I want a divorce.......She said

Tuesday 23 September 2014

Hey guys
Thanks for reading and commenting on my last blog post. I really enjoyed the book and when I do get the chance to read another book from start to finish, I'll let you all know.

So I said at the end of my previous post that this post will be about divorce. Well here it is;
NB: Some facts of the story have been changed such as age, years, gender, and blah di blah out of respect.
A couple who had four kids together. They had been married for over a decade and they seemed like a really close knit family. The wife was the "always want to be classy" type and didn't care at whose expense. She loved it, she wanted it, she got it. She was an upcoming entrepreneur. While the husband happened to be the "my wife is classy so I should be too" type. He was (always trying to keep) keeping up with her. He called her K-babes and all sorts of pet names that youths use these days. But we all seemed to notice that he was scared of her. He was a business analyst and worked in one of the big companies in the city but he quit his job a couple of years earlier because she told him to - SERIOUSLY???!!!. He had a pretty good income- well at least from how he looked, he looked like he did.

K-babes barely played the role of the wife. They barely ate a proper meal in the house as far as I knew at the time. They had things like thin-cut oven fries, chicken nuggets and juice...things like that. She was the type that once she heard about someone having a party, she would definitely have A LOT of takeaway packs. Classy ladies (in her own case) don't cook. To be honest, she was just a lazy wife, very proud and looked down on people greatly.

Back to the topic, we noticed that the wife began travelling out of the country a whole lot. She just always had a reason to be out. We did not really suspect any wrong doing because we thought "business was booming" so she had to be in China, Nigeria, USA, Peru, Trinidad and so on.
Suddenly, we noticed that her kids started looking unkempt. The man started wearing hideous clothes and looked more and more unkempt. He started going to people's houses with his kids just so they could get something to eat (Well a guy that can cook is definitely a keeper ha!) while K-babes was touring the world. All of a sudden, this man was told to withdraw from his role as Deacon in church and warned not to take on any ministerial tasks, along with his Mrs. Then it was made clear that he had been cheating, and his own type of cheating was 'communicating with his ex' without anyone knowing even his kids and Mrs. 

I thought to myself, please what is wrong with talking to your ex? I don't always see why people break up and become enemies, perhaps because I don't buy the idea that exes=enemies - life is too short! Anyways, that was the reason for the marriage shake-up.
The additional shocker - he had a child with this ex and no one knew. He did not tell K-babes even before they got married. K-babes returned to the country and went to every length to finish this man off, she stripped him of his car, right to his kids, house, ...everything. He had nada! She went as far as feeding her kids with ridiculous ideas about their dad that all 4 of them would say embarrassing things in public about their dad such as "he's a jerk, he left us, he ran away, he was hiding". There were times where she would go as far as calling the police to arrest him but there was really no offence for him to be arrested. He eventually moved out of the family house to an unknown location.

Good Read: The Book by T.D Jakes

Sunday 7 September 2014

Hey lovelies

Thanks to everyone who commented on the last post. Glad we found it!
First I want to call some people out, Honeydame. Nonye, Gospel Girl ...just to name a few.
I was going to call out Cherrywine and Toin but they're back....
Chantel is also channelling her inner feminist ;-) - please visit her blog.

So this post is about my summer read. I started this unconsciously last year - the aim is to read at least a book during summer.

Last year I read The Return of The Runaway Bride authored by Donna Fasano. I enjoyed this book so much I went on and on and on about it to people and tried to get them to read the book. When I got to the end of the book, I was smiling hard. I love love stories.
I'm certain I'll still read this book sometime soon. It's that good.

So this year, I started reading a book at the beginning of the year - I still haven't finished the book right now. The book: Pictures of Lily authored by Paige Toon.

I do hope I get to finish this book sometime soon - I realised that its not a good idea to start a book when you OBVIOUSLY won't have the time to read it no matter how hard you try.

On Instagram, I saw pictures of T.D Jakes' new book called Instincts - The Power to Unleash Your Inborn Drive. I had to have it. Something about the book just seemed catchy. Anyway, I bought it and started reading it at the beginning of August and aimed to finish it at the end of August, sure I did finish it on the 31st, sometime in the evening. Chuffed!

This book has some interesting points that won't appeal to people who don't believe in reading 'self-help, religious self-help' books. T.D Jakes has a way of saying things that just makes you wonder or think deep even though what he might be saying may be an everyday topic.
I'm not going deep into the book here....go get and read it well. You can borrow my copy of the book, but you have to return it in very good and neat condition ha!
Some of the points I got from the book includes (in my own words);
- Being the very educated individual you are, you can describe a thing in full detail such as how you aim to win a contract -what strategy to use and all. But only your instincts can help you win the contract (tricky huh?) no matter how hard you use your intellect to describe it.
- Taking someone's silence as consent is a very unwise - Bishop Jakes used the word "unwise" and I kind of feel like he really wanted to say "foolish/silly" but was being very smart and professional
- He also explained that your thoughts should remain your thoughts and no one else's because it epitomises your being--who you are, what you stand for
- He also emphasised the need for people not to despise little beginnings, even when it involves moving out of your oh so comfort zone
Let me leave you with those....for now.

The second one hit me hard because sometimes when friends (for example) upset/annoy me, I might stay quiet but it doesn't mean that I'm pleased with what they did or I don't want to insult them badly. I just have my way of handling such...which might involve staying quiet (for a while) and then.....

The lion does not make so much noise when he is watching his prey....he stays quiet!
But when the lion does make noise, the entire kingdom recognises and bows to authority. Got that from a sermon I listened to.

So follow your instincts guys, don't rely on your degrees, knowledge and expertise because they may only be able to get you to a limited level, but not through the glass ceiling to the target.

Have a good week!


Stay safe.


PS. the next post might be about divorce. Got some question y'all might be able to help answer! Post soon.

Misplaced Document + Being Tourists

Saturday 16 August 2014

Hello Everyone! Back again

Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous post - I'll keep you posted when I catch up with "Kelly" in a few weeks. I won't be surprised if they are actually dating now.

Right, I'll make this quick.
So I took a trip to Amsterdam weeks back. It was a quick one and I stayed indoors 75% of the time I was there. It was my first time visiting so I was really a newbie.

On arriving at there, I was wearing a cardi because I don't really trust the weather. Anyway, the weather nudged me! I was frying in my cardi, couldn't wait to pull it.
Got to the was it pretty?! All these rich people that stay in hotels constantly, now I really understand why you all want to live there for life. Once had a friend say to me, I love hotels hence why I am getting a job that would give me that 'luxury' - Good luck to that company!
I love yellow (to some extent) and the chairs and cushions were all yellow= Happy bunny.
I hated the pillow though, they felt like air!

Anyway, Le Sisto came that night to join us.
As soon as she walked in, she said "I can't find my travel doc". Panic mode over-activated.
We searched her bags over and over and over that night. She went back to the airport and no one seemed to understand. I made so many phone calls that night - I bet Skype was very happy and made a lot of profit.
I felt so bad for was just crazy! Her eyes were red.I already started searching for how to get a replacement. We left it in His hands that night.

Next morning, I was up super early and ready to get to the airport but others were TAKING THEIR TIME! I kept saying "come on, you guys"...but it seemed to fall to the ground. It felt like I was the one who misplaced the document and had to get it. Le Sisto started cracking jokes and being all funny and I had to do a double take.....was she really being funny when we couldn't find the document??
We finally left at almost 11am, and got to the airport. We started being detectives, trying to find this document. The Lord does work in mysterious ways- He kept it for us.
Le Sisto went to the police desk and explained to them, and this guy collected some ID, made a phone call, pronounced the last name in a ridiculously funny way but he was quite close to getting it right, and BOOM! He walked back out to us holding the document in his hand. We all yelled at that point, it was noisy trust me! We shook the place (okay maybe not). Thank You Jesus! You're the MAN (should have been You're the God right?  Ha!) (that was my anthem).
Now the theory at the time was: when she arrived, the officer that welcomed her, took the document for reasons we still can't crack. Oh well, the explanation is between him and God.
Finally we were able to "be" tourists, I didn't really enjoy their town centre though. It was TOOOOOO busy. Bought some souvenirs and a suitcase (I needed one and I'd searched over and over here but couldn't find one in my price range ;-) but I found one there so I went for it). Was tempted to buy clogs but I didn't - saw some cute ones.
How Cute: Source
Now we were starving so we stopped to by a foot long from Subway - let's just say it wasn't a very clean experience - they need a deep clean. It was HOT and busy so we went straight back to our room. The double decker train was soooooo clean and cute, I loved it. Big downer, their sockets are very different from ours and we didn't realise so we had to use the TV to charge our phones. It could only charge phones, not camcorders or any other gadget we had. So I couldn't take a lot of pictures on my phone.
The following day, we packed our bags and it was home time. It was an adventurous weekend.
Got here and it was cold, well I was cold at least - it's safe to say summer is gradually coming to an end. Its been raining cats and foxes (forget dogs) here.

I hope you guys are making the most of summer while you can.


Cute Psychologist + Catch up ........and some baked goodies

Tuesday 29 July 2014

*unlocks door, walks in, waves broom in the air and brushes it against the wall*
My loveeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!
I've missed all of you guys so much. I've missed blogging. I will have time to fill you guys in on all my stories that I've been putting down (but not publishing just yet). Please stay with me. I will fill you guys in on it all in a bit.


I am sorryyyyyyy.
It's been 5 months. What an adventurous 5 months. I ranted a lot in those 5 months (to myself most of the time) But all in all Thank You Jesus! Forgive me for ranting so much.
I'm of course going to say I'm sorrryyyyyy it's been so long.
Congratulations to all my munchkins who graduated and are graduating this summer! Welldone you guys!

This was heavily chocolatey, had fun making it though. The top was made purposely like that - went for the messy look. Twas good.

This cake is to say I'm sorry!!!! I enjoyed making the chocolate (shell?? or what do I call it?, we'll stick with shell) Shell.

How are you guys? I do hope you all are good.
Thanks Toin, Gospel Girl, and Chantel for checking up on moi! Huge hugs and some apple crumble for ya.
Le Sisto has been yelling at me 'Tee you haven't blogged since heaven knows when', it's not cool'.
It's just been trying to get the time to type all the things on my mind and that. Also the fact that I've been in a relationship a long relationship with my MS word, Pen, Pencils, textbooks, hand gel  and all that.
Okay, I'm sorry guys.

So part of my training involves working with psychologists. I got posted to this setting where I was in 'close contact' with this particular psychologist. Boy was he foineeee?  He had a sister doing the two step.
Okay let me describe him;
He is of average height, soft spoken. He wears glasses and always had his sleeves rolled up 1/4. He has blueish eyes (can't fully recall). His skin was lush (what? I had to do my observations well).  He mostly had a clean shave but one a few occasions he left his beard and looked like Brad Pitt. His accent = UH-Mazing. He was friendly and always had a relaxed face. Annoying bit - I'm taller. He had this natural parting in his hair, right in the middle but he combs his hair backwards Leonardo DiCaprio style.

Matter of fact - He looks completely like Leonardo, okay maybe almost completely
He's a pretty cute psychologist. It was always nice seeing him stroll in, flashing a cute smile - shocker - his teeth wasn't all that. Anyway he always made my day whenever he came over to see clients or whenever we had case discussion (which he led).  Got a student falling over herself. Haha!
Funny thing is, he looks at you with such intensity that if you weren't in your sense you'd think he was head over hills in love with you. He wasn't head over hills with me - HA! Downside - He uses swear words which is a MAJOR turndown for me.
PS. Future Mr Mr, you have to look at me with such intensity and actually be in love. And you have to also show it... Take note! LOL!
So towards the end of my posting, I was told to have a one to one session with him- WHAT???!!!! Trap!! Big Trap!
I was NOT wanting to do this - I didn't want to have the eye contact or anything, I mean he's a psychologist. He might be able to interpret my body language (haha) or read my mind (oh no).

Me: Hey Justin, so are you free next week for the one to one session
Justin: Oh Hey Tee, sure let me check my diary......yes sure Tuesday will do
Me: Cool, I'll see you then (keeping the nerves under control and trying to avoid prolonged eye contact or show signs of my thoughts) What?? A sister is allowed to crush a little bit sometimes hahaha!
Justin: Sure, see you then

NOTE: his name isn't Justin.

Fast forward to one to one session
Justin: Hey Tee, I'm here when you're ready
Me: Sure I'll be with you in a bit

During the session, the intensity of Justin's stare almost made me run outta the room. But I kept my cool and kept avoiding awkward eye contact or prolonged silence. He was toooooooo cute.
Obviously, I knew this secret crush I had was only for a few weeks and was going to fade away completely after I walked out of the door on the last day. Yes it faded immediately after I left the setting.

Fast forward to weeks later, a friend came up to me in class to ask about this psychologist. Girl please! Kelly had been at the same service before me and guess what, she was having some kinda intense crush on this guy....come on now! Now you can guess how cute he is.
They met again at a wedding and she told me that they had this awkward conversation where she was expecting him to ask her  out (because of the way he stares) and said he stuttered and asked her if he could have a word with her. She obliged and he said something along the lines of "so I just wanted to ask how you're doing?". She gave me the craziest look ever when she told me that, I could feel her pain LOL! She expected him to ask for her number or something
Kelly (the girl) then said to me, I think I'm just going to ask him if he wants to ask me out or something (my jaw dropped at this point)

Kelly went on to say that if he doesn't ask, that she might just ask him out for a drink (and maybe take things further from there?). I was surprised like I couldn't believe that this girl was not only taking her own crush on this cute psychologist further but she was SERIOUSLY 'crushing'.
I admitted to her though that he's pretty cute and his eyes are breath-taking and that was it. The fact that she actually took this crush overly seriously made me chuckle.

I ain't gon' lie though, this psychologist was way too fine.  Have I said that already?

I shall get back to you guys on this one. I do hope they become an item though. That would be extra cute.

One of my baby girls wanted a birthday cake so I had to make this in a hurry- excuse the untidy base

I made this one in a great hurry but it still looked nice anyway - she sent me a text the next day saying "thank you for my cake, although I don't really eat cake, I really liked this and my friends did too". #HappyAunt!
It was coconut cake with cream cheese frosting - I covered it with fondant just reason. Oh yeah there's a reason, she wanted colours.
Okay that's it! Enjoy guys. I love BAKING!!! but hate cleaning up after though because I'm usually very tired at this point but I still clean up anyway.

Thanks Cee for the Liebster award - I'll blog about  after this post.

Lots of love

FGM - Poor females.

Sunday 2 February 2014

Hello everyone.
Happy new month. It's the month of loooveee February!
Inform us if you do get a gift :-D. Me? Oh I shall be biting my nails or posting myself a card at least that'd be me getting something from someone (Missy Tee also known as me) in love with me... I love me too.
We'll get there! Pray for Missy Tee.

Moving on,
I watched a documentary in great horror and I could not believe that people could be so inconsiderate. The Channel 4 documentary was about FGM...Female Genital Mutilation. I really don't want to go too far into deets about this topic because it's heartbreaking.
Why oh why oh why? What's the reasonable rationale for this?
Why would you just go and cut............oh dear! No proper instruments (not that there should be), no proper care afterwards, great deep pain. Honestly why?
I found myself cringing almost throughout the programme. Ladies gave accounts of their experience and all I could say was 'unbelievable'.
The lady that led the documentary explained to some guys what FGM was about and said this is done because of and for you guys. They didn't really seem bothered and then she showed them the process and one of them couldn't stand it. He practically felt unwell and had to go outta the building. He was SO dazed.
Another lady explained that the amount of pain and tear (I think) she experienced and had during childbirth was beyond this world. Obviously, Drs would have had to 'make amends' for the baby to come into the world. Oh my gosh!! Childbirth is enough pain already not to talk of adding the effect of FGM.
This left me with so many questions. The leader sent a letter to the Sec of State...because she is woman and would be able to relate/understand what they are after (trying to reduce at least the rate ) and join their campaign. But nope! They got a response to the letter from a MAN who according to her didn't really understand what she was trying to achieve.

Why would cultures undertake this kinda act?
 Why exactly is that measure thought to be effective?
How can the perpetrators stand to watch an innocent teenager go through that much pain?
Do they weigh present benefits and does that outweigh future 'benefits'? (Obviously NO!)

I can't put pictures or anything as such up for obvious reasons.

I am short of words mehn!

Have a wonderful month y'all!

Lots of love

PS. I saw the movie:  12 years a slave. The amount of beating in that movie was painful absolutely painful. It kind of reminded me of those days in Secondary School (although it wasn't as much as that but .....still reminded me of school). Lupita and Chiwetel - Welldone. I don't think I'll be watching it again not that it's not a good movie, but all that flogging!!
Okay see ya!

Pride - what I've learnt from you

Wednesday 15 January 2014


Hello everyone

So this is a topic that has been on my mind for a while and I find myself talking about it indirectly almost all the time.
People sometimes cannot help but be so proud. Their shoulder pads are higher than those of our beloved village women. I definitely know people who I look at and go please stop being so proud.
You see, I have experienced some kinda pride in  people that I almost want to say you sound like a broken record.

A few scenarios;

I was way younger then when I called this lady ( I'm going to call her this lady in this post for confidentiality purposes and pretty much so she doesn't know it's her). She saw a friend who came to visit (who happens to be a well-known blogger here on blogsville) off and innocent teenage me called to see if she was alright as she didn't arrive back home on time. Goodness, she spoke to me as though she was talking to some slave from 1842. I wanted to melt, that was the gravity of how she spoke. If only I could have yanked her hair from where I was. You see this lady acts as though she is on the highest of the highest class and every other person is under feet. I HATE THAT!
She got married and we haven't seen each other ever since but because I am very niceee I have reached out to her.
Sometimes I try to reason why she is like so but 85% of the time I cannot just comprehend.

Pride goes before destruction (Prov 16.8), I definitely do not want her to fall which is why I wanted her to desperately change at the time.
I realised one thing, you cannot change everyone. They'll always be what they choose and decide to be. However they wish to carve themselves that's how they'll be. This is not a new story of course.

Hello 2014! 2013 in a nutshell...not entirely!

Friday 3 January 2014

Amazing individuals,
Happy new year and a very merry Christmas in serious arrears.
Where have I been you ask?
I have been to London to visit the Queen, I saw lil' Prince George, Kate is ever so nice. She kept smiling. Prince William? Oh he wasn't around.
I gave Prince George the Nigerian flag, I hope they keep it safe for him so when he gets older he'll know a Nigerian has been to say hello and left him a little souvenir. The Queen is also very charming.


Oh you haven't been to see the Queen and Prince George? breaking news-------- I haven't either. If you believed that, then I need to give you a great big hug.

Happy Happy Happy New Year. I actually begged my siblings to do  guest posts but they are oh so busy. I hope they someday get to share their interesting stories here - yes they are quite interesting which is why I asked them to share.

2013 was a uhm year altogether - Thank God. It went by fast, again saw some of my people (including Baby T. Hey Baby T!- my amazing little big girl) that I hadn't seen in yearssss.

1. Visited a city again after a decade and could not even recognise some streets.
2. My orthodontist happily placed braces in again....I don't mind because you won't notice - no I don't have 'such' teeth. It's just a correction after having a 'dental accident' a while back.

Found this easier than writing

3. I took  a taxi by myself in a city that I knew barely any routes (Thank you Lord for creating google maps). The taxi driver thought I totally knew where he was talking about, I did kinda but oh well.