The Palms Trip/Pizza Ordeal

Monday 26 September 2011

Normal Pizza Source
What’s popping blog hearts?
If I call this ordeal- it makes it sound like something really horrible which it partly is but there isn’t another word that can fit it so hence the heading.
Ok so my sibling and I decided to go to The Palms in Lagos to have a wander about. We decided on our way there that we were going to get pizza so we could munch on en route to the humble abode (if we got stuck in traffic so we don’t starve). Immediately, my head went to Pizza Hut kind of pizza or Costco pizza which I am absolutely head over heels for. My taste buds were dancing makossa and my stomach was making funny noises thereby prompting me to hurry up in getting the pizza in there.
Anyways, we arrived at The Palms and were walking about and oh yea lemme tell you this; I saw Ify- this girl that did uhmm Big Brother Africa years back? May I mention that her outfit made me sweat on the spot? My darling Ify was wearing high heeled suede ankle boots that looked really warm and nice, skinny jeans and long sleeved turtleneck with sunshades and hair that had bangs and covered her ears. I was over 37oC in the tank top with a pair of jeans that I had on, I was already melting and could not wait to enter some place that had at least a fan. So I looked at myself thinking “are we in winter and my body is not feeling it or what?”
 When I saw her, I felt the effect of being in those clothes when I wasn’t even in them! Trust me if you had seen her you’d have thought it was winter and considering that the temperature was over 30oC and rising, you would have been sweating on the spot. As in I was like- Sister, are you not sweating in this winter attire in over 30 degrees? I was dazed. I had to drag the sibling along to avoid a scene as the laughter was about to get really loud...moving on!
So we went around and around. We went into Shoprite I think (that’s the Wal-Mart-like store there right? When I walked in I thought it was Wal-Mart) and I came out with a cheese sandwich (which melted when we got outside) and this long sachet of bubble gum which I was hyped about because I hadn’t seen it in years.
My people hmmm we got to where we were to order the pizza- I don’t want to mention what the place is called because it is someone’s business hmm *lips sealed*. Anyway, this lady walked up to me and said “what would you like to order?” handing me a menu. I looked through the menu and ordered a spicy meat feast pizza- goodnessssssss why did I pick that?
I then dropped 1500 for the pizza which was unbelievable for what was sold but my taste buds and stomach pushed me to drop the money. Sometimes, it’s good to look at what you are buying before dropping money for it. Then the waiting time started, I waited and waited and waited- the sibling was on the phone so I was bored out of my mind waiting for the so-called pizza. When the pizza finally arrived, I did not open it so the next destination was straight out of the mall but along the way I spotted KFC and got Ice cream oh thank God for that Ice cream if not hmmm.
When we stepped out under the frying sun- I was hurrying into the car before the cheese on the pizza overmelts (see me thinking that I was carrying Papa John’s Pizza). So I balanced myself well in the seat and start with something cold- the Ice cream. When I lifted the pizza box - you know when you are overly excited because of pizza and you can’t wait to just tuck in and you feel like you can’t open the box any faster and there is this song playing in your head and its getting louder as you are about to reveal the pizza and all of a sudden you open the box and the song screeches to a halt and you are like WHAT IS THIS? I felt like it was a movie playing and a joke or someone was playing a prank. I was dazed- come and see pizza. It was as flat as the baking pan, behind it was a mixture of flour and burnt bits, the cheese was so thin and the so called meat feast was more like meat fasting, the peppers on it were like minute hair rubber bands. The sibling gave me a “that’s Las-gidi for ya” look. I said to myself “hmm Tee, don’t judge a book by its cover- try it first and don’t let that dushh waste like that”
So I had one slice and was like hmm this is very tasty NOT! and see me that was starving myself for pizza. I had a couple of slices and just went straight to the ice cream. The ice cream made more sense than the fried bread that they called pizza. I was like if pizza doesn’t work, let’s try the cheese sandwich- the cheese sandwich melted already. All I could do was just chuckle and down some water to apologise to my taste buds and stomach- they were real mad at me.
When I arrived home, I travelled straight to the kitchen to get some food that made sense rather than that their stomach upset in a box. Ptschewwwww
Talk soon…
Have a good one loves!

Boys sagging + Army Uniform

Tuesday 20 September 2011

Hey there bloghearts!
How is your week going?
So today, I was on my way to do some transactions after visiting a store and I saw this cyclist (almost typed cycler there LOL) anyway, this guy was standing on his bicycle (I don't know if there is a word for that). All of a sudden, I looked up and his underwear was hanging out and his pants were literally under his butt. I frowned in disgust and said to myself "why are you wearing the pants then? Why dont you just wear only your boxers about?"
I absolutely hate when boys think it is cool to "sag" their pants. It is highly disgusting. I don't wanna see your boxers hanging out neither do other people...that is why you have something called a "BELT". Use it, thank God they come in all shapes and sizes, color and swag hehe.
But why do they sag though?
There are some people that sag so much that they are actually walking in a weird way to keep their pants from falling to the ground. So when it falls to the grounds maybe that is when you'll be excited. They are trying to be like the boys in the "hood". Very soon they will be putting their pants on wheel barrow all because they want to sag. Even if by force you wanna sag, then sag with sense!! For crying out loud.
Also on Monday, I saw this young army in uniform and I went into "Oh my daisy, Army in uniform in front of me" mode.
From the back, he looked so good. His sleeves neatly folded up and held secure by a button, his beret well worn to the side, his uniform was fitted, the material looked crisp and the colours on the uniform where very much intact, no sign of fading. His hair was neat and he was neat in general. He walked past and I said to myself hmmm he looks good, no wonder people like men in the Army. Anyways, when he completely went out of sight, I looked away and said "Oh well", not expecting him to walk past again.
Guess what? He walked past again and when I looked at his face, I was "Ugh he's just a baby". he had an innocent face and looked so young. Deep down, I was like "is this the person I was looking at from behind that he looked so good". I wanted to hiss but hey you don't want to be deemed as attention seeking in a cabin full of people. Not all that glitter is gold, not all the people in army uniform are...............(fill in the gap).

I rest my typing pen.
Have a good one!

Day 30: One thing you are excited for

Hmmm Christmas is coming soon so that is one thing to be excited for. Its half and half,you get pressies but you also have to give pressies *grinding teeth*. Before then, there are a few people getting hitched e.g close friend's sibling and others so that is something exciting, so those should be interesting.
I officially completed the 30 day challenge. When I started, it felt as though I was not going to keep up with it. I am glad I was able to squeeze sometime out to keep up with the days even if I did two or three in a day. praise be to Jah (like my cousin will say).

Well to every single person that commented on posts, read the posts, glanced at it, chuckled at them, gave them straight faces *lol* I say THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
To my follower, friends, readers and fellow bloggers.....Merci beaucoup.
Please continue reading, commenting and following.

30 day challenge is hereby a completed task. Kapishhhhhhhhh

Day 29: Five weird things you like


Day 29........five weird things I like: (this might shock you)

  • The scent of Ariel washing powder- I love the scent that comes off (the dust). It smells so good makes one wish it was a edible. lol
  • Dust- not now but before, I used to love the smell of dust in Nigeria. During hamattan, when the dust is all over, I used to take a very deep breath and always get a bad cold as the end result.
  • Taking the dishes out of the sink and then arranging them in order before washing them up e.g- cutlery to one side, wares to one side (I'm weird like that)
  • Laying the bed while sitting on it/ talking to myself in the mirror
  • having a chat with elderly people- they talk real sense
LoL....that was a duper tricky....anyways next up Day 30.
Don't touch that  X button, if you do ehn may.................................................Mac foundation fit your facial complexion LOL.
At least I have done this one. hmm

Another week

Sunday 18 September 2011

Hello Sweethearts

How are you all doing? How was your weekend? Did you attend any party at all?
Well the weekend was alright, we thank God! Last week was amazing to say the least.Can't complain. Did not do much, just did some essentials that all. Before I knew it, it was Friday already.....sigh! What a week!
Look up to hills where help comes from, my help comes from the Lord....
My voice is kinda changing due to a slightly sore throat so to speak I kinda have to stretch my voice so you can hear. It ain't staying for long IJN!!
Well I am just checking up on my fellow bloggers, followers and all to see that everybody is doing fine.
I wish you a wonderful and favour filled week ahead.

God bless you plenty!!!!!!



Day 28: Somewhere you'd like to move to or visit

I am so hyped about China!! I so want to visit the place and just look around and explore. Also stuff myself with as much sweet and sour chicken as I can get. Thailand- Oh my daisy.....I'd love to visit too and also stuff myself with some Thai Fried Rice. Then I can never get tired of visiting Las lagos as I love to call it....Lagos is so magical better than Disney Land . What you see in Lagos is epic and hilarious, it feels like you are watching a movie right on the main road and streets.
I'm not going to list them all but some here.......
Roll on Day 29....woop woop!

Piece of advice- Sure made me smile

Saturday 17 September 2011


To all the girls who are in a hurry to have a boyfriend or get married, a piece of biblical advice: "Ruth patiently waited for her mate Boaz." While you are waiting on YOUR Boaz, don't settle for any of his relatives; Broke-az, Poor-az, Lyin-az, Cheating-az, Dumb-az, Drunk-az, Cheap-az, Lockedup-az, Goodfornothing-az, Lazy-az, and especially his third cousin Beatinyo-az. Wait on your Boaz and make sure he respects Yoaz...Repost if this made you smile :-)

To Great-Grand Ma A *Long Post Alert*

Thoughts of Mama A came to my mind, and I couldn't resist typing.
Mama A- like I love to call you now!

You were one real hilarious woman. My James Bond(ress); due to the detective work that you did on your  "custom" walking stick. Whenever a bead came off your custom made (lol) walking stick (cane like they call it now), you’d call and say to me “You have started removing the beads off my cane”.
In return, I gave you confused looks because I was not guilty as accused by you.

Years later, I realised that whenever your precious cane fell, the beads broke and came off as
some were not tightly glued (not that I was removing them) but still that did not make me dislike you.
We got along really well even though you were more that 70 years older than I was then (although
you did not get along with my siblings as well as we did maybe because they were older and
impatient with you I guess). Seeing your face and how you did things made me a patient and good
teacher to you of course!

We used to take long walks around the neighbourhood (to stretch your legs and bones as you used
to think). You made a couple of friend during our long walks and they both became your close friends
that you always went to hang out with, whenever you came around.

 Whenever I heard “Mama A is coming to visit”, I got so giddy and eager to see you. Whenever the car pulled up then, I'd to rush and pull the door open and squeeze you as tight as I could, I did not care or think that I could have broken one of your bones (cuz I was too young to reason to that point).

You had your favourite chair in the living room that you sat in all the time. At some point, we tried
persuading you to sit somewhere else so the chair to could rest but you always laughed at that
You were such a big fan of Passions (Soap Opera)- whenever it came on at night; you were always in that particular chair in front of the TV, ready to watch.
You loved Timmy but hated Tabitha (you called her Aje ni).You loved Charity, Sheridan and the rest of them.
You followed the story line clearly and whenever NEPA struck, you’d sigh and then relax your back
further into the chair as though you were biting your tongue to avoid placing a curse on NEPA
official in front of your great-grand kids. When Passions is over for the night, then you’d narrate the
story again to us and it was so much fun. You did not understand a word of what they said but you
understood every single move and the story.
Update on that Mama A: Ait never completed Passions!!
But here's the end, I found it on Youtube!

Even at your old age, you were one great cook. I remember when you made Okro soup mixed with
stew *licking my lips*, I made sure I cleared my plate and even wiped it clean before taking it to wash.
It was fantabulous! You always made the typical village delicacy taste wonderful in the city *wink*
Whenever it was time for you to eat rice, I enjoyed staring at you while you ate. (Cousin) Nikki would
say to you while you were busy gathering and eating the grains on the side of the plate instead of eating the main rice itself- “Mama, eat the food in the middle of the plate not the straying ones at the edge”.
You simply ignored her saying and enjoyed eating rice from the tip to the middle of the plate instead
of the opposite way.
I remember the day I was just about to eat Indomie Noodles in your presence, you yelled and said (in Yoruba) “What are these worms?”Are you going to eat these worms?
You made me laugh so hard that day, I think you left me in stitches. When I told you what I was about
to eat, you cracked me up even further;
Tee- “Mama, it is called I-N-D-O-M-I-E” not worms
Mama A- “Ehn, Indoyiee?”
Tee- “No, Indomie
Mama A- Indoyiee (shining your teeth)

Day 27: A quote you try to live by

"Do unto others as you want  them to do to you"

"Live life (appropriately) before life leaves you"

I know it says "a" but I had to insert the one I thought of myself.......*wink*

Day 26: Things you like and dislike about yourself

This is pretty half and half, easy and intermediate.

Things I like about myself;
  • My personality
  • My attitude (kinda)
  • My ability to be warm to people
  • Being kind hearted to people even in times of want
  • My ability to respect
  • My ability to appreciate
Things I dislike about myself;
  • My attitude towards myself sometimes could be annoying (to me)
  • Procrastination in terms of phone calls, text messages etc.
  •  Gradually turning into an introvert, not wanting or being in the mood to go out or be social
  • Not being able to completely forgive moi for somethings I have done to moi
That's enough I  guess.

Day 25: Something you currently worry about

We are all human and I believe that no matter how rich or endowed you are, there might be some worries here and there.
As for me, worrying about the future and what it going  to be like in terms of the plans set out, get to a comfy place at a certain time, fulfilling and hitting targets.
We all have voices like that at the back of our heads.
I believe God in His infinite mercies will sort them all out like He has assures in the Bible "How many of you can by worrying add a minute to your life?," Do not worry about the morrow; for the morrow will take care of it self, In nothing be anxious", "but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your needs be made known unto God."
All to God.


Day 24- Five words/phrases that make you laugh

Wednesday 14 September 2011

Hahah thinking about it now, I can't place my finger on one

  • (Calling your husband or wife in front of guests) Honey!!!! or Sweetie or Sugar!!!
  • You are a foolish dundee united
  • You say (this cracks me up)
  • Mugu
  • Sister, are you interested in me? (The Lord said you are the one!)
Can't really remember 'em now but when I do I'll update this. 

Day 23- Something you miss

I miss kiddie days straight up when I used to just be a kid and not get insulted for it. When uncles, aunties

Day 23: Your academics


I don't have to go into great detail about this so what I'm going to do is just put it all in a long list (due to time).
Well its the normal School, School, School, Work, School + Work. 
LOL......That was easy.

Day 22- how you hope the future would be like


Hi guys,
I am actually doing this at 07:20am because I feel bad that I haven't done in the past couple of days or more due to the tight schedule. Whether you like it or not, I must complete this 30 day challenge by force ;-).
Well here we go;

There is love in sharing

Sunday 11 September 2011

Hello My darlings,

Its Sunday..........again! Well glory be to Him. Another week starts tomorrow (was it not yesterday that the weekend started???)
Here are some songs that I currently am loving- as in this morning, so because you all are so lovely I am sharing them with you as you all know "there is love in sharing"!!!!!!

With love from me to you.


Not Enough-Matthew 7:21

Saturday 10 September 2011

Hey there,


Yesterday's open heavens devotional topic was scary. When I read the memory verse, it shook me. Matthew 7.21 says "Not everybody that saith unto me,Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven"
In order words, not every minister, born again christian or church goer will go to heaven.
Ah Lord have mercy!

Day 21- Your fears

I fear;

  • the wrath and anger of God.  
  • God himself
He is so powerful and reading His word explains that when He is angry- you don't want to experience what He can do. If a man provokes  God's anger, well I don't know what to say but I pray that we don't provoke Him.
He is an unpredictable God and you just cannot determine His next move. He works in mysterious ways and can do and undo. Words can't even explain this enough. He is great and if you disregard the extent of His power, honey you really don't want to underestimate his greatness.

Day 20- Five items you lust after

Five items you lust after...lust? I'll reword that ..!

This is quite simple as ABC.....I'm just going to list some material things here because that is what I think its talking about.
  • Encrusted phone
  • Beats by Dre headphones
  • Macbook air
  • Thai food
Can't think of anymore now, thats enough!

A long whirlwind complicated friendlationship 2

Wednesday 7 September 2011


If you haven't read the first bit, you can do here

Everybody was getting ready, girls hesitating; not wanting to be the first to reveal their various looks and the boys obviously wanting to show off, approached the venue first!

Party time arrived, the music came on, and teachers sat about (watching closely for the moderately dressed student and “revealing” students so they could use it as insult during classes).

Miss O and her girls partied the whole afternoon, they ate, danced, talked, and their usual gossip. Spoke about the best dressed boys and girls, the ones they wanted to dance with, the insults and so on.
End of the party, home time but the DJ was still DJ-aying away while the venue was getting empty so for O and her clique the party continued.

The children’s day party finally came to an end when Miss O was to be picked from school along with Miss T, Miss Ti, Miss K. Miss O was the first to be picked from school, it happened to be Miss O’s brother and his friend who turned up. Then came Miss Y (again!) looking for Miss O (thoughts ran through Miss O’s head- is she coming to ask me for jewellery again or she is coming to take the one I’m wearing away?). O put on a brave face and paid little attention to that and hence the conversation;

Day 18- A 'challenge' you've had

Uhmmmmm I've shared it on here before and it is the fact that I can't seem to get clothes that are long enough when I see dresses or trousers that I like. If I do decide to go in search of jeans or dresses, long ones at that, it might take me a little over a day or more to find the perfect fir.
My cousin and I went out in search of jeans, we kept entering stores and changing rooms and returning them to the racks- we did find one though after a couple of days.
So majority of the time, I wear knee length dresses and skirts but I am also on the slim side which is why I like wearing long dress to cover slim-ness although it kinda makes me look taller *sigh*
Someone actually asked me one day- Tee, where do you get your clothes from? Tall and Mighty?  Can you imagine, all I could do was laugh out loud. And I keep saying to myself, 'you aint that tall now'! And when I see someone taller than I am, I'm like yippie!!!!!!
I hope that satisfies this day 18!

I rest my typing pen (as in my fingers) you get? lol!

PS- I finished the book "A heart to mend" which I started reading on saturday afternoon and I have started reading "A Love Rekindled".........Likely to read A heart to mend

Day 17- Something you are proud of


Hmm something you are proud of-

Probably getting to know Christ at a real young age. (I'm not trying to play saint/holyholy here, so don't crucify me besides are you a saint? lol) I remember back then that in church (at age 10 or less-long time ago can't remember fully now) almost every Sunday when they call for those who'd like to give their life to Christ- I can remember vividly getting up twice (I'm sure it was more than that) but then I was not fully a saint because I was a kid not that I am saying that I am holy holy now o. Nobody is a saint - we are all sinners doing our very best to completely become and remain saints- there are somethings that we do, that we do not know are sins. wow---Tee, you are already shifting from the topic. sigh* what am I like?

Anyways yea but as time went on, I got much more serious about it and wiser as well as older in it. Its a good thing though. All other things, I would say are material things and stuff like that which I cannot list because I have been asked to name just one.

Ya dig?!



Day 16- Something you always think..what if


I know I know I should have done this two days ago, I'm sorry- busy busy like always.
Something I always think what if, hmmmm

Day 15- Zodiac sign......

Sunday 4 September 2011

I am not really a fan/follower of this zodiac sign so.....but according to the July Zodiac sign- it says that the person is quite emotional and they love to make changes in their own way.
Uhmm emotional, I think but the other one so-so.
But that is as far as I can think of on this one though as I am not keen on zodiac signs.

I hope you understand though?

Have a favour filled week all!



Day 14- What you wore today

Saturday 3 September 2011

Oh my daze! So I think this is acceptable considering the fact that I did not go anywhere and I also just did chores and read a book.
I wore shorts and a tank top with my flip flops and my hair flying. Then it got a bit chilly in the evening so I wore a hoodie.
What even bad in that? That is just a normal Saturday attire.
Return to a heart to mend!



What I am reading- A heart to mend

Book I am currently reading.
Hey Sweeties

How are you all enjoying the weekend? Hope you all attended one wedding or the other or someone's birthday or so- you know how Naija people roll now from one party to the other on Saturdays. Its never really a dull moment in Nigeria on a Saturday.
As for me, well I had a norm saturday, chores and them some me time.

Day 13- Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it

Barbie is the miss perfect right? Source

Nice one!

I think my bori is alright- emphasis on the "I THINK"

This post is not saying you should describe your body but......
I am definately NOT the perfect figure eight- pshhh thats a dream. I am on the slim side you know as in SLIM!!! (if you say skinny there ehn I'll punch you)
There are some advantages of being slim and also some disadvantages in the sense that some clothes fit real well and some just don't! On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best- I'll say 8 in terms of how comfy.....I mean I can't really force it to gain some flesh and vice versa. I have to make use of what I have.
I like wearing dress shirts at times so to help cover up some of my skinny-ness slim self and long jeans too but they elongate one. But sometimes, I just do not care and just wear whatever I feel like no matter what it does. I'ld like to be kind of fat not fat fat as in on the boarder line of slim and fat. At least being a size 12 will do for a change rather than 6,8 or 10. ptchewww.
People keep thinking that I am purposely staying this slim, well I have news for them- "No I am NOT!"
Someone once called me anorexic and I looked and said "WHAT?" all because we went to get something to snack on, and there were too many options that I only went for a tiny cup of Ice cream and because *low voice tone* I am slim? *high voice tone*Purlease. I am not! I'll add some more flesh when the time comes.
I remember there was a time, my cousin and I were words and opposite/state and capital; she was fat(excuse me cuz) on the chubby side *clears throat* and I was and still am slimfit. She was looking for food to help her loose weight while also looking for food to help me gain weight but oh well she got married and then guess what--gained more weight! So she is still latitude and moi longitude.
My sister also said I do too much activities and eat less food. Not my fault, I can't force it.

Therefore the main answer- its "alright"

PS- Sorry its coming a late!

Happy New Month!

Thursday 1 September 2011


Happy new month to my followers, fellow bloggers, reader and yours .
May this month deliver the goodness, joy, and all the great things you desire to you and yours.
Have a fab one!



Day 12- five guys who you find attractive


Day 12- hmm thanks but no thanks for this one.....*rolling eyes*