Please vote! Topsy for Miss Asia Pacific World

Saturday 5 October 2013

Hey guys.

Thanks to you all that commented on my last post.

So I need your help!!!
My friend is contesting for the crown of Miss Asia Pacific World in South Korea (she loves contests ehn). Honestly I wonder how she gets through all these pageants, she's very bold  though. She might be reading so I have to praise her only *waving* Hi Topsy!
She was Miss University Africa Nigeria 2011 - Found a clip, see below. Oh and I think she also contested for Miss Global Nigeria 2013 and now this one.. It is well - standing in front of all those people during the event, I would just faint (maybe not, at least I managed to win one contest years ago and was first runner up in the second one *rolls eyes* I did try nowwwwww but jeez my nerves were through the roof - let me praise myself a bit lol).

So please please please click on the link and vote. Let's take Naija to South Korea (sorry I just had to).

So here's what you have to do (2 easy steps):

1. Visit (Click here): Topsy's page
2. Scroll down and please vote for her (so she doesn't cut my head off since I am part of the supporters club and we haff to play our role, she can beat all the other ladies, take the crown and sash home and share the prizes with us of course :-D)
Thank you so very much you guys. I'll share cabin biscuit with all of you along with chewing gum and sweet (If you attended primary school in Nigeria, then you'll understand).

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Have a good weekend loves.
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  1. Lol who can forget cabin biscuit and the banana chewing gum. congrats to your friend, hope she wins

  2. Lmao! You are funny! I've voted for her so i'll be expecting the cabin and chewing gum... *winks*

    I like your blog! Now following :)!

  3. Thank you Fashion Rehab. I really hope so too

  4. Welcome Cee. and thank you!! Heading to your blog now.

  5. Hi, Hope you doing great. I also voted for her. But after that I went to some other places was not able to catch up the updates. Please tell me who won the miss Asia title.


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