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Friday, 28 June 2013

Hello peoples

Honestly, I've been wanting to blog since last week but topics keep coming into my mind and then flying away - busy schedule.

Anyways, hope you all are good?
I've been trying to catch up and I've noticed a few people are not on blogger anymore e.g. Ibhade (Simply mee) (man I enjoyed reading her stories but can't read them anymore now) and a few others.

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I've been on twitter for a long time (a year-ish) but I pushed it aside just because..........
Anyways, I'm on twitter (sounds cheesy right? yeah) so you can click the follow button (@mizzitee) - don't hate on a sister, she's kinda new to it so be warm instead gracias. 
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Anyways, this happened a long long time ago. about 6 weeks ago.
I was heading to class and I saw this elderly man trying to cross over to the other side of the road. I looked down to get something from my purse and the next second all I heard was 'slam bang slam!!! he was down along with a cyclist.
 Blood in the middle of the road, traffic all the way - traffic was crayzeeeee.
This other lady was shouting at the other person who was speaking to the emergency service and they were almost about to have a mini mini catfight (I think). They sorted themselves out. Ladies rock!
I was shocked!! I yelled Jesus which became my anthem- there were people all around him already so there were lots of people around to help him while they awaited the ambulance. Heaven knows where the cyclist came from.
Luckily, the cyclist was alright.

He was taken away by the medics.....
I walked into my class and the scene kept playing in my head. Still dazed I kept my cool throughout the class.

The following day, the class was about a similar situation and I just thought to myself 'how great'!

Fast forward to weeks after, I saw this man walking slowly across AGAIN - once a soldier, always a soldier right? in this case, once a 'crosser', always a 'crosser'. I just was thankful he made it. Thought he was gone!
Being that I don't know him personally, I can't and could not say anything to him about it so I hushed but seriously  talk about brave - God you are fabulous! The bestestest!!
I'm thankful for the anonymous a.k.a man I don't know personally 's life.

These days I am so conscious of cyclists that I look in the side and rear mirror even when not driving, I check the corners cyclists can squeeze through when I'm walking. You just never know when they are flying down the hills, squeezing past traffic and all that! It is well

What's up with having to pay £3000 to visit the UK? Really??
Ps. I'm reading A Heart to Mend again - Yes Myne again! Awaiting other books
Have a fabulous weekend!

Missy Tee


  1. Long time! I will check you out on twitter. I am now a cyclist, I try to be careful though I love flying downhill, hehehe...thank God no one was hurt in that accident.

    1. Yay! Thanks Myne. Please please be extremely careful out there.

  2. Cyclists/Bikes/Okadas scare the truth out of me. Yay, welcome to twirra

    1. My dear, you understand too well! It is well


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