Kate and Pippa's school of how to re-rock.

Saturday 2 July 2011

Kate and her sister Pippa have recently been seen wearing their outfits again at events with pride. This is to show all of the people who love to think that outfits should only be worn once,well I've got news for you, you've just be schooled by The Duchess and her sister. there is absolutely no crime in you wearing the same attire more than once. I was watching Katie Price on tv (of course) and she said she wears her clothes once, once she has been papparazied (my new word for being snapped in public ;-)) in them. She said she'd get rid of them....girl seriously?? Like SERIOUSLY???? Well here are pictures of the Duchess and her sister re-rocking outfits. Have a good one sweeties. :-*

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