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Kate and Will's reception attire and the official Royal Wedding Photo.

Full over joy: William and Kate smile broadly in the official wedding album

The official royal wedding pictures have been released. These are pictures from the official royal album by Hugo Burnand. Man....are pictures stunning?  Oh yea!

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Jessica Simpson shows slimmer figure!

Friday 29 April 2011


After- looking good Jess!

The Royal Wedding Cake

Delicious: Rachel Jane Eardley, left, and Diane Pallett prepare the royal wedding cake in the Picture Gallery of Buckingham Palace

The masterpiece: Fiona Cairns, stands next to the wedding cake that she and her team made for Prince William and his wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, in the Picture Gallery of Buckingham Palace

Fiona Cairns who made the cake is said to be extremely exhausted but elated about the masterpiece.

Kate and Wills leave Buckingham Palace.....

Prince William emerges from Buckingham Palace in his father's dark blue Aston Martin as the crowd roars. The number plate on the rear said 'Just Wed'

Kate and Wills emerged from Buckingham Palace in Prince Charles's convertible Aston Martin which runs entirely on wine . They were as usual all smiles.

Unexpected: William motors around Buckingham Palace with his new wife in his father's 38-year-old Aston Martin which he was given as a gift for his 21st birthday party

Happy couple: The Aston Martin Volante is decorated with balloons and a 'Just Wed' registration plate, as William and Catherine emerge in the soft-top vehicle


Hey guys, I know there are some errors in the royal wedding post. Sorry, reason: in a hurry. Will correct them as soon as I can. more pictures to come.

Presenting Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Double kiss: The newly-married couple share their first public kiss on the balcony as thousands of screaming well-wishers watch

  Moments leading up to the revelation of Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge  the mercury rose rapidly, the hype was hiked and Prince William looked really calm and happy alongside his brother Prince Harry in the 'Royal Rolls Royce' dressed in his Colonel of the Irish Guards uniform waved at the crowd who cheered him on.  

Prince Will emerges...

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And the Royal Wedding day has ARRIVED!

Thousand and millions of people joined in the count down to the royal wedding of Prince William Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton. So many well wishers camped outside the Westminster Abbey to catch the first glimpse of Kate's dress and the couple in general as well as the guests attending the wedding

3 days to go....................till the Royal Wedding!

Tuesday 26 April 2011

3 days

4 days till......................the Royal Wedding!

Monday 25 April 2011

4 days

Kate Middleton, Prince William Photo
The woman who would be queen!

Who wore it better?! Gucci Gold cut-out dress

Naomi and Beyonce
Who rocked it Beyonce or Naomi....both on the cover of different magazines!



Easter with the Obama's.....that's what the Smith's had!


Will and Jada along with kids; Williow and Jaden Smith were over at the White House to join in the Easter festivities with the Obama's. Jada looked cute in her black jumpsuit with stunning heels while Will and the kiddies kept it simple.
The Obama's were also pictured at Shiloh Baptist Church outside of D.C in Alexandria, VA attending the Easter Church Service. Hallelujah somebody!

5 days till..........the Royal Wedding!

Sunday 24 April 2011

5 days

6 days till.....the Royal Wedding!

Teen Mom Leah and Husband Corey getting a divorce after 6 months of Marriage!


Leah Messer from Teen Mom 2 who had twins with then 'boyfriend turned husband' Corey Simms at the age of sixteen is getting a divorce after six month of marriage. According to sources, Leah and her to be ex are said to be have been arguing  over their living situation and financial issues. Leah was filmed by the MTV crew crying over the divorce papers. Well at 19, two babies underway, one marriage and a divorce.......uhmmmmm no comments but all the best Leah!

Corey, Leah and the twins

Happy Easter Honeys!

Happy Easter!!
Happy Easter darlings......its doesn't feel like it but Thank You Lord for being so merciful and thanks for laying your life down for us. Thank You Lord.
Thank you Lord for resurrecting and being the Lord God the most high!
Ohhhh getting lost in the moment there.
but remember to thank God for who he is and also thank Him for what he has done for you and what he'll continue to do for you!

Follow T-Boy on his journey to becoming a BIG Model in Spain!

T-boy a.k.a DontJealousMe on a journey to becoming a superstar and a real big model so he went over to Spain to achieve this dream. But you know T-boy being T-BOY you prolly know whats gonna happen! Watch and laugh!


8 days till........The Royal Wedding!

Thursday 21 April 2011

8 days 

Mariah's baby nursery!

Wednesday 20 April 2011

The excited mother to be has revealed 'the'nursery....makes you wish you were her baby right?

Her babies should arrive soon....when? We are yet to know exactly!

Faces at Madea's Big Happy Family premiere!

Talk about looking gorgeous...well Miss London did that word justice. She totally rocked this 'basket-like' dress and looked lovely! You go girl!

You all remember Teyana Taylor right? From Super sweet sixteen and also the song ' Google me'? Well google her if you don't remember  (hehehe). She looked good but girl the cut in that dress is just tooooo long. The red shoes are bam though!
In the movie, she plays Bow Wow's baby mama....that should be rather errrrrrr ExCiTiNg? ;-|

10 days till.................the Royal Wedding!

10 days

The official top ten countdown has commenced for the Royal Wedding of course........

Take Position!

Happy Birthday Kourt!

Monday 18 April 2011

Kourt is 32!!!! She doesn't look it at all! Have a good one Missy,.....................

11 days till...................the Royal Wedding!

11 days

Simon Cowell quits X Factor!

Simon Cowell
After weeks of speculation, bosses at ITV today announced the news, which will send shockwaves across the die-hard fan community of the reality show, who rely on Cowell for a weekly fix of his acerbic wit and hardline views on the singing wannabes.
The broadcaster has attempted to play down the news, which comes as the show’s main attraction bids to launch ‘The X Factor’ in America. However, with fellow judge Cheryl Cole also edging towards the exit door, this clearly presents a serious challenge to the award and ratings-winning pop powerhouse.
“We have been in constant negotiations with Simon as to how we can move forward and help ‘The X Factor’ evolve,” said ITV chief Peter Fincham. “We have been aware that his on screen involvement will not be as great as previous years and it is something we are comfortable with.
“We are talking to him about ways we can have an on screen presence later in the show. He will not be a weekly judge but he will be an enormous presence backstage as always,” said Fincham in a statement.
The company’s director of television insists that there has been no fall-out with the music mogul, who has also quit a similar role on the UK version of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, which kicked-off this weekend without him.

12 days till........................the Royal Wedding!

Sunday 17 April 2011

12 days

Who says the Nigerian President isn't a 'young'man?!


Antonia Toya Carter on the cover of Rollingout!

We all know her as Lil Wayne's ex-wife but she tryna get outta that image and be a woman of her own, known for her own achievements and not as 'Lil Wayne's baby momma' .
Well she had an interview and graced the cover of Rolingout Magazine and spoke straight from the heart;

Interview as follows;

Holding her own
People thought Tiny and I were going to do a baby momma show. They only knew that I was married to Lil Wayne. But once we did season 2, they knew more about me. My life has changed, and I’m more in the public eyes. I hear from people who are inspired by my story. I didn’t do the show to bash Lil Wayne or be labeled the mother of his first child. I will always be attached to him, but I’m doing things to better myself such as the TV show, my book and opening a clothing store.

Festival of Life 2011

Friday 15 April 2011

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Festival of Life....its not too late to join in. Click on the link below to watch! Enjoy!

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Holly Willoughby's baby arrives a month early!

Holly's baby has arrived a month early. News from her website is as follows;

TV presenter Holly Willoughby and her husband Dan Baldwin are delighted to announce the birth of their second child a baby girl named Belle Baldwin.
Belle was born this afternoon at 5.10pm and weighs 5lbs 2oz.
The news has spread quickly, especially on Twitter! As Holly herself tweeted:
Thank you for all your support these last few days. Belle Baldwin finally arrived at 5:10pm today weighing 5lbs 2oz. She’s amazing. X

Holly’s husband Dan added: ” What a day. @hollywills was a star today. She was startlingly stupendously staggeringly special. Well done Mrs B nice work x

Congratulations Holly Wills!

14 days till............the Royal Wedding!

14 days

Paris Hilton Shoes!

I totally love these shoes, so comfy and walkable they are just too too too high and I woud rather wear them than buy it for anyone else. Sorry! :-)

Lots of luv,

Missy Tee!


Stella's shoes are BREATHTAKING!

16 days till......................the Royal Wedding!

Wednesday 13 April 2011

16 days

Image of the day!

Tuesday 12 April 2011

Willow Smith
 Diva diva! Willow, I think you need to upgrade your stylist's pay!
Luv the look!

18 days till..........The Royal Wedding!

Monday 11 April 2011

18 days

Nigeria- Whats the future like?

Nigeria is a country with a great dream and future but cannot be realised at the moment due to the aggravated and intense selfishness possessed by the current government.
This is a country that has most of its population living in hope and faith but without seeing something to hold on to as an assurance that the country would be better tomorrow. There are thousands of people that say daily that Nigeria will get better..we are all positive that the country would live up to its real standards but hey.....we cannot blame the current government alone they have their faults so do we the civilians. We all complain and moan that this is not working, that road is bad, the electricity is a write off. When are we going to stop moaning and stand up and put heads and hands together to make the country what we want it to be.
When taxes are meant to be paid, we all turn deaf ears and act like they aren't talking to us, when we are meant to register to vote we don't bother making an effort, even if we do register when its time to vote we all don't. We all have a part to play and if we don't play it well then we should not expect much but if we want a better standard of living....we should make an effort and play our parts exceedingly well.
I am passionate about my country and seeing it in a state is not good.
God has fully blessed Nigeria but the country has not utilised the blessings in an appropriate and right manner to the fullest.
Nigeria will always be is up to US the current youths to make the country better in our time and make a difference.
We all say that WE ARE THE FUTURE....but words without action are totally USELESS...lets get up, hand in hand, heads together, truthfully, faithfully make the country better and comfier for ourselves, the older generation and the babies/generations unborn.
We need to be that turning point of Nigeria.....we need to bring the country to a point that it is well recognised in the good books of the world.
Lets STOP putting Nigeria down,
Lets activate the words ' WE ARE THE FUTURE'. We are amazing, we are the heart of Africa, we are the giant of Africa. We are the only ones that can do this, we are the only ones that can build the country and make it greater than ever before.
I have got a few words for the haters of Nigeria------ Get outta the way of the dream, we would make Nigeria a better place and you would be amazed to the point that you 'will' be convinced to change your mind.
Its heartbreaking seeing Nigeria: a land of plenty- suffer and lack and be put down in every way!
Don't you feel bad for the country at times......words can't simply explain thoroughly what is being conveyed here but I hope you do have the passion for Nigeria like I do.
Nigeria will live to exceed the expectation of the entire universe.
Be proud of your country, my country, our country...the great Nigeria!
Nigeria and Nigerians should not be put down any longer for lack of knowledge, progress and advanced technology.
We are so amazing....that is the least we can be!

We are going to make it better and bigger, cleaner and comfier, greater and more advanced! Are you with me? Drop a few words if you are!

Nigeria...Forever strong...long live Nigeria, God bless Nigeria!