Baking Series - Episode 2 - Orange! Orange! and... Orange!

Tuesday 30 January 2018

Hello! Had a good week?

Episode 1 was a Lemon Cake.

Well Episode 2 is the Orange Bread, yep Orange Bread. Hold on! Don't yell yet... I can explain.

This recipe I put together by myself. I wanted this cake to taste very orange-y and planned to go (almost) any length to make sure it because...I was craving it.
It might surprise you that some of my cravings driving my baking series.
When this cake? came out of the oven, and I as usual dug in straightaway, I felt it was more of bread than a cake due to its bread-like feel to touch. When my co-taster- the sister - tasted it, she said almost the same thing. It tasted good but did not have the cake-like texture even though it looked like it.
So I hereby introduce you to the "Missy Tee's Orange bread"...eeeek!


- Self-raising flour 200g
- Caster sugar 180g
- 4 Eggs
- Unsalted butter 180g
- 4 Oranges (please do not get rid of the peel, yet)


- Parchment paper
- Mixer
- Spatula
- Kitchen paper
- Oven (Gas mark 6)
- Baking tin
- Weighing scale
- Timer

Please pardon the chopping board, I was in a hurry.


- Get the baking tin ready by coating it with unsalted butter and lining accurately with parchment paper and set aside (this will save you a WHOLE lot of time)

- Measure the flour, butter and sugar
- Put the above ingredients in the mixing bowl along with the (not to be whisked) eggs
- Using your mixer, combine all ingredients
- Then grate the peel of your one orange into the mix
- Avoiding possible seeds, extract the juice from 3 oranges and sieve for tiny seeds. It would be good to get the orange (bits) along with the juice. So remove the seeds from the sieve and scrape the "bits" into the mix as well.
- Slowly pour the juice into the mix, careful not to make the mix too runny - that would be a baking disaster. Not to worry, you can fix that. You'll need to make a thicker mix and then combine both (perhaps using less of the runny mix). Let's hope you don't need this remedy.
- Once you achieve the right consistency, pour your mix into the pre-prepped tin
- As usual, if you want an extra tangy taste - place a couple (or more) slices of orange on the mix before it goes into the oven
- Place in the oven

After about thirty to forty five minutes, your orange bread should be baked.

- Remove from the tin and place on a cooling rack

Missy Tee's Orange Bread is baked!

Pictures - Missy Tee!

Until next time,

Missy Tee!

He thought I thought He had a thing on me!

Wednesday 24 January 2018

Brethren! Hello.

Please come laugh at this. Before we get into that, how are you doing? Yes that's a question for you to answer.
Let's get right into it, shall we?

I had an encounter with a guy that totally left me gobsmacked.
Let's call him Malcolm.

Malcolm and I had to undertake a training together and as usual, Malcolm is from the same country as me and same tribe. I try not to run in when I meet such people, being all overly familiar because not everyone likes that. So I played it cool, he introduced himself and I was all natural with him. It went along these lines;

Malcolm - Hello I'm Malcolm
Missy - Oh hi Malcolm, I'm Missy. Nice to meet you.
Malcolm - You're Nigerian right?
Missy - Yes I am, I can tell you are too.

We were all civil and all.

I then noticed that Malcolm was the very nosey type who did not seem to understand when to not ask and things that you cannot ask. Even during the training, each time he spoke out in front of the group, I felt somewhat embarrassed as though he really had something to do with me. I had to consciously tell myself that I had nothing to do with him and his discussions. So I put on a brave face and overlooked it all. I still had a slight tug on my heartstrings though because of the thought in my head "they're going to think everyone from that country speaks like so".
Brethren, I began to draw back a little because it was TOO MUCH. I felt so embarrassed standing or walking down the corridor with him because HE WAS WAY TOO LOUD and said major inappropriate things.  Worst thing I did was to give him my phone number, a decision I do not like to be associated with. LOL!
Anyway, there was a day I got a call from Malcolm who began reeling off information about myself and my family.
Bruv! I almost passed out.
I must have whispered to myself - Child! You've got a stalker.
I proceeded to ask Malcolm where he got all of that information from. He, as expected, laughed and refused to say. I did a quick math and kind of figured where he could have retrieved such information from. I confirmed my sources and laughed. I played along with him as though I knew nothing. Then! I added to the distance because it was turning out to be a friendship that was majorly weird.

He must have noticed that this girl had no time for nonsense.

I was exhausted one day and walked down the stairs, only to turn the corner and there Malcolm was standing. He called me over, with the decency/respect left in me towards him, I obliged.
Malcolm proceeded to ask "what's wrong with you?" I did a double take and looked at him. Of course, we all know I should have been the one asking him that question. I gave him the befitting answer - there's nothing wrong with me, thanks for asking. 
He then reeled out a bunch of nonsense along the lines of "I thought we could work together. Maybe you think I have an ulterior motive but I am happily married and my wife is very pretty..." At this point, I tuned out. I was SHOCKED! I thought to myself, you've just shot yourself in the foot. I didn't even think along those lines but you've proceeded to just dig yourself in a well created by you for you. I had no strength whatsoever to be involved in an exchange of words with him. So I looked at him in the face and said "Ok Malcolm" and walked away.
I thought, you've just done the honours of neatly cutting every tie which is perfect for me. For that I was excited.

Moving on, I did my own thing. Malcolm would see me and then still say hi and try to form conversations. I thought again to myself, but you were the one who felt like I thought you had ulterior motives, you have a pretty wife, you this and this...yet you still want to talk about my earrings and have random conversation with me. I dongerrit!
Anyway, life is too short for nonsense. I carried on like nothing happened - responding to him appropriately et al.

Malcolm suddenly stopped attending the training and BAM! that was the end of Malcolm's embarrassing moments.

My question goes thus: Why would you think I thought you had ulterior motives, especially going to the extent of telling me that you have a wife? I surely was not even thinking that someone had a crush on me at the time not to talking of thinking along the lines of his thoughts.

Good riddance!

Till next week

Missy Tee.

Baking Series - Episode 1: When lemons get thrown at you, bake a Lemon Cake

Monday 15 January 2018

Hello and welcome!

So today I'm sharing my Lemon Cake recipe. I feel like I should start giving my cakes unique names just because I like to. Watch out for this in episode 2 post of the Baking series *wink*.
Anyway, I absolutely love lemon - give me lemonade any day anytime and add a slice of lemon cake to that...I'll love you long time.

I like to use natural ingredients when baking but does not mean I do not use non-natural ingredients. I tend to use the latter only when the natural ingredients are not available.


- Self-raising flour 200g
- Caster sugar 180g
- Eggs - 4
- Unsalted butter - 180g
- 4 Lemons
- Milk (Optional)


- Parchment paper
- Mixer
- Spatula
- Kitchen paper
- Oven - duhhh
- Baking tin
- Weighing scale

2018! Hello Blogging

Monday 8 January 2018

Well Hello there!

Guess who it is? It is Missy Tee!
Although some fellow bloggers and ex-bloggers know my real name now. Still hello there, Missy Tee here!

Boy have I missed blogging? Oh yeah!
Where have I been? You ask.
I've not been here, obviously. But I've been there and everywhere else.
I've been through some things, learnt some more, grown a few (more) strands of grey hair, loved, hated, smiled, cried, let go, held on, wondered, been hurt, felt used, seen the true colour of some, baked of course, watched (and still watching) the unveiling of the true colour of some but most of all, I remain standing.

You see, life has a way of throwing lemons in various directions. One day, you are smiling  and feeling all energised and the next you're feeling deflated.  This is my blogging testimony - I have had blogging on my mind for over a year, then there were negative thoughts such as:

"They're going to think it's the inconsistent blogger again"
" What does she have to say this time?"
"Here she goes again"
" Do they actually want to read what I have to say"

But I've come to realise something, negativity breeds apprehension and hindrance . That is, because I was letting my mind be filled with negative thoughts, I became very apprehensive and this hindered me from taking this step. Regardless of what I think, write or say, people WILL be who they want to be and say what they want to say. So! Instead of sitting and pitying myself, and nursing the negative thoughts that I believe people may have when they see my post notification. Imma just write and publish posts and let human beings be HUMAN BEINGS!

Major major shout out to the amazing people from blogger who sent messages and reached out to me via Instagram, email, and those who actually called me. You guys are fabulous. Thank you from the bottom corner of my heart.

Without fuss,

MISSY TEE is back!