Good Read: The Book by T.D Jakes

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Hey lovelies

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So this post is about my summer read. I started this unconsciously last year - the aim is to read at least a book during summer.

Last year I read The Return of The Runaway Bride authored by Donna Fasano. I enjoyed this book so much I went on and on and on about it to people and tried to get them to read the book. When I got to the end of the book, I was smiling hard. I love love stories.
I'm certain I'll still read this book sometime soon. It's that good.

So this year, I started reading a book at the beginning of the year - I still haven't finished the book right now. The book: Pictures of Lily authored by Paige Toon.

I do hope I get to finish this book sometime soon - I realised that its not a good idea to start a book when you OBVIOUSLY won't have the time to read it no matter how hard you try.

On Instagram, I saw pictures of T.D Jakes' new book called Instincts - The Power to Unleash Your Inborn Drive. I had to have it. Something about the book just seemed catchy. Anyway, I bought it and started reading it at the beginning of August and aimed to finish it at the end of August, sure I did finish it on the 31st, sometime in the evening. Chuffed!

This book has some interesting points that won't appeal to people who don't believe in reading 'self-help, religious self-help' books. T.D Jakes has a way of saying things that just makes you wonder or think deep even though what he might be saying may be an everyday topic.
I'm not going deep into the book here....go get and read it well. You can borrow my copy of the book, but you have to return it in very good and neat condition ha!
Some of the points I got from the book includes (in my own words);
- Being the very educated individual you are, you can describe a thing in full detail such as how you aim to win a contract -what strategy to use and all. But only your instincts can help you win the contract (tricky huh?) no matter how hard you use your intellect to describe it.
- Taking someone's silence as consent is a very unwise - Bishop Jakes used the word "unwise" and I kind of feel like he really wanted to say "foolish/silly" but was being very smart and professional
- He also explained that your thoughts should remain your thoughts and no one else's because it epitomises your being--who you are, what you stand for
- He also emphasised the need for people not to despise little beginnings, even when it involves moving out of your oh so comfort zone
Let me leave you with those....for now.

The second one hit me hard because sometimes when friends (for example) upset/annoy me, I might stay quiet but it doesn't mean that I'm pleased with what they did or I don't want to insult them badly. I just have my way of handling such...which might involve staying quiet (for a while) and then.....

The lion does not make so much noise when he is watching his prey....he stays quiet!
But when the lion does make noise, the entire kingdom recognises and bows to authority. Got that from a sermon I listened to.

So follow your instincts guys, don't rely on your degrees, knowledge and expertise because they may only be able to get you to a limited level, but not through the glass ceiling to the target.

Have a good week!


Stay safe.


PS. the next post might be about divorce. Got some question y'all might be able to help answer! Post soon.


  1. Good job on the reading!

    I've been wanting to read Instinct so I'm glad you enjoyed it! Those nuggets you shared make me even more eager to read the book!

    I watched a two-part series on Oprah with TD Jakes about this book and there were so many a-ha moments—the biggest one I heard was that we shouldn't waste time explaining ourselves to people who are at another level—they'll never get it.

  2. I envy you oh! chai!

    I've not even bought a book in forever.. plus I don't like reading e-books x_x Love the points highlighted especially the one for keeping quiet.

    I dont know why I don't get your updates, have to manually check... and I am following you :(

  3. See the person calling people out o. You this girl that can disappear for a year sef.

  4. I'm definitely going to get T. D. Jakes' book when I'm done with the one I'm on now ("Before you do" by T.D. Jakes. It's about making decisions. I strongly recommend the book.) Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for the shout out lovely...oh nice review and i was just thinking of the next book to buy. i shall download it

  6. I saw the T D Jakes book on Friday. I was like, four thousand naira for what? I had bought 2 books and had no money left. The man said, it's because it's hard cover. My colleague bought it and I would borrow it after she is through. You should try Francine Rivers too...she is a great author! Uniquely different with Fredilia

  7. Good naija girl: You should read it! Now that's deep but true, I'll take that tip on board. Thanks a lot

  8. Tommie: LOL! I'm not a huge fan of e-books but I still read them when there's no choice or the hard copies are expensive. Phew! Glad you get them - would have flicked my technical button on. :-) Thank you missy

  9. Atilola: *side-eye* You this blogsville headgirl, stop bullying us oh. It's like you already had your finger on the trigger, looking for the opportunity to squeeze.

  10. Adeoluwa: You're welcome. Thanks for sharing the title of another one....sure it's an interesting reading. Gracias

  11. Chantel: let me know what you think. You're welcome love.

  12. Fredilia: Thanks for the recommendation. I have one of Francine's books - redeeming love. I don't want to start reading it yet because I know I won't be able to finish it in a go (hate when that happens). I will read it soon though by His grace.


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