Faces at Madea's Big Happy Family premiere!

Wednesday 20 April 2011

Talk about looking gorgeous...well Miss London did that word justice. She totally rocked this 'basket-like' dress and looked lovely! You go girl!

You all remember Teyana Taylor right? From Super sweet sixteen and also the song ' Google me'? Well google her if you don't remember  (hehehe). She looked good but girl the cut in that dress is just tooooo long. The red shoes are bam though!
In the movie, she plays Bow Wow's baby mama....that should be rather errrrrrr ExCiTiNg? ;-|

bow wow
Bow wow looked cool, clean, calm and responsible. Take a cue Chris B. Liking the belt darl!

Keke Palmer looked amazing in her high waist pants and black pumps. Uhmmm look really nice but more color Keke..

Mario shades

Mario.....what more can I say?! Mario :-/ 

Isiah Mustafa and Shannon Kane
Isiah Mustafa and Shannon Kane...... They look BEA-U-tiful!

Tyler Perryyyyy!!

Camille Winbush.....That dress? On POINT! She looked pretty at the event.

 Madea's big happy family is out on April 22nd! :-)

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  1. Long story short, if you're a Madea/Tyler Perry fan, you should enjoy this because it is not without its fun moments. However, if you've never seen a Madea movie, I recommend 'Madea Goes to Jail' or 'Madea's Family Reunion'.


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