged to a basketball player, but you just can't imagine the size of the person who could fit into them.
"We've got some very tall police officers but no-one with that size feet at all."

The official Trailer for The Return of Jenifa

The return of Jenifa, this should be interesting since the first two parts were hilarious. You gotta love it.

Christian Louboutins Spring/Summer 2011 Collection.

Wednesday 16 February 2011

christian louboutin spring-summer 2011 shoes collection

christian louboutin spring 2011 shoes collection

christian louboutin summer 2011 collection

Hey Babe....Ok I'll have number 3 and 4 (going across from the top) 5 and 6 and 9. Thanks in advance boo. *wink* Hehehe

You likey?

Watcha think?

US big boy is arrested over Nigerian Embassy fraud by EFCC

A US based Nigerian lawyer accused of pocketing about $1.6 million meant as tax refund to the Nigerian embassy in Washington DC has been arrested. Mr. Femi Babafemi the spokesman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission told newsmen today that the lawyer, Ephraim Ugwuonye is facing charges over his role in the deal. gathered that the US based big boy was arrested on Saturday 12 February 2011 at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, about one year after the EFCC has been on his trail.
Ugwuonye allegedly defrauded the embassy to the tune of $1.6 million Dollars ,being the amount the IRS refunded to the Nigerians embassy after properties worth $26 million was sold. Ugwuonye was in charge of the four properties when it was sold.

Story Source

Jedi's LWKMD skit!

Wale Gates is HILARIOUS. OMGoodness....Watch this and Wale Gates and Basket mouth are gonna leave you in stitches...
Bless 'em!

Large turn out audition for Rapper Dagrin's biopic

Tuesday 15 February 2011

Young and upcoming actors who have always dreamt of stardom and limelight had a rare opportunity to have the limelight shine on them penultimate Friday as Stingomania Entertainment, the outfit behind the Dagrin Movie Project auditioned for roles in the biopic.

The contestants who were in their hundreds despised the scorching sun to be a part of the cast of the movie as each of them gave their best to prove
why they should featured in the biopic that is directed by respected Nollywood director, Daniel Ademinokan.

No 10 Downing Street's new Cat--- A good ratter!

Larry is the new resident at Downing Street

A new cat has arrived at No 10 Downing street, to help David Cameron ( British Prime Minister) and the other residents of No 10 wade off RATS.
Well the cat
came from a shelter and arrived at its new home as in MANSION at a little after 13:00pm today (15/2/2011).
The cat is so cute and would be living the life a balling cat! You know what I mean- like a gold food bowl from Harrods, Cat Litter from Waitrose, and a special massage suite. Hmmmm what a cat..... LOL

Presenting Larry the cat......

Omotola at THE GRAMMYS!!!!!

Omotola made us proud on Grammy Awards night by gracing the Red carpet with her Nollywood Presence. Thanks girl for repping Nigeria for us......P.S-that dress, that dress, that dress; its nice but........what do you guys think?
More pictures after the cut....

Next up

Monday 14 February 2011

Gonna be blogging about the BAftas and some other stuffs watch outt.. For now, I am out!


Missy Tees.


Photo of the day- Amber Riley!

Amber Riley (AKA..Mercedes from Glee) ...She is big, black and proud. She composes herself real good thats what makes me proud of her.
P.S. Those shoes are BAM!

Amber Riley Photograph

Image courtesy-

Victoria Beckham's New Designs 2011- Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

Victoria Beckham unveils her new designs at the New York Fashion week... I love the second dress.
Victoria Beckham - Presentation - Fall 2011 Mercedes-Benz Fashion WeekVictoria Beckham - Presentation - Fall 2011 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

More pictures after the cut......

Winners -----Grammy 2011!

The winners are;
Album of the year – Arcade Fire, The Suburbs
Record of the year – Lady Antebellum, Need You Now
Song of the year – Need You Now (Lady Antebellum, performers)
Best new artist – Esperanza Spalding
Best female pop vocal performance – Lady Gaga, Bad Romance
Best male pop vocal performance – Bruno Mars, Just the Way You Are
Best pop vocal album – Lady Gaga, The Fame Monster
Best traditional pop vocal album – Michael Buble, Crazy Love

Mary Mary's new video!!!!!! I'm Walking- Finally out

Click the link below to watch.........
I'm Walking Video- Watch here

Grammys 2011... What y'all think?

Hey my darls!
So..... it was Grammys night last night and here are some pictures of the attendees. The list of winners are to follow in my next post.

Jean Paul Gaultier Dress

Really??!! Givenchy Couture

Armani Silver Dress
 More photos after the cut......

Happy Valentinesssss!!!!

Hope u guys are having fun so far?
All yea couples, hope you guys are spoiling each other?!
Single ladies like moi are uhmmmm I dunno...chilling?!  *sigh*

Have a fab one!

Song of the day below;

You weren't expecting me to put up some loveydovey song right?

Brotherly and Sisterly love...gorgeous!

Sunday 13 February 2011

Brandy singing 'Happy Birthday' to her lil brother. Soooo cute.
Video below;

Photo of the day!

Jaden and Willow Smith....They are both so cute...bless 'em!

Christian Siriano's Fall 2011 Runway show- New York

Christian Siriano's Fall 2011 Runway show was held in New York on the 10th of Feb. 2011. Stars in the front were the likes of Gabrielle Union and others.
The interesting bit of the show; the shoes- Christian Siriano designed some shoes for Payless (in other words, they are called Christian Siriano for Payless). The shoes give a new meaning to 'ankle breaking' heels.
A model actually fell to the floor during the show as seen above, this brings me to say 'wear with caution'. They are said to be priced at $50 and above.
Honey, I don't mind a pair...they are wonderful especially this beauty (see below);
More pictures after the cut....