Women can be so fake!

Thursday 14 July 2011

When it comes to being natural, women can like to say that they are so fake (*thick African accent). These days women wanna be like ladies they see on TV and quickly resolve to saying that their natural self is not as beautiful as the people they see on TV.
Here's a list and analysis of the kind of fakeness (lol) I am talking about;
Make-up- a whole lot of foundation to actually change their facial colour and make it look super duper flawless, concealer to conceal all the blemishes and over, eyeshadow to give their eyelid a very different colour from the natural complexion, fake eyelashes to make their eyelash look perfectly straight, long and curvy, contact lenses to change the main eye colour, blusher to give them the blushing effect (especially black ladies- really?), lip liner and colour to make the lips look smaller and colourful, eyeliner to give them a cat eye shape
Shoes- super duper high heel to make them look extremely tall
Clothes- super tight clothes to give them a shape that they don't have and make them look like a figure eight, also exposing parts that should not on show.
Cosmetic procedures- to lift the eyebrow, filler for the lip, botox for the forehead, facial smoothening to remove the wrinkles, nip tuck, permanent eyebrows, nose job, veneers for the teeth
Hair- lace wigs, weaves to give them a whole different look....................*taking a break so I can breathe*
Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera

Women are guilty of all these but obviously in different proportions. Make-up according to the manufacturers (I think) is to enhance your beauty and further enhance your features not to totally cover your face and make you look like someone and totally change your natural beauty/features. Make up is not even an everyday thing. Also cosmetic procedures (*come on*) what do you need them for. Highly highly high shoes..People on TV do not wake up looking that way, they all( well almost all cuz some of them over do it sometimes) wear a little of this, a little of that. God created you in a perfectly perfect way just as He created the people you see on TV. So hence my question what is wrong with being natural? Why can't people appreciate natural?

Natural look before

These days these people on TV further influence women not to be natural but as fake as fakington (lol).
Are guys also guilty of making women feel so insecure that they wanna hide behind all the make-up, heels and blah blah blah?
 So is it safe for me to say that women can be so fake?
Whatever is wrong with natural?
Correct me if I'm wrong pls!
Just felt like am I right or what?

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