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Friday, 7 October 2011


Gotta chill out sometimes I felt these might put a smile on your face if not a big smile or a loud laugh.

Nigerians are so HILARIOUS!
Wait a minute- I think people from other countries do ask such questions. Like seriously?
Here are a few questions;

You went home and came back to school and your friend sees you getting on the shuttle bus or something and says-
Friend- Are you back?
Tee-No I am still in Saudi Arabia, it is my carbon copy or photocopy standing in front of you

Sees you at the beach-
Friend- What are you doing here at the beach?
Tee- I have come to do some shopping on the water

Sees you at a restaurant-
Friend- What are you doing here?
Tee- I have come to watch save the last dance part 7

Sees you in church-
Whats up, How come you are here?
I have come to see a movie

Sees you at the cinema
Hey long time, what are you here for?
I have come to pay school fees

Sees you in a store
Friend - What are you doing in this store?
Tee- I have come to just do some sight seeing.

Goodness we can be funny at times and YES I do ask these dumb questions sometimes too especially "Are you back?"
Hmm don't shine your thirty two like you don't.

Did that put a smile on your face?
If it dint, then you really really really need to take it easy, take a break along with a chill pill. ;-) You are not mahogany wood or whatever. Wood is wood!

Have a fab one!

PS- a lil tired at the moment, been blowing my nose all day. I hate having a cold. I had to buy a long pack of tissue. I'll post some better things by tomorrow or so.




  1. Lmao..I am def. taking things easy. I cant even make noise. those kain questions eh, you go fear. I had something similar in this post. Some people just need Jesus!

  2. lmao ok that made me laff especially the beach one.hilarious

  3. LOL!

    Yes, that made chuckle.

    Pele. Get well soon. Actually, hope you're already better. :)

    I've just awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award. Check out my blog for the details. x

  4. Thanks ladies.

    @Honeydame- exactly, gotta take things easy. We can't shout. I read the post and left a really long comment. 6 months later. ;-)
    @Martha- Aww am glad I made you laugh. Laughter is good and healthy ;-)
    @Ms.Buki- Thank you! Yes I am better now thank God for that. And yay!!! for the award. Thank you sugar! On it right away.


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