The Versatile Blogger Award from Ms. Buki..

Tuesday 11 October 2011

Hello darlings,

I know I said I was going to post something on Saturday or Sunday but it was really busy weekend so I do apologize.
Well in other news, I got The Versatile Blogger Award from Ms.Buki and this is to say Thank you missy. Very much appreciated. Thank you!! Please feel extremely free to visit her blog. Its fabulous.
My very first blog award. *shining teeth* I am quite excited about this. Someone thought about me and my blog. Aww so sweet. LOL. 

So here are The Rules;
  1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know about it.
Number 1 done.

7 things about myself; oh dear.

  • I love cooking and keeping places clean. Once I start, its kind of hard to stop cleaning because I feel like I have killed half the germs and not the remaining half.
  • I enjoy talking and hanging out with old elderly people in their 70's and 80's because I feel they talk good and give expert advice
  • I always wash my hands immediately I walk in the door
  • I love shopping for dresses and taking little girls out on fun day trips with my sister
  • I am absolutely a bowling fan. I can bowl for hours and not get bored at all. Although when I get tired of it, I tend to drop the bowling balls anyhow.
  • Most nights, I am peckish so what I do when I go grocery shopping is get a large tub of Walls Ice cream along with Madeira cake for late night afters/cravings (which actually uhmmm I am having now)
  • I have never been clubbing (yea- proud of it) because I can't stand drunk people, sweaty atmosphere, dark or moving color lights. Enough to make one dizzy. *that's the picture that uhmmm pictures, descriptions and movies paint*. Don't plan on going in the near future. Just aint my thing.
Thats done. Now for the tagging I am tagging-
Ms.Buki (Yes tagging you again LOL!)
H (been following secretly but now following)

Most of the blogs have been tagged but just in case you've been tagged again......go you!
And also I am tagging every single blogger that has visited and commented and the ones that secretly follow as well. 

Sleep time..Have a great one sweeties and Thanks Ms Buki for the award, Thanks 9jaFoodie for uploading my entry. 




  1. First visit and I realllllly like your blog, very eclectic!!! Keep it up!! Going to check the Tara-K events part now!!! And Congrats on the Award, slowly but surely lol.

  2. awww nice.hey babe and don't forget to follow my blog ok

  3. I hate the club environs here too, the whole smoke and sweat ish just pisses me off, though I still go once in a!! I ALWAYS wash my hands when I get to destinations!!!! I am that one person who heads for the tap as soon as I get home or to people's houses. Someone once asked me if I have a little child at home is why.

    thanks for the award hon.

  4. congratulations on your award. I also love to cook and keep places clean. first timer here and following. check my blog out too.

  5. Thanks ladies

    @Sasi_malia- aww thanks love. You are a star. Thanks

    @Martha- Thanks boo. On it right away. I thought I already did actually but thought wrong.

    HoneyDame- LOL. You still go even though it pisses you off?. We have things in common don't we? I always have to wash my hands with immediate effect, its a reflex action to me now. :-). You are welcome love.

    @Priscy- Thank you sweetheart. Wow you love cooking too? thats fab- its a good thing isn't it? I will check your blog for sureeee. Thanks for coming by and following. Jah bless

  6. You're welcome babes! You're so worthy! Lol.

    I love to cook and clean too. I think they go hand in hand.

  7. I think this is my first time here, nice to read about you too :)

    Congrats on the award.

  8. @Ms.Buki- Awww you are so kind. *sniff sniff*lol. Thanks for the motivation. And yayyy! We have something in common too. ;-)

    @Myne- You are very welcome to my blog. Glad to have you here. Yaay! Thanks for coming by and pls do come by again.;-)
    Thank you!!


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