Presenting Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Friday 29 April 2011

Double kiss: The newly-married couple share their first public kiss on the balcony as thousands of screaming well-wishers watch

  Moments leading up to the revelation of Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge  the mercury rose rapidly, the hype was hiked and Prince William looked really calm and happy alongside his brother Prince Harry in the 'Royal Rolls Royce' dressed in his Colonel of the Irish Guards uniform waved at the crowd who cheered him on.  
Prince Harry looking very nervous was fidgeting and as they walked down the aisle to await his sister in law Miss Catherine ( Duchess of Cambridge) he began to give a nervous smile .

It's here: Prince William, left, and his best man Prince Harry arrive at Westminster Abbey in full army dress
Prince William seemed very calm while greeting the Spencer's family (Late Princess Di's family) and other dignitaries.

Prince Albert and his fiance of Monaco all arrived after the Prince. A few minutes later in a Jaguar, the bride's mother Carol Middleton and brother James Middleton set off to the church with police escorts. All that could be seen through the glass was Carol's Hat.
Prince Albert of Monaco arrives with his fiancee Charlene Wittstock at Westminster Abbey.

The 4 mini coaches carrying some members of the royal family  with smiles on their face also departed from Buckingham Palace.

The Queen of Denmark and the Princess Maxima of the Netherlands, the King and Queen of Norway, all arrived the Westminster Abbey at this point.
Netherlands' Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Netherland's Princess Maxima arrive at Westminster Abbey.

Victoria Beckham and David were not left out....preggers Posh’s legs looked rather uncomfortable in those Louboutins! Ouch! And Prince and Princess Victoria of Sweden looked really cute, they were also present
David Beckham and Victoria Beckham at the Royal wedding
David Beckham and Victoria Beckham at the Royal wedding

Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria and Sweden's Prince Daniel arrive at Westminster Abbey.
Carol Middleton wearing a Catherine Walker designed sleek and tailored dress alongside a beautiful hat arrived looking stunning and calm. She walked down the aisle with her son James who looked less nervous.

Elegant: The outfit suited Carole's slim figure, and the sky blue colour complemented her brunette hair
Earlier on, Samantha Cameron in Burberry and David Cameron arrived but Sam wore NO HAT?!

Leaders: Mr Cameron and Mrs Cameron are joined by Nick Clegg inside Westminster Abbey
Princess Beatrice and Eugene left at 10.35 for  Westminster Abbey along with Prince of Wales and Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, at this moment, the extended members of the Royal family arrived at Westminster Abbey.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh left the Buckingham Palace at 10.42am. The Queen glowed in her yellow outfit while the Duke who wore a uniform similar to his sons' waved and smiled at the crowd meanwhile Prince of Wales and his wife arrived at the Abbey and I must say Camilla looked stunning in an outfit by Anna Valentine.
Royal arrivals: Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall were greeted by cheering crowds as they reached Westminster Abbey

Royal arrivals: Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall were greeted by cheering crowds as they reached Westminster Abbey
At this point, I am over excited! The Queen arrived at the Abbey at exactly 10.48am she looked really nice in the Angela Kelly designed Primrose dress.
Royal greeting: The Queen met with Reverend John Hall, the Dean of Westminster, as she arrived at the Abbey

The trumpets went off and all stood to honour the arrival of the Queen, she was all smiles.

At 10.51am, Kate Middleton with her father stepped into the Rolls Royce where the first glimpse of her dress with the long lace sleeve and a tiara given to her by the Queen for use just for her wedding was caught and smiled and waved at the anxious crowd. She was extremely nervous but she handled it well.

Well you should know me by now; wink....her make-up - ON POINT! and her sister Philipa looked BEAUTIFUL with the little brides and pageboys...they looked breathtaking.
Pippa Middleton

Stylish choice: Pippa's slinky white cowl-neck dress showed off her slender figure, while the cap sleeves kept it youthful. The back of the dress was studded with tiny silk-covered buttons

I bet William's heart was pumping at 10000000 beats per minute... 

11.00AM- Kate stepped out of the Rolls Royce wearing a Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen dress. This is history at this point, Kate the commoner at 11.04am about to walk down the aisle to become the wife of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge.
Kate Middleton arrives to the West Door of Westminster Abbey

So this picture confirms that Sarah Burton was the lady in the big hat.........

Sarah Burton seen on the right arriving at the Goring Hotel
Prince William walked with his brother alongside as the tune 'I was Glad' played and Kate also walked hand in hand with her father who was getting a bit teary eyed. Her sister Phillipa looked cute with the little train following behind.
Harry looked back and whispered some words to William tempting him to look back but he held it together.

Kate and her father holding each other’s hands were visibly shaking, but Harry?? still fidgeting!

Hymns done at 11.12am. Now to the reason why we are here....................

William was so CALM!!!!!!! but Harry oh dear!...still fidgeting....while Kate I mean Princess Catherine Duchess of Cambridge was a bit nervous.

And at 11.20am- they are man and wife

And at 12.08pm..............they emerge from the Abbey to cheers and waves from the crowd.

Just married! HRH Princess Catherine emerges from Westminster Abbey, wearing an Alexander McQueen dress, holding hands with her new husband Prince William

They are official married and thankfully it did not rain so they were able to use the open carriage.

kate and wills

 Congratulations Prince William and Princess Catherine! This is history and I do hope you have the times of your lives.

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