Where is their energy from?

Tuesday 22 November 2011

I love wedding dances and all that gist because I think its cute and very nice.
For some crazy reason, I discovered this video on Youtube and all I could do was drop my jaw. Goodness where did their energy emanate from? The girls dancing like the guys and vice versa. I said to myself, Tee you can't even dance as fast and 'aggressive' like them so don't even picture yourself doing it.
They were also a bit clumsy maybe it was an impromptu thing but they still danced good. The song sounds South African and the fact that they kept repeating it was pretty uhmmm amazing..........also the second guy at 03.07 onwards cracked me up.
All in all, they are pretty energetic- maybe they had Gatorade mixed with Baileys topped with Barcadi- the energy is over the top. Lol.

PS- No insults or disrespect intended. They all did a good job!
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Submission in marriage? So so. In a relationship- Boy Purleaseee!

Friday 18 November 2011

Ladies are not speechless. Source
Hey there sugar-sugar,

How’s it going? Christmas is drawing near-no no no Christmas shopping hasn't started pour moi!

The heading is that because I really don’t know what to type up there.

Well I am talking about submission today! This topic came to my mind when I remembered a question a friend of mine asked me months ago. 

I believe submission in marriage is half and half where the wife submits and the husband.......- therefore removing the hierarchy and creating a mutual view of each other. And in a relationship, its half and quarter (lol).

You see at weddings, almost every wedding I have attended whenever the elderly men do approach the microphone to give a speech or advice to the couple, they always say- "Bride- be submissive to your husband" but they never seem to have anything to say to the groom. That drives me gaga because it feels like they are saying "Bride- you've got no power whatsoever because this man is now your boss" errrrrr I don’t think so!

And whenever the older women give a piece of advice, they say- respect your husband because they've had decades to sharpen themselves up and to understand what it really means to be submissive so they don't really agree with the submission gist.

It’s in the bible quite alright, 1 Peter 3.1 it says and I quote
 "In the same way, you wives be submissive to your own husbands so that even if any of them are disobedient to the word, they may be won without a word by the behaviour of their wives".  

We are human and we interpret things differently- I interpret this as- if he is acting up, leave him be and respect his opinions so that he will (when he is disobedient and realises) understand why you let him be and return to his normal self. Now you all might interpret that differently from what I said up there but you see people take this as something else. However, this is only a small portion of how I understand this verse. The rest for another day.

It also says in Ephesians 5.22;
'Wives submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord'.

When it comes to saying "be submissive"- I don't think it means be a I see people often take this 'be submissive' thing too far. When you get married, you are becoming someone's companion, second half, and so on and so forth not someone's maid or dummie!

I often see people (wives) being treated like they are maids. The husband comes home and she is the one that has to remove his shoes, pick his suitcase , iron his clothes for tomorrow, cook his food every blessed day, wash his plates, cut his nails and all that...sugar are you serious?. I believe you should be doing those because you feel like not because he "bought" you and then you have to do it because he sees it as your duty or you are destined to do that. It is a lady's duty but it should be divided amongst each other but really is that what being submissive is all about?