Hello 2014! 2013 in a nutshell...not entirely!

Friday 3 January 2014

Amazing individuals,
Happy new year and a very merry Christmas in serious arrears.
Where have I been you ask?
I have been to London to visit the Queen, I saw lil' Prince George, Kate is ever so nice. She kept smiling. Prince William? Oh he wasn't around.
I gave Prince George the Nigerian flag, I hope they keep it safe for him so when he gets older he'll know a Nigerian has been to say hello and left him a little souvenir. The Queen is also very charming.


Oh you haven't been to see the Queen and Prince George? breaking news-------- I haven't either. If you believed that, then I need to give you a great big hug.

Happy Happy Happy New Year. I actually begged my siblings to do  guest posts but they are oh so busy. I hope they someday get to share their interesting stories here - yes they are quite interesting which is why I asked them to share.

2013 was a uhm year altogether - Thank God. It went by fast, again saw some of my people (including Baby T. Hey Baby T!- my amazing little big girl) that I hadn't seen in yearssss.

1. Visited a city again after a decade and could not even recognise some streets.
2. My orthodontist happily placed braces in again....I don't mind because you won't notice - no I don't have 'such' teeth. It's just a correction after having a 'dental accident' a while back.

Found this easier than writing

3. I took  a taxi by myself in a city that I knew barely any routes (Thank you Lord for creating google maps). The taxi driver thought I totally knew where he was talking about, I did kinda but oh well.
4. I met someone else as usual...she's fantabulous and very hilarious. Oh also a model (pictures on BNaija - I'll give you gift if you find her)...we were meant to go for a show together but let's just say distance and show timing, pictures of me hitting the runway hard would have been online too :-( lol). See you soon darl!
Love in a bag of crisps
5. I had proper Nigerian meat pie and people around thought I was being dramatic, they won't and can't understand.
6. I met Sisi Yemmie (like everyone else) - how we met was 'funny' but it was good.

Wasn't easy I tell ya, I so didn't like it but hey...I got over it. Ignore everything else in the picture but the cakes of course. He had to take pictures too - bless him :-)
7. Texted (nationally  Dr Ty! so that start thinking thoughts ;-D) a lot in 2013, usually about one assessment or the other.
8. Moved closer to the I Am in 2013.
9. Didn't get the chance to see Dr Ty this year thanks to ASUU strike. We shall see soon dear

Year 2014! ( The 'yea' was in another pack so don't judge yet)
10. Had some not so cool times in 2013 e.g almost lost a cousin as you might know but all in all I am thankful for where He has brought me.
11. Had an amazing time with Toin, Cherrywine, 1plustheone, Hattylola, Naijawife and hubby, Chantel (although she is kinda MIA on blogger) on Twitter, matter of fact everyone really. You guys made me laugh real hard and all the arguments in quote were just amazing. I remember the argument le sisto saying she wants to be Naijagrandchild caused. It was fun.
 Hattylola and her guess the blogger series - mixed feelings about it ending.
12. Found a huge bag of crisps...
12. Oh and baked some more. So I'm not a pro when it comes to writing with icing. See my first attempt below

That's a list of 'some of 2013', you shall be reading for a long time if I share everything. It was a year! :-)
Here's to a wonderful 2014!  and to thank you for always coming back to my blog regardless. I take on too much and blogging suffers. 2014 is a new year............

Thank you!!



  1. heeeeeyyyy!!!! I didnt give you an amazing time?!!! lemme go an lick my wounds somewhere!
    Seriously, u need to post more about these your cakes o! They look very lovely. I recently started baking again and I am all for drinking in recipes and pictures.
    Happy New Year hon, may it be your best till the next.

    1. What?! How can I forget Madam Honey dame herself? No way dear. Of course now, you know you injected serious humour into my 'twirra' experience. *huge hug*

      I'll post more pictures as I bake too and you need to post some of yours tooooooo.

      Thanks lovie

  2. Happy new year. May this year be a better one for us all.

  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR Tee!!!!
    So glad to hear from you and thank you for thinking about me and giving a shout out.
    Cake is a weakness of mine..vanilla esp....welldone with your baking.

  4. Yay! New Dawn I'm going to have to get used to calling you that.
    Aww same here- welcome!
    Oh gosh - I'm with you on cake being a weakness. Thanks a lot :-)

  5. Is Isio the model you met?
    You must to gimme my gift if I got it right oh, it's not overtaken by


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