Atilola's Book!

Saturday 28 April 2012

Atilola's Book

Hey guys,

This is a book by Atilola (duh! the cover says it, I like analogy too much!!!). Please watch the trailer below, read the preview and I shall be giving a copy away at some point so watch this space!!
PS- if you do read this Atilola- Thumbs up again- very well done.....superduper proud!!!

A preview from ‘In My Pocket’

‘Goshe – A short form of Shokolokobangoshe
Scenario 2
Mummy Bobo: Olowo ori mi (owner of my head), how was that favourite food ofyours that I made for you? I am sure you enjoyed it. I have come to tell you about Bobo, your son. He is about to write his SSCE exams. The other day, I heard my senior wife bragging to her cousin that kola, her son, made all his papers two years ago because he is hardworking and brilliant. She then said she is sure Bobo will do the opposite and fail woefully. Olowo ori mi, please, don't let my enemies laugh at me. I know you can help me get the exam questions on the eve of every exam paper. This is the only way Bobo will be able to prove her wrong and shut her mouth forever. Daddy Bobo, you always say you love me more than my senior wife and if you really mean that, you will not let her have the last laugh over me.
Chief Goshe: Woman! Woman!! Woman!!!I have always warned you about this Bobo of a boy, but you will never listen tome. You spoil him too much, I hope he won't be the source of your downfall in future. Anyway, I will give you what you request, after which he will go to the UK to start his foundation course. You better warn your son to buckle up now,because there is no way I will fly over to meet David Cameron to organize exam papers by the time he gets to the UK. A word is enough for the wise. For now,the exam questions are not a problem. I have the education sector IN MY POCKET!

Scenario 3
Oloyinbo: (Getting up from his twominutes prostration, which Chief Goshe acknowledged by massaging his head with the sole of his left foot, he then starts hailing loudly) Baba Goshe, Baba mi,you will live long, your enemies will not see their children. Anyone that says it will not be well with you, it won't be well with them too.
Baba mi, the time has come. I need your help seriously. It’s time for the councillor election for the local constituencies. As I told you last year, I intend to contest and since I have adopted you as my political father, who else will I run to but you? Baba Goshe, don't worry about my credentials. The minimum requirement is the SSCE result and I have already sorted that out with some boys and now have my results. All I need now is your backing and support.Baba mi, I am in your hand now o.
Chief Goshe: Oloyinbo, my nephew,see your mango head like that of my father. You want to run for councillor,hmm? I thought you were joking when you mentioned it last year. I hope you know the implications of what you are doing? The politics of our time is not for the lily-livered at all. You have to be on your toes at all times. Be ready to make friends and enemies, be ready to do anything to protect your political career and even your life from political detractors. It’s a dog eat dog world and make sure you are ready for all the consequences. You should have just accepted the business I offered to set up for you, but you youths of nowadays have been bitten by the get-rich-quick bug. Since you insist, I will help you. I will take you to a meeting tomorrow, where you will meet some powerful people. But know this one thing, you must not, in turn, bite the fingers of these powerful people, including mine, when you win. You will have to dance to their tunes.Otherwise, the ground will have no choice but to reject you.
After tomorrow, your victory is a done deal. Even if you don't contest, you have won! It’s a done deal, I have the electoral system IN MY POCKET!


Monday 16 April 2012


*Random post alert*
Eti sen
(Dear lovely Ghanaians, please correct me if I am wrong)

So for years now, I have been professing my love for Ghana. Like seriously, one would actually think I am hooked to a Ghanaian but that is not the case.
Now my obsession with Ghana began about six years or so ago and every time I have put it in my to do or more like to go list, I have always uhmmmmm skipped it for something else. Yes she is a busy lady.
Whenever, I see Ghanaians I always love talking to them and their accent to me is jest off de chain!! (just off the chain).  I am sooooo much in like with their accent because it just makes me smile.
I met a Ghanaian on one of my days out with my friend and we were heading to the train station to catch the train (Missy Tee what else will you go catch at a train station? A private jet? You do not have to explain what you were going to catch they already know. Ahh miss oxbridge).
Anyway, a friend who stays in the city we went to visit (Shef.) was very kind when we met at one of the very wonderful pretty colourful building we visited. We had to do a fun task as a team and this person happened to be on our team #thingsyoudowhenyouareatouristandthepeopleyoumeet. It was snowing cat and dogs so we were offered a ride to the train station as we had no car with us that day. When we got in the car, my fab friend struck a conversation about Ghana and its people. The music playing in the warm car, I was freezing cold in my socks, was Ghanaian music and I was just amazed at how lovely the song was and although I did not understand a word of it, it was just so danceable. So while in the car, my friend was talking about Banku- I believe that's a Ghanaian delicacy and I tried describing it and my dear at some point I just  had to shut up because I just could not describe it right.
So enroute , we had a little tour of S.field.  We saw the S.field foot and all that, the weird looking roads and buses. Twas fun. Anyway, we had a little discussion about Ghanaians being very colourful, funny and united and we had a good laugh in a space of about 15 mins. My friend said she attended a Ghanaian party and it was full of laughter, colour and plenty FOOD!! Well I think Africans are known for that.
When we got to the train station and we said bye to our heaven sent angel (it was snowing heavily so the ride had to be from God ha!) We both said , that was nice and fun.
I kind of wish now that I asked who sang the song playing and had written the track title down. Looking back now I am kind of rolling my eyes at myself.

Have a fabulous week and when I do go to Ghana, I shall let you know!


Happy Easter!!!!

Sunday 8 April 2012

Hello  beautiful people.
This is just a lil post to say

Happy Resurrection Sunday. Enjoy it and have a blissful one.
I know you've heard this before but it won't hurt to hear or read it again..... Remember the reason for the season *I can so see you rolling your eyes right now!