Spoiled brats + Beyonce's bump

Wednesday 12 October 2011

Hey sweeties,

I decided not to let this day go by without me punching my keyboard buttons to blog.
The weather has been quite unique this week. Its been raining non stop since last Thursday/Friday I think. Well it does kinda stop for an hour or less and then starts again. Its not heavy rain though but its like spraying. If you stay in it for about 5 mins, you'd start looking like you are sweating on a lovely morning which isn't quite cool.

Moving on from the weather, on my way back to the humble abode, I spotted an old lady with her grandson. The little "brat" (as I choose to call him here) was running well ahead of his nan. The poor nan had a bag in one of her hands and looked like she couldn't wait to get to her destination.
Suddenly suddenly (D'banj's voice), this little BRAT saw a pair of socks lying in the middle of a minor road with cars moving in both directions. He ran to the middle of the road and picked the dirty socks and threw them in a puddle by the road side and made a splash. This poor woman stressed her aging lungs and throat shouting at this lil brat to STOP IT RIGHT NOW in her typical Yorkie accent. She yelled and kept yelling at him to quit it but he did not listen.

A peaceful dude minding his business was walking past and this little boy picked the socks and did a twirl with them in his hands thereby splashing dirty water on his pretty looking pants. I couldn't help but squint as though he was a lil kid I knew. Deep in my mind, I was yelling at him even though it din't escape my mouth and I couldn't tell him to stop because his nan was walking closer to him with each step she took, getting ready to spank him with her other hand.
I never thought the old woman could pick herself off the floor like that. She ran so fast that the lil brat himself took off running. But he ran facing on coming traffic's direction, he wasn't paying attention to see if any car was approaching. He wasn't scared of getting hit by a car. He kept running and this old lady who doesn't wanna lose her grandson started yelling again. She had obviously had enough of the boy and was sick and tired of his company for the day.
He ran up a hilly bend which was extremely dangerous because he could have been hit by a car so easily because it is a sharp bens with no driver being able to see ahead until they are past the bend. No one would have seen him there.
To be honest, the lil brat annoyed me.
I thought- Supernanny can't even do anything for this boy, buy him a one way to ticket to a certain country located in West Africa. I am not stating country names here hmmmm.

The next thing that came to my mind was "How I wish he was in Africa, shouting would have only been the tip of the iceberg".
Running on a road in the direction of oncoming cars and you are being told to stop and you are not listening? hmmm *shaking my head in disgust with a sarcastic laugh* . That day the brat will understand the difference between sugar cane and stinging cane, star jump and frog jump, stool down and point to the ground, ride a motorcycle on the wall and ride your scooter, stand in the corner with your hands up (Praise the Lord) and go in the naughty corner.
I love my African peeps especially the teachers- mayne they were good. Did they study "how to disciple students when they did their teacher training?

Thats the story of the little brattie brat. Gosh that little muffin case annoyed me!!

Moving on to other news, I read about Beyonce's baby bump on Linda Ikeji's blog and its making me hope it isn't true because that would make me really mad at Beyonce if she really is............not!
But lets wait now, we'll see who the baby looks like when he or she arrives and we'll do some calculations.

Also, lately I have noticed that guys have started using DEAR quite a lot now. Its something that I find weird because it was never their thing to call or refer to people as "dear" but they all use it now. Even uncles or cousins that were like hardcore before, when you say
Tee- Good evening cuz or uncle
Uncle or Cousin- Good evening dear, how are you dear?
Tee- Uncle, can I use your phone?
Uncle- Yes dear
Tee- Uncle can I use your credit card?
Uncle- No..........dear!

I'm not complaining, guys please continue using dears and darlings, it makes you more approachable. I will sure think that someone who uses dear and all is quite soft and kind on the inside.

You all know I luv ya right?

Have a fab one!

PS- I know the picture doesn't match the story but I kinda think its cute. Although I love puppies, that dont mean that sharing ice cream that way is something sensible to do. And also apologies for the typos if any. I'll do some good editing soon.


  1. Ha, I was almost boiling at the story of the boy. But from reading mother's blogs, I have realised how NOT easy it is to deal with children. But I agree on sending him to a certain country. Most times it works.
    On Bey's matter, frankly, I can't be bothered. Anything is possible with those two. I really liked her as a person but these days, I dont know what to think anymore. If she get belle, she go born. If she doesn't, God no go vex.

    I am yet to meet those "deary" uncles o!

  2. Ha children hmmmmm no words to describe that side of them.if he was in a certain country he won't even think twice just a look and his head would be correct.

    As for Bey if she's preggy well if she's not well i don't really see what the big deal is really,but i like her sha..

  3. Wel missy just join the site and hope to get more inspiration from the site, love your passion.
    Faith form 9ja

  4. @HoneyDame- Honestly, that certain country will surely straighten that lil brat. And Beyonce's matter is really raising eyebrows which is NAT so good. Don't worry, you'll soon meet the "deary" uncles- very soon.Yes I said so. hehe

    @Martha- exactly, the look will make him know that Jesus does not have tribal marks. lol. Omdaze, am I the only one bothered by Beyonce's baby bump?

    @Anonymous 02.12- Thanks lovely.

    @Badmus Faith- Awww you are soo kind. Thanks a bunch. That went a long way. Feeling the love all the way from 9ja...Thanks

  5. @ missy ,wil like to add u on face book, what ur username so i could access ur latest post on ur wall

  6. The story about the little boy made me so angry. I have zero tolerance for that level of naughtiness!
    That's nice re: your uncle and cousins calling you dear. The world would be a better place if all men would adopt such positive references. :o)

  7. @Ms Buki- Kiddies could make one very angry at times but you've just got to love them anyways but still have zero tolerance for arrant rubbish like that. ;-)
    The world would sure be a good place if they could be more loving like that.


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