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Monday 4 November 2013

Lovely individuals,

How are you all doing?

Stale gist - Kim Kardash is engaged (again) to daddy Nori - hmmmm it is well. Hot cake...everyone wants to be Kimmie's hubby.

Anyway, so clocks went back an hour last weekend and I think I was indifferent to this change though. I (we) had to ice a cake the next morning so perhaps that was the reason.
Yes a baby that was born last year, turned one this year - duh! He's the cutest boy ever, well so far.
So I made him a cake and man was I impressed with the outcome of the cake - the idea I had in mind didn't turn out right - blame the silly silicon train cake mould. It messed up big time.
I also made another the following weekend for one of my little girls, she turned 11-2. She did like it so it was good even if I say so myself *looks away*
Le Sisto came through on both and helped  out. Thanks missy.

1st Birthday
....and the other
I attended another wedding and man Nigerians know how to party and twist songs. First up, we got to the church late and everyone had gone. Therefore, we went straight to the reception. That didn't start until 3ish, the bridesmaids dresses were so bright I almost needed sunshades (exaggerating) as in serious bright blue, could have been a little subtle.

The fight for the bouquet was nasty.  Thank goodness I didn't even dream of going up there to catch it. One of the girls fell and got back up only to start arguing that she caught it first and the other snatched it. It was a mess!
The host had to get involved - it was that serious. Ladies, we can be dramatic at times.
Anyway, the lady that was accused of snatching the bouquet said 'oh I've caught a total of 11 bouquets' and I just could not help it but oh please girl, use the path and find you a seat!!!
Then to end the fight, the host said the band leader is still single and Miss 11 Bouquets was the first to run away.

I decided to wear heels to the wedding, I just kept looking round and hoping none of those restless kiddies bump into me and trip a sister in front of everyone. Serious embarrassment!
Anyway, they didn't but I still had to walk a bit in them though but we made it phew! My sneakers were happy to receive my feet though and vice versa.
The bride tried though - she's married which is ace.

It's November, can you imagine?

It's 11pm, I am so tired and it's only Monday hmm....bedtime

P.S. I need a new phone and cannot decide on what to get. I wanted the LG G2 or HTC one but they doesn't have a microSd slot so they are off the list, and The Nexus? Hmmmm


the iPhone 5c is too 'thin'

 the Samsung S4 is pretty good but common,

Blackberry Z10- hmmm,

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - hmmmmm


What do you think?
My current phone is approaching it's 4th year and it has really done well (can't believe I used the same phone for almost 4 years - well it was that good I guess). It's acting up now so it's time to change. Please please please I need your opinions/suggestions. Thank you

Have a great week.



  1. hahahahhaha..
    WOW!! Those cakes! Girl, you are talented!!!! Very lovely to see!
    caught 11 bouquets?!!! Damn! Is she selling the bouquets or what?!
    As for the phone.....I dont know o..I have an S4 and you already showed disinterest...soooo...

  2. You did a GREAT job with the cakes! Wow. For phones i need a new one myself and i haven't checked for options.

  3. So you baked them yourself? You did a really great job. Come and train me.

  4. That 1st cake looks goooood!

    I'm still lol-ing at the gif. That girl really needed several seats even. A wedding is not a place to start your yeye woman-drama please. How old is she? 2?

    Moving on, please stay away from Z10. I've heard nothing but stories of grief about it. In short, stay away from bb totally. I've been screaming S4 for a while but i haven't really compared and stuff so i don't really know. My phone needs a replacement too.

    And your phone of 4 years??? Darn! That is the dream. I haven't used a phone for more than a year since forever (and that's not by choice) I would really love to use a phone for at least 3years just so i can say "Yea! i did it" :D

  5. Cake is beautifullllll..

    Yay. I like you already :)

    Love the gif. Loll

  6. Thanks Hd. Yes o, she must be selling them

  7. Nikisho - Thanks, I finally fell in love with one of the options above

  8. Toin: I actually stuck to the phone partly for that reason 'yes I did it'. You should go for the S4, heard it's sleek.

  9. Thanks Tammie...of course we like thee too :-)


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