Marriage + Friend's wedding weekend narrated Part A - Long post alert.

Tuesday 13 August 2013

Hey guys

Hope your summer is going well? Well my summer just started because the last semester just ended. Still working on twitter - @mizzitee.

My topic for today - Marriage and the youths.
Everyone seems to be getting married these days, it's like an anthem now when I hear people say 'I'm getting married. 
I attended a friend's wedding, met a few people.

Ghanaian Guy: I'd love to visit Ghana more often but love happened and I have to consider my wife as you know I'm married
Tee: *huge grin but dazed face inside* Oh yeahhh you have to consider her too.
Ps. my  love for Ghana is unconditional.

GG looks so young but he had his shiny band on his finger.

Second friend is getting married in 2 months and I looked at the one too like WHAT?!

I met someone else at my cousin's and he said he's getting married in a few months and I looked at him with a smile and said oh congratulations. Once he  left the room, I said to everyone else - everyone is getting married.

Who else is getting married or better put, who else is engaged? Dr Sid and Simi , Peter or Paul and Lola, Jennifer Aniston and Justin.

It's a good thing anyway.

Marriage has always been something regarded as 'for adults' and back in the day, men were at least 30 years old when they got married. There are still people like that of course but also guys men aged 25 and above are getting married.
Are people getting younger? Am I too traditional? What's the 'right' age for people to get married?
I spoke with the 'second guy's' fiancée who is an absolute darling, very very nice. I tried to indulge her in my ice cream and chin chin mixture, she'll try it I'm sure.

Me: Are you ready for your wedding, the day?
SGF: Not ready for the day but ready for marriage.
Me: Hmmm I see.

But seriously, it's making me dizzy. Marriage is good thing, be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth!


I always thought it was a process;
Guy meets girl
They both grow together
Guy makes up his mind
Guy and girl too get financially, spiritually stable - this is the most important bit to mentors and 'elders'.
Guy makes the move
Girl agrees
Did done.

I used to think people had to be together for a long time to make the big move but people are together for two years now and they are married the following year.

You can tell how traditional this girl is.

Is it just me or people are getting married really early these days?

The topic above was triggered by a wedding I attended two Saturdays ago and it was splendito. First wedding in a couple of years that I could physically attend.
It all started on Friday evening, I finished for the day and it was time to hit the road, well more like train tracks.
We (le sisto and moi) hopped on the train, it was so full. One woman and her son were both watching different series or something on their individual apple devices which I thought was cute. Ps. is anyone a Scandal follower?

I do not know what Scandal has got to do with the topic - weddings. Let me act like I know nothing.

Anyways they both kept unconsciously kicking me and being Miss Nice Girl, I kept smiling and saying 'oh it's fine, don't worry' blah di blah.
Ps. I really should give le sisto a nickname here, let's call her errr...thinking.......booting.....loading......uhmm let's call her le sisto, can't think of anything else.

An hour later, we hopped off and walked out of the station and gosh the city (I won't mention the city because I do NOT want to offend anyone) was so busy and when a city is 'full', what do you expect? litter. They sure keep the council busy, the town centre was just unbelievable.

Sorry!!! back to the topic now.

The couple were at their rehearsal so we went to join them there, we got there pretty much after *whoops!*

Why do people have rehearsals though? Isn't it supposed to be a natural moment/event? 
Question: will you be having a rehearsal?
We met the groom (le sisto's friend), yes I tagged along. He introduced us to the rest of the bunch and they were/are all absolutely amazing people, we all became so close, it was surreal.
And guess what? the bride's brother and I attend the same Uni. He said something like 'my face looks so familiar' and I gave him the seriously look? Anyways he remembered me and we moved on. 
Then it was time to journey to the hotel, man was it far away? 
We went back into town, stayed out for a bit and then finally TRAVELLED to the hotel. We hit the motorway and all I kept thinking was I hope we don't have to journey this far in the morning. No we didn't, thank God.

We arrived at the hotel at 22:00ish but then being that the hotel was a big maze, we had to do the ultimate search for our rooms. We got there! Praise The Lord somebody ?

Numerous gists, a Skype session and shower later, I was asleeeeeeeeep.

And at some point before 6am, guess who called? The groom!!!!
He called to wake le sisto and I, he shouldn't have..... I was tired and I wanted to stay in bed. Anyways, I did. Shhh don't tell him. If you're reading Mr A, hi!

The traditional wedding was scheduled to start at 8am. I managed to get ready before then but we (everyone at the hotel) were behind schedule.
The traditional do was expensiveeeee, he and his family had to pay for everything, such as walking dancing into the hall, asking to get married, getting married.
That was fun,  the bride was stunning in her trad outfit. She was so confident. 
The bride's mother was angry though and yelled sorta in front everyone because time was far spent. All those MCs at traditional weddings are hilarious and very hyper. 

Ghanaian guy was so dazed at how many times they (groom and friends) had to prostrate, he was sweating profusely. 

Church was at 11am, again we had to go get changed...we did. The wedding didn't go on for too long as well. Here dress was beautiful and his suit was so cool. I kept looking at them guys look soooooooo young . Bride should be 24-25, groom 26-27yrs old. 

Reception was funnnnn, the bride and groom danced and the usual 

Tossing the bouquet.... I decided not to go because .......I'm a shy gurrrllll
The bride kept looking back so she had to toss the bouquet twice. The same girl caught it.
She seemed so desperate (Sorry!) even the host said are you desperate or something?

She was told to make herself known and she said 'I am Jessica Simone Louise Browne(not her real names). The host said just tell us your first and last name, that made me chuckle. 

One of the ladies that went to catch the bouquet was walking past and she looked at me and said oh I'm not single, I'm married to Jesus in other words, she just went out to err show her dress?

Met great people, broke a guy's heart in quote. Sorry 'guy', I didn't mean to . We all hugged, well maybe not all of us. It was great meeting you guys!! 

Then it was back to school on Monday morning!


  1. LMAOOO..You should have put a long post alert!
    So you are just noticing that it seems that a lot of people are getting married at young ages? I wrote about it here ( about 2.5 years ago!

    1. Whoops! My bad. I just did now - gracias.
      I've always noticed but it wasn't as conspicuous then, at least to me.
      I shall read your post.

      - Missy Tee.

  2. I agree with Honeydame. Whew! Yea, i agree. Seems everyone is married.

    I will not be trying your ice cream and chin chin mixture. No way!

    And yea, My name is Toin and i'm addicted to Scandal :)

    1. You three? It's done now. Thanks though.
      *Thick British Accent* darling, are you sure you don't want to give it a go? It's uhmmaaazzinnggg *big grin*
      Yay! Fellow follower. Olivia is bad girllll ugh :-)

  3. hmmmmm......
    marriage huh, not something to be rushed into, great if you find the right one and keep it real and not keep your head in the clouds if you know what i mean (white horse, knight in shining armor, happily every after, life raining roses, money and cheesecake morning, noon and night).

    Wedding, celebration, newness, joy overflowing, ah, if we can bottle those moments and dish them out sparingly to lighten, enlighten, brighten and soften life tough moments - life would be cake.

    thanks for sharing, enjoyed, made me smile

    1. Exactly. Not to be rushed!
      People would have been swimming in billions if possible.
      Aww glad it did. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Yes ke everyoone is getting married now regardless of age...point is they are license to do the things they were already doing before marriage but without the jst bin sarcastic jare....but i love weddings they remind me its time to get married ooo...looool

    And my name is Chantel and am addicted to sitting and waiting for season 3 right now..i watched season one and two in 5days.

    1. Lol we are waiting for you Chantel. Just ensure the IV gets to Missy Tee.

      5 days?! Now that's a record. :-)
      Glad you're back, well kinda right?

  5. um... actually people are getting married at lat-er ages compared to the 90's... and I think you're noticing how a lotta people are getting married not because they all just started but cuz you're in that age group now...
    Tewa you a funny giel sha. I dinno know you are funny like diz

  6. Ty Ash: Well maybe maybe. Well sometimes I am, you'll get to experience more of that side soon.


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