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Saturday 14 January 2012

Merry Happy New Year sugars. *I'm going to act like I haven't been away for too long *silent apology*.
Hope 2012 is going good for you guys and you are keeping up with your resolutions? Don't let them slip though (wait till Feb and I bet you'd even forget about the list of resolutions).
So so so, I can't act like I haven't been hearing things about Nigeria the great in the news for like forever now. First thing I heard of was the fuel subsidy removal and the fuel price hike to N147 from N65.
First up, I think the people we have in government now are so rich that they believe everybody in Nigeria can afford to buy fuel for N147.
They are so covered in the face with the wealth and affluence that it is so hard for them to see that Nigerians are not happy with the way they are being governed.
*I do not intend to mention names or curse or point fingers*
Nigerians do not have a good source of electricity, majority of the people in Nigeria run their electrical appliances on their own private energy source, the ever faithful generators. No wonder Chinese and Japanese generator makers enjoy business in Nigeria. That is one thing the government has turned a blind eye to for decades. To further increase people's agony, they are hiking the fuel price meaning that they might not be able to use their generators like before, people might not be able to use their cars like before. This therefore leads to increased armed robbery rates not only due to the hike but the darkness as a result of no electricity source in Nigeria will become more pronounced, people will have to start walking and using public transport means of which they will also increase their transport fares forcing some people to resort to walking long distances or just point blank sitting at home, becoming jobless. Removing the fuel subsidy doesn't even seem like there is going to be any difference because it wasn't even felt before so removing it and adding it to something else also does not mean what it is being added to is going to be felt- that's just some rambling thoughts. Notwithstanding, I am not supporting the fuel subsidy removal.
Nigeria's so called budget is probably NOT for Nigeria because it is NOT felt in Nigeria. All that budget for maintenance, education and bla bla bla, it is all gist. Buildings have been erected for decades and they do not do any silly maintenance on them so they end up collapsing, yet they claim that there is some budget for building maintenance? pls tell that to the trees, they are willing to hear all that, that's just an example.

Instead of the Nigerian government to look for ways to improve Nigeria by making the citizens comfortable, creating job opportunities with everything they do, they are busy increasing people's misery by cutting their jobs, sources of living and other amenities.
It is crazy to see that over the past decade, Nigeria in terms of government has not progressed.
I strongly believe that for Nigeria to progress, the entire old school people in power at the moment should all be told to surrender to the younger generation. It has been the same set of people ruling Nigeria for decades and its high time for a change.
It is a good idea for Nigerians to protest and voice their opinions since the government has refused to listen when they were whispering or speaking with a low toned voice. However, killing them because they are raising their voices so they can be heard is not going to solve the issue. The people killing might get away with it on earth but it is up to God to judge them.
I always say to myself that Nigeria will surely get better someday, I just hope this is a stepping to that.
Nigeria is blessed beyond all these but as a result of tight-fistedness and inconsideration, the country seems to be taking one step forward and 275 steps back.
It really hurts and sometimes moves me to tears! Nigerians are NOT happy and are being scrutinised innocently. It is so unfair. Its been said for years and years and years. We have prayed, prayed, prayed and prayed like everyone has been saying, the truth is that God HAS answered Nigeria's prayers but the agents that will manifest the answered prayers are HUMANS. God is not going to descend from heaven and slap Jonathan (He's human he still deserves some respect) President Jonathan around the head and say this is what you are meant to be doing. Some people are doing the right thing but some others are in the corner covering them up and their good deeds.

Nigerians are not fighting only because of this fuel subsidy, they are fed up of being treated like slaves and headless baboons. In contrast to Ghana, Nigeria is wayyyyyy backward and like I heard that Nigeria used to supply them with electricity back in the day and now, they have good electricity and what do Nigerians have? Candles, Lanterns, Torch Lights and Generators and oh phone torch lights. It is absolutely disgraceful, absurd and pitiful.
I am so passionate about Nigeria because mayne no matter what, that is always going to be home. I was watching Aljazeera the other day and Seun Kuti and some other guy called Gbenga something (can't remember his surname sorry). They were both making the point that Nigerians have had ENOUGH. Enough of the poverty, shame, deprivation, loss, waste, insults and disgrace. They defended Nigerians for protesting and said it is the right thing to do.
Some silly dude then asked the foolish question that 'The government is still going pay no attention to them, that what is the main reason for protest?' He was really saying that Nigerians don't need to protest and that they should just accept it. I shook my head and said maybe he is Mrs Okonjo-Iweala's long distance relative. I so wanted to slap him through the TV.

This is the first time Nigerians are refusing to back down, before they'd strike for a day and that's it. But they are going on longer. You can only stretch an elastic band for so long before it snaps, Nigerians have arrived the breaking point on this exploitation issue and I strongly believe that the government are not going to have a choice than to obey.
Whoever came up with the fuel hike seriously needs some panasharp- did they actually think Nigerians will fold their arms and say that 'Ehn N147 is not too much to pay for fuel from N65?' Before you know it, it will become N1000 per litre!
Its so disheartening, we need to take action. God has heard our prayers and I believe He is patiently waiting for Nigerians to 'possess their possessions'.
Nigeria needs to progress, killing people, hiking prices and depriving people is so not the way forward.
I could go on and on and on but seriously where is Nigeria heading?

Or what do you guys think?


Nigerians know how to have fun even during Nigeria's trying times. The video below had me laughing so hard that my eyes teared up. Nigeria We indeed hail thee.

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  1. I agree with you 100% While I agree that the subsidy should be removed, I think the govt is not coming to equity with clean or prudent hands. They are bloated and incompetent and treat the rest of the country like slaves.


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