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Monday, 2 July 2012

Heeelloowww !

Howa yu?

Guess what? I know that is what the title says but guess though?

I saw the Olympic Torch so that makes me a feee hiiii peeee (VIP)- Haha!
I know its no big deal but at least  I saw the gold torch adored by millions.
Okay lemme start from the top.

On Friday  about a week ago now- I should have posted this last week, a colleague of mine handed me the Olympic Torch  route list I highlighted the places close to my abode that I could “possibly” go see it if I could really be bothered to go see it.

Anyways- on Monday 25th we had a few minutes off in the morning to go see it if we wanted. I was not fussed, keen or adamant as in whatever word that goes with “simply not bothered” on seeing the Torch because I felt it was just a Torch so yea!

Over the weekend, there were signs everywhere informing individuals about the Olympic Torch event bla bla- expect delays or find alternate routes- that kinda stuff so I just assumed that it was just going to be around(I know its gist but I gotta do some introduction so chill and read on! ;-) ) On the list though- it said it was going to go past a street not far from mine And Voila- it did!
We all reached for their phones there were sooooo many kiddies on the roadside waiting for the OT (tired of typing Olympic Torch now- although I just did *ptcheww). Then came initially the Police on their Motor Bikes raising the kiddies blood pressure adrenaline, the music bus and the first big bus went ahead, then came cyclists and then the OT!

We waited for a bit before the OT itself came by! It was so surreal that I did not have to go far to see it- it was right in front of my eyes.

-          The day before, Soeur and I were day-dreaming out loud on our way back from church saying  imagine the torch bearer being Funke Akindele that we'd yell Jenifer!, or  Banky W we would have yelled “Its Banky W” (in his voice) and then like a car screeching to a halt I said- can we stopping dreaming about this because they are only likely to carry the Torch in London or Coventry or somewhere like that.

Soeur made a quick friend on the OT bus- when the bus carrying the rest of the Torchbearers went by- this particular guy waved to her like she had known him since Kindergarten.

We all made videos but I’m only putting up one of them here. For your eyes only!

Copyright 2012- you need to write a comprehensive letter to me requesting permission to use the video, why you want to use the video, when you want to use the video, the exact time you want to use the video, the site you want to use the video on, the type of pen you are using to write the letter, the paper brand you are using, or the computer you are using. Please attach 7 passport photographs to the letter along with a letter of reference, 6 Bank statements, 4 Electric Bills. Send them all to;

Missy Tee

4 Missy Tee street

Off Missy Tee Road

Near Missy Tee industries

Zip Code 00000

Canada-USA-Africa (If you've never heard of this country- don't worry its a new country and yes its called Canada-USA-Africa)

 Hope you all are doing well?

Happy Birthday to my Twinnies again. Have a wonderful day you guys- muchos love.
NB: I had to put just one up because Youtube was taking forever to load - Chao!


  1. The video is private! Ahhh....I can't even view it? How will I know what I'm writing letter for? LOL...

    1. Sorry Myne! Technical fault- LOL. Its no longer privste. You can watch it now.

  2. First things first, pls pls pls remove the word verification on your comment thing. I was trying to leave a comment yesterday cos i was using my phone and it kept rejecting everything. It was so frustrating... i wanted to break something.

    lmao@your address. I actually thought the country would be Missy Tee too. I was already thinking of re-naming a country after Toinlicious too. Lets try for size..."i'm taking a flight to Toinlicious this weekend. wana come?" (ok, that sounds kinda wrong. Def sounded much better in my head)

    1. Toinlicious I don't know why you are getting the captcha thing because I "specially" ensured that I removed it as I detest them passionately. I'll have a look at it again. Apologies darl.
      Regarding the country name, don't worry "Federal Republic of Missy Tee" is work in progress. :-)

  3. please missytee thats hilarious and good one on the video too


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