Apologies + I met someone

Sunday 9 June 2013


Dear lovely readers and followers and fellow bloggers

I definitely cannot pretend I've not been MIA for *checks previous post* 5 months*.
I am really sorry (again), no seriously I am sorry believe me ;-)
My to-do list (yes I use to-do lists pretty much all the time -gist), okay where was I? Oh yes my to-do list is always long and whenever I manage to cut it down and tick some things off so I can actually blog, another bunch of tasks push blogging down the list. Anyway not that my list is very short now but I moved blogging up the list by force. It's 6.20am so why not!

I just had to explain myself because you know I had to hence the story above.

Moving on, how are you all doing and I can't believe it's June already. Thank you Jesus *Taraji's voice*
 A huge thank you to people that dropped me a message to check up on moi and to say hello e.g Priscy and Toinlicious. You guys are amazing, God bless you real good for moi.

My story of the moment, I met someone yes someone......a friend. 
I can't really divulge much about this person because they would like to remain anonymous but yea here we go.

I met Z on my 'journey', Z and I clicked almost immediately regardless of the huge age difference. We spoke about so much even though I mostly sat and listened, I did chip in here and there. Z shared memories but yet was still careful because we only just met. As time progressed, that became a thing of the past. Z advised, warned me to learn from own errors and often times talked so much to the point that leaving to go do other things was a task. 
Z was really upset by some kinda weird noise on one occasion and I was dazed at the Jackie Chan stunt that was used to stop the noise. I stood there and watched with such amazement but hey we all have our inner Jackie. Ps. I realised that Jackie Chan is about a year younger than his wife Ling (that's her name right? :-/ I think so) and why is that news Tee?
Back to Z, sometimes I stayed away just for the sake of it and to give Z some space but I don't think that went down well with Z. Sometimes I had to explain that I haven't been around and bla bla and then that sarcastic 'really' is let out and I put a funny face on. 
Z is still around and although we don't get to chill as much anymore because hey busy and so very different schedules. I still have a few point from Z in my head.

Here are a few things for you
- Don't give up on what you've been working so hard on, you'll arrive at your expected result soon
- Don't be shy to ask questions, it makes you much more acceptable in some kinda way
- Don't be afraid to speak your mind
- Careful not to break too many hearts, try not to break any if you can
- You can't satisfy everyone, even yourself at times 
- Love, love and love some more
- Learn from others and of course work on yourself

Z is not a tutor or a motivational speaker...., we did talk about some old British stuff too but I don't want to bore you with all of those. 
Let's just say the UK was fun in the thirties and forties. There I was sat thinking 19..s was fun, it was to us at the time.
I really wish I could share more but......

Ps. As anyone been to Skinny Hipster's? She's so daring, her wardrobe is seriously.... Please give me a word.

Have a fabulous week loves.
Back soon

Missy Tee

Another ps. I have missed blogging. 
I need to find Myne, Honeydame, Atilola, Ij, Nikkisho, Priscy, Toin, Ibhade, Sugarbelly and sooo many more. 

Okay adios!

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  1. Glad to have you back! wooohooo!

  2. Missy Tee, what did you do with my comment o????!!!!!

    1. Honeyd, I did not do anything ooh. I received the notification/email and I came here to respond and I couldn't find the comment or any message saying it was deleted. You read my mind, I was going to ask!

      Here's the comment I received via email

      'hayyysss!!! Sisi! No need finding me o, I am hior! Ehnehn?! *claps hand like a conspirator* U met a man and left blogsville in limbo, you have done well...Dont mind me o!
      I havent been to skinny hipster's e-home in a while sha'

      I have no idea why it didn't show here and I definitely did not delete it and find when I came to reply. Apologies to thee, I so do not know what happened.

      Anyways see you that you left blogsville for monthhhhsssss eh? left us checking back and back. Naughty somebody lol. How's nysc going?

  3. oohhh my dear! you have been missed real big! welcome back dearie... and yes, Z is right with those quotes nice to have you back! abeg no go anywhere again o.

    1. Thanks Priscy! No way I'm right here :-)
      God bless Z


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