What a week?! Weather-wise.

Thursday 6 October 2011

Hey there my lovely bloghearts!

How are you all doing?
So summer is officially over!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr
The weather last week was fabulous. It was like 20-something degree and cold water was flowing like .....errr.....water. (duh!) I made sure I kept a bottle in my handbag all the time and I kept topping it up every half hour I should say? It was that warm but I wasn't complaining hence the pictures from Saturday. Rather wear tank tops that a sweater.
So on Sunday morning, I had to go out at about 6.30am and it was still warm. I stepped out in a casual tee and took a mini sweater along just incase. At almost 8am, then I put my sweater as it was getting chilly. While I was enjoying the morning sight and weather someone amazing said Oh Tee, do you know it is supposed to get colder today? and I thought to myself "Thanks for that information NOT!". That made my body go into- "its really chilly" mode and ever since then the summer clothes have been traded for warm cosy attires. But I still wanted to enjoy the "last day of summer" and the sight.
So I took these pictures AGAIN!....I know I know.
Sun gradually rising

and then it completely arose!
So I went back home to bed and totally slept off. In other words, I ended up getting up late for church. Lord please forgive me! ;-)

The day was lovely and the weather was fabulous. Fast forward to Wednesday, the weather was hinting to get your thermal attires out. Boots were stamping the dry fallen leaves. Cups of tea were flowing like water (now that reads right. lol).
The trees are preparing for their annual leave...

.....some leaves have already decided to leave

And then the skies became a beauty to behold.....
Autumn showing its color...

Windy and rainy evening

The evening blue skies
But the weather became so so so so cold- and then the hailstorm was jaw dropping If it is 8 degrees now then what is it going to be in December.
All in all, we thank God for another October and so on.

Once again, enjoy the pictures and don't worry, I'll try to resist taking similar snaps.




  1. @ Chic Therapy- exactly. Can you imagine? sigh.
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