After the ordeal is the testimony - Thankful!

Monday 14 October 2013


Amazing people!

I am back again with a testimony this time.

So it was a Monday morning, I was stuck in traffic and seriously moaning. Got to Uni half an hour late, took me x2 of the time to get there. 

While I was on my way, Le sisto replied my text saying Le Cuz was involved in an accident. My face changed and I yelled Jesus in my head. Thank God I was able to keep my cool in public. 
She told me to go check the picture out and I was dazed, all I was bothered about was Le Cuz - is he alright? Able to stand? Broken bones?
The car was a complete write off, bonnet up in the air, headlights off, grill missing, radiator on show. A great big mess.

I was just counting down to returning home so I could call him. I could not call him there and then due to phone issues.

I went through the day thanking God that at least he is alive and able to post a picture (below)...... Still thanking God.
His car and caption.

Once I was able to call him, I was eagerly waiting for him to pick his phone. It felt like it rang for forever before he finally answered. It felt like the longest 30secs or so ever.

I completely forgot about the usual hello and blah blah (seriously, who would remember manners in that moment?). All I asked was 'are you okay?' And my darling cuz said apart from just waking up, I am 100% fine. I kept asking over and over again. 
He was so thankful and told me about how it all happened.

Not in his exact words but my understanding:
A car rammed his car (in motion) and while he tried to avoid the car, he still got hit and his car hit a barrier or something and spun outta control. It finally came to a halt and his door (miraculously) appeared to be open. He took his seatbelt off and just walked outta the car. Intact my people intact!!
Now Le Cuz is pretty tall and if anything/ if we calculate it with human minds, he shouldn't have been able to really get outta the car like a petite person.  But our faithful almighty great God brought him out.

I typed a post and saved it as a draft, I planned on posting it on Saturday but I didn't get to post it. Guess who was also a part of the post? Le Cuz! It was a topic in reference to a conversation we had - to be posted later. I just typed this not knowing this was going to be the next post (also involving or more like about him).
I also randomly sent him an IM yesterday just asking 'how are you?', I never knew about all of this........but I don't want to call it randomly, let say 'spirit led'. 

In his words, 'I went back into my car and picked my phone, wallet and keys. I tried calling the police and my hands were shaking. It was a traumatic experience'

All I kept saying to him was I am glad you are okay, you are more important than the car. I (we) still need you so I'm glad not taking a flight out for the wrong reasons, I will get to see you again. I can thank God on your behalf. His siblings and parents are also thankful I'm sure.

I'm grateful to the almighty infinite Father, the protector, the commander in chief of the armed forces of heaven, the uncreated creator, the bright morning star, God of Moses, David, Esther, Ishmael and Hagar, in fact the father of all. Thank you sir! Please help thank Him.

What I learnt from this: do not take the things you can do for granted because it could be gone in a second. 

May we all not experience tragedy in our lives - better say amen and claim it.

Le Cuz - I love you so very much, and may God never leave your side even as He has shown you with this ordeal that you are secure in His hands.


Have a safe week y'all.
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  1. We thank God for His protection over your cousin's life.

  2. what an awesome God we serve! thank God he came out in one piece!

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  4. Thank you so much everyone. :-)

  5. God will continue to keep everyone of us IJN. Amen

  6. Praise God I can't thank him enough for keeping him Lets all be thankful for everything and anything, that we can breath is enough to say those words THANK YOU LORD we wake up each day lets say the word and every other thing will fall in place IJN.

  7. MammaT, is that thee?
    Thanks love, glad your twinnie is doing well.

  8. Wow! It's a miracle that he got out 'whole'. God is indeed too faithful o! I thank for/with him!

  9. Thanks Cee. He's thankful too
    Thank you Frances, He's awesome dear


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