Two (or more) girls and a guy...whats up with that?

Friday 29 July 2011

Hey lovelies

It isn't a new thing that guys date two (or more....silly) girls at a time but the first annoying thing is that the girls might not be aware of such. Guys *of nowadays* are not satisfied with one girlfriend at a time, even if they are, once they see another girl that is cuter than the former then they find a flimsy excuse and hop off to the latter (gosh girls have seen a lot) or better still keep both. Then when another one comes along, they then do the same thing. (ptschewwwwww). Yet they keep saying to each one of the girls- you are the butter on my bread, the sugar in my tea, the toothpaste on my brush, the only pin for my blackberry, the seasoning in my food....feed that to the chimpanzees at U.I zoo!
Whatever happened to 'clinging to one girl"?
I once heard a guy say that he is dating 'Girl A' and 'Girl B' but he already gave girl B a promise ring....are u seriously kidding me? That girl will actually be thinking that she is the only soup for his Amala.....gos forbis!
The second annoying thing is if a girl is caught dating two guys, they call her a nightwalker but if a guy is caught doing such they call him a "big boy"....dude get on up outta here....silly!
Alot of guys these days refer to girls as mobile phones, they can cohabit so long they don't come in contact with each other while being with the owner lest they interfere with each other and they can get changed anytime or better still as a fan- the blades never come in contact with each other!
Boy please.....
They say the guys aren't smiling right? well the girls ain't joking either! Standing up to double dating now...
Some do say that if one (girl) has something the other (girl) doesn't have, they compliment and make up for each....really? dude get a life!
The elders say: two wives/girlfriends is equal to double wahala/problem! So would you rather...........(put the puzzle together).
So if you are dating two girls to get the name tag "player"??? Honey you are on a long thing!
 A ship can't have two captains- if you don't like a girl as much, why date her then- if you know it ain't gonna get anywhere????
When a guy says, I don't double date, I usually have two takes. I'm like "you said what? What did you say? "*thick Nigerian accent*. Its rare to actually find a guy that genuinely doesn't double date or hasn't double dated.
One man that I really look at and wonder how he is coping with not two but three wives is the Nigerian King Oba Tejuoso...they recently visited the UK and they were all over each other- the wives were all united but I kept saying to myself: are they really like that or they are just putting up a good act for the audience? Only the God of all flesh knows.  Okay okay back to the main topic now: guys what is the main aim?
Girls how do you find out that he is double dating??
What will you do if he actually is dating you alongside other "girls"?
Guys, why do you double date? Whats up with that?

Would love to read your own opinions so please drop a comment......Thank yewwww


  1. U have mentioned the real reason why they do that. I am not a guy but I know enough to say that most men double date because
    1) They can
    2) It is a game (like hide n seek) they want to see how long before they get caught
    3) Peer pressure
    4) they are not really in touch with their true emotions hence can;t decide what they really want and need
    5) Again, because that is the most important reason, THEY CAN...shikena


  2. Hi Honeydame, thanks for stopping by! Good points you've got there especially the one about them not being in touch with their "true emotions". I really wonder how girls in "such situation react"..

    Please do come by again.....


    Missy Tee


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