African Print Shoes and Clutch Bag

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Hey Bloghearts
How are you guys doing? Ok so walking into Aldo alongside friends and a couple of shoes actually caught the attention, african print shoes along with the clutch bag. I saw their pictures on the internet a while ago but was not as hyped as seeing them physically. They looked so pretty beautiful, comfortable and also very walkable. Whoever came up with that concept is very clever and sensible.
Enjoy looking at the pictures and also there are a few pictures of a black wedge sandal that I like (and did not wanna take off) as well as a pink one.


  1. Aldo alongside accompany and a brace of shoes in fact bent the attention, african book shoes forth with the clamp bag.

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  2. Wow those shoes are to die for :) the african print ones that is...your foot doesn't seem to sit right in the black shoe...notice the space between the bottom of your foot and the shoe? not too good

  3. Anony- Good observation. That is the main reason why I didn't buy the black shoe. It was NOT my size so I left 'em back, however because I loved its design so much I decided to try one leg on and take a picture of it since they did not have my size :-(.

    Thanks for stopping by sweeties. Muah!


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