Nigeria- Whats the future like?

Monday 11 April 2011

Nigeria is a country with a great dream and future but cannot be realised at the moment due to the aggravated and intense selfishness possessed by the current government.
This is a country that has most of its population living in hope and faith but without seeing something to hold on to as an assurance that the country would be better tomorrow. There are thousands of people that say daily that Nigeria will get better..we are all positive that the country would live up to its real standards but hey.....we cannot blame the current government alone they have their faults so do we the civilians. We all complain and moan that this is not working, that road is bad, the electricity is a write off. When are we going to stop moaning and stand up and put heads and hands together to make the country what we want it to be.
When taxes are meant to be paid, we all turn deaf ears and act like they aren't talking to us, when we are meant to register to vote we don't bother making an effort, even if we do register when its time to vote we all don't. We all have a part to play and if we don't play it well then we should not expect much but if we want a better standard of living....we should make an effort and play our parts exceedingly well.
I am passionate about my country and seeing it in a state is not good.
God has fully blessed Nigeria but the country has not utilised the blessings in an appropriate and right manner to the fullest.
Nigeria will always be is up to US the current youths to make the country better in our time and make a difference.
We all say that WE ARE THE FUTURE....but words without action are totally USELESS...lets get up, hand in hand, heads together, truthfully, faithfully make the country better and comfier for ourselves, the older generation and the babies/generations unborn.
We need to be that turning point of Nigeria.....we need to bring the country to a point that it is well recognised in the good books of the world.
Lets STOP putting Nigeria down,
Lets activate the words ' WE ARE THE FUTURE'. We are amazing, we are the heart of Africa, we are the giant of Africa. We are the only ones that can do this, we are the only ones that can build the country and make it greater than ever before.
I have got a few words for the haters of Nigeria------ Get outta the way of the dream, we would make Nigeria a better place and you would be amazed to the point that you 'will' be convinced to change your mind.
Its heartbreaking seeing Nigeria: a land of plenty- suffer and lack and be put down in every way!
Don't you feel bad for the country at times......words can't simply explain thoroughly what is being conveyed here but I hope you do have the passion for Nigeria like I do.
Nigeria will live to exceed the expectation of the entire universe.
Be proud of your country, my country, our country...the great Nigeria!
Nigeria and Nigerians should not be put down any longer for lack of knowledge, progress and advanced technology.
We are so amazing....that is the least we can be!

We are going to make it better and bigger, cleaner and comfier, greater and more advanced! Are you with me? Drop a few words if you are!

Nigeria...Forever strong...long live Nigeria, God bless Nigeria!

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  1. Word true word yes we are
    We start from now By believing in ourselves that we can make a change
    Nigeria is ours


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