Rising above R.A.C.I.S.M

Monday 21 September 2015

Hey there lovies

Racism isn't extinct yet.

I, like a lot of people, have obviously experienced racism at one point or the other. Just like any other person, black or white. People have asked 'Tee, have you ever been racially abused'? Sometimes I choose to smile and ward off the question.

I just thought about some of my experiences and decided to share. Here we go;

I was at a crossing, waiting for cars to stop before stepping into the road. Now I don't always expect cars to stop because.. .well because. So there I stood, and this car was fast approaching the crossing, I looked towards the car to ascertain whether the speed was slowly decreasing. He slowed down a bit to let a lady (of a different skin color) cross the road. As I was about to cross, from nowhere comes this guy's middle finger towards me with a very intense negative facial expression to match. He literally held this middle finger up in the air all the way and even moved it to the side as he drove past me. 
I wasn't quite sure of the emotional state I was in - I was furious and at the same time sad. I couldn't do anything really. It was hard to challenge this man because he was in motion. I couldn't put my middle finger up because I don't do such and I don't use swear words. My eyes filled with tears as much as I can recall. I had had a long day but that aside, I just feel really hurt when such happens. I crossed over to the other side and walked away and let it go with the wind.

I can't help but think that if I felt so hurt because he put the middle finger much more did Jesus feel when he was crucified?
If this particular guy walks up to me and asks me for a favor, I'm certain I'll grant him (That's exactly how Christ is to us),but I'm human. I might retalitate unconsciously.

One of my colleagues at work once saw something I owned, and said Wow! How can you afford that? Bear in mind, this is a very basic thing like a phone but not exactly a phone. I had to have a double take...I did give her the appropriate response so not to worry about that. Let's just say she won't get the chance to ask such question ever again. 

One of the most ridiculous questions I've had in recent years - "Oh you speak very good English"? WHAT?! That just sounds odd to me. Again, I do respond appropriately to'll have to be present to judge the response. For instance, saying to me there's nothing called 'treated' but its 'tret'. *sigh*

Not everyone is racist, don't get me wrong but obviously some are both white and black.

Some guy once came to fix the meter and he spoke with Teewai over the phone but I was the one who let him in. Then he said to me -The lady I spoke with on the phone sounded like a coloured lady? I didn't know whether to address him on the "coloured lady" bit or let it slide. I wasn't sure if he was being funny or not - I didn't want to be tagged as defensive so I swerved.
Being called the 'Coloured lady' instead of your actual name when they actually know your actual name. Being shut down when you're the only 'coloured or non-coloured' one in a group of the opposite colour. Not a nice experience. 
A friend of mine once said to me that she's built a thick wall against racism. To be honest, I have too.

I hope racism continues to fade rather than people having to develop thick skin against it.
I hope the future generations learn to accept each other regardless of their culture and differences.

My experience of racism will not make me racist. 
The bible says: (I paraphrase) If your haters are in need, meet that need, by so doing you heap burning coals on their heads and the Lord will reward you (Proverbs 25. 21-22).

I choose to Rise Above Racism.

What do you choose?

Love always,

Missy Tee.