Baking Series - Episode 2 - Orange! Orange! and... Orange!

Tuesday 30 January 2018

Hello! Had a good week?

Episode 1 was a Lemon Cake.

Well Episode 2 is the Orange Bread, yep Orange Bread. Hold on! Don't yell yet... I can explain.

This recipe I put together by myself. I wanted this cake to taste very orange-y and planned to go (almost) any length to make sure it because...I was craving it.
It might surprise you that some of my cravings driving my baking series.
When this cake? came out of the oven, and I as usual dug in straightaway, I felt it was more of bread than a cake due to its bread-like feel to touch. When my co-taster- the sister - tasted it, she said almost the same thing. It tasted good but did not have the cake-like texture even though it looked like it.
So I hereby introduce you to the "Missy Tee's Orange bread"...eeeek!


- Self-raising flour 200g
- Caster sugar 180g
- 4 Eggs
- Unsalted butter 180g
- 4 Oranges (please do not get rid of the peel, yet)


- Parchment paper
- Mixer
- Spatula
- Kitchen paper
- Oven (Gas mark 6)
- Baking tin
- Weighing scale
- Timer

Please pardon the chopping board, I was in a hurry.


- Get the baking tin ready by coating it with unsalted butter and lining accurately with parchment paper and set aside (this will save you a WHOLE lot of time)

- Measure the flour, butter and sugar
- Put the above ingredients in the mixing bowl along with the (not to be whisked) eggs
- Using your mixer, combine all ingredients
- Then grate the peel of your one orange into the mix
- Avoiding possible seeds, extract the juice from 3 oranges and sieve for tiny seeds. It would be good to get the orange (bits) along with the juice. So remove the seeds from the sieve and scrape the "bits" into the mix as well.
- Slowly pour the juice into the mix, careful not to make the mix too runny - that would be a baking disaster. Not to worry, you can fix that. You'll need to make a thicker mix and then combine both (perhaps using less of the runny mix). Let's hope you don't need this remedy.
- Once you achieve the right consistency, pour your mix into the pre-prepped tin
- As usual, if you want an extra tangy taste - place a couple (or more) slices of orange on the mix before it goes into the oven
- Place in the oven

After about thirty to forty five minutes, your orange bread should be baked.

- Remove from the tin and place on a cooling rack

Missy Tee's Orange Bread is baked!

Pictures - Missy Tee!

Until next time,

Missy Tee!

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  1. Good blend of creativity. Hope we will be seeing more of this consistently from you? Nice.


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