2018! Hello Blogging

Monday, 8 January 2018

Well Hello there!

Guess who it is? It is Missy Tee!
Although some fellow bloggers and ex-bloggers know my real name now. Still hello there, Missy Tee here!

Boy have I missed blogging? Oh yeah!
Where have I been? You ask.
I've not been here, obviously. But I've been there and everywhere else.
I've been through some things, learnt some more, grown a few (more) strands of grey hair, loved, hated, smiled, cried, let go, held on, wondered, been hurt, felt used, seen the true colour of some, baked of course, watched (and still watching) the unveiling of the true colour of some but most of all, I remain standing.

You see, life has a way of throwing lemons in various directions. One day, you are smiling  and feeling all energised and the next you're feeling deflated.  This is my blogging testimony - I have had blogging on my mind for over a year, then there were negative thoughts such as:

"They're going to think it's the inconsistent blogger again"
" What does she have to say this time?"
"Here she goes again"
" Do they actually want to read what I have to say"

But I've come to realise something, negativity breeds apprehension and hindrance . That is, because I was letting my mind be filled with negative thoughts, I became very apprehensive and this hindered me from taking this step. Regardless of what I think, write or say, people WILL be who they want to be and say what they want to say. So! Instead of sitting and pitying myself, and nursing the negative thoughts that I believe people may have when they see my post notification. Imma just write and publish posts and let human beings be HUMAN BEINGS!

Major major shout out to the amazing people from blogger who sent messages and reached out to me via Instagram, email, and those who actually called me. You guys are fabulous. Thank you from the bottom corner of my heart.

Without fuss,

MISSY TEE is back!


  1. Osheeeeeyyyyy welcome baaaaaaccckkkkk

  2. Ooh welcome back T...way to go

  3. Wow, welcome back. Don't disappear again. We really missed you. A lot must have happened since you left.


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