Thursday 8 February 2018

Hey world!

You good? I say this all THE time! Let's be professional - How are you doing? Nehhh that's boring. You GOOD? *wide grin*

Before I forget, the baking series is ongoing, The Valentine's post would be up next week. Get a glass of wine ready!

Today, I am talking about "saying sorry".
I have come across a lot of people who find it so hard to say sorry even when they're wrong.
Okay, let's put this in some kind of context/ think up a scenario.



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A lady was with her fiancé (and no I'm not talking about me) and she spent 2 hours on the phone with her girlfriend. You would think she was talking about something very important but NO. They were just talking, and there were moments where she had nothing saying on the phone and they were sometimes quiet - you know the kinda silence you get when you just can't be bothered hanging up (yep! I do that with my closest and dearests).
This went on for months and slowly Mr Fiancé began getting angry and slowly saying something about it to her. However, she just did not acknowledge the issue as an issue.
At some point, Mr Fiancé finally pipes up and directly talks to her about the issue and the Lady Girl became very defensive. She gave every reason under sun as to why she does not see it as an issue so he needed to stop being sensitive.
Mr Fiancé explained that he simply did not like the fact that she spends lots of time on the phone when they are together. He explained how it made him feel and all of that jazz. Lady Girl still did not apologise for this.

Now, here's the thing. I find it hard to understand why on earth a lady would become defensive in such situations. No let's break it down...

1. Why are you on the phone for hours when you're with MR?
2. Why would you be so deaf  AND BLIND to the hints?
3. Why can't you just apologise because you, me and the world know YOU iz wrong!
4. Are you really interested in the guy/relationship? If not, please spare the guy the stress
5. Why can't you identify your priorities and move on from there?
6. Why do you have to be defensive?
7. Why can't you JUST change the time you speak with your friend?
8. Why can't you acknowledge his feelings?
9. Why can't you apologise and change?
10. Number 3 and 7 are the same as number 9 *wide smile*

Yeah, why is it so hard to say sorry?
I've heard excuses such as "I don't like saying sorry", "Sorry shows that you're weak", "I don't need to apologise for anything", " I can't say sorry because my action was a reaction to your action", "I just don't say sorry". I am not sorry to tell you that your ego is bigger than your being, if you are one of the above.

It's okay to apologise for your wrongdoing, and sometimes when you're right.
Or what do you think? Is sorry overrated?


Missy Tee.

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