Baking Series - Episode 1: When lemons get thrown at you, bake a Lemon Cake

Monday 15 January 2018

Hello and welcome!

So today I'm sharing my Lemon Cake recipe. I feel like I should start giving my cakes unique names just because I like to. Watch out for this in episode 2 post of the Baking series *wink*.
Anyway, I absolutely love lemon - give me lemonade any day anytime and add a slice of lemon cake to that...I'll love you long time.

I like to use natural ingredients when baking but does not mean I do not use non-natural ingredients. I tend to use the latter only when the natural ingredients are not available.


- Self-raising flour 200g
- Caster sugar 180g
- Eggs - 4
- Unsalted butter - 180g
- 4 Lemons
- Milk (Optional)


- Parchment paper
- Mixer
- Spatula
- Kitchen paper
- Oven - duhhh
- Baking tin
- Weighing scale

I like to prep my baking tin prior to working on the mix. I'll probably insert a pictorial (that's what y'all call it right?) description in my next baking post.

- Measure the flour, butter and sugar
- Put them all in the mixing bowl along with the eggs
- Using your mixer, combine all the ingredients
- Then add some lemon zest by grating the peel of the lemon into your mix
- Avoiding possible seeds, squeeze the juice from the lemon into your mix
- Then add a splash of milk if you want a lighter mix and fluffier cake
- Mix away
- When the mix is smooth and airy, then thou art ready to bake!
- Pour your mix into the pre-prepped tin and toss into your pre-heated oven (I use Gas Mark 6)
Disclaimer - by toss, I mean place your mix in the oven. If you actually "toss" it like a piece of trash, then please get yourself a mop, a kitchen cloth, a sponge, and some washing up liquid as you'll need them to CLEAN YO' MESS!
Optional - if you'd love the extra tangy taste like I do, then place a couple slices of lemon directly on the mix before placing in the oven.


After about half an hour, you should have a fabulously baked cake.

- Remove from the baking tin (or some like to leave it in) to cool.

But if you're like me, and cannot wait. Dig in straight away!

My favourite part of the cake is the bit that has the two lemon slices - the tangy bit! Yum.

Photography - Missy Tee. Yes my photography skills = work in progress. However, great thanks to Master Jesus for hooking me up with the amazing 8631Photos who has been my tutor.

Until next time,

Missy Tee.

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