Seriously- What is the matter?

Saturday 21 January 2012

Hey bloghearts,

So whats the matter with Nigeria right now?

Its so annoying and heart-breaking to so see people losing their lives and being killed for no reason at all. So about 150 people have been killed in Kano, Nigeria by *you know who*.
I have been keeping away from saying anything about *you know who* on my blog but I just have to at this moment.
Why are Nigerians being treated like this? What is going on? Is it nearing the endtime as described Revelations? What? Why? Who? When?....those are the questions being asked by Nigerians.
-If you have noticed, I just am so dumbfounded about the issue that all I can do is ask questions-
It is disheartening and appalling. Seriously????

Also about the fuel price at N95? Nigerians kind of dissappointed mehn. I did not think they'd settle for anything higher than the former N65. They should note that because Uncle Jona has agreed for fuel price to be reduced to N95 does not mean he doesn't know what he is doing. When fuel price hits N147 in the future again, they will be unconsciously roped in to accept that price. For crying out loud, right now fuel is N3 away from N100 per litre!!!! Really? Wooooooow- I still don't gree- I think I'll continue my protest over here.

Also about Seal and Heidi Klum's divorce. WHAT?? I thought they were the perf... couple. All these famous people, J-Lo and Marc, Kim and Kris, Katy and Russell and now Heidi and Seal??
They keep getting married and divorced like they are changing their babies nappies!
Well......some rantings of mine.



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  1. Heidi and Seal splitting is really sad. I thought they were the perfect couple.

    About Naija, May God help us.


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