Hello There!, Random Reflections and Giveaway!

Friday, 8 June 2012


Soooo by popular demand- we haff back. Simples! (Luv that ad!)

Como estas- bien supongo?

Good evening!

E Kale!

Eti Sen!
Sup sup?

Have I missed blogging? Well I do not even need to answer that- this post should answer!

I know I know I have been off the radar in fact, I have been far away from the radar until it located me on the new planet called Planet Busy!
Throughout the month of May I think it’s safe to say I was a conveyor belt- busy 24/7. I barely hung out at all in May- last May was a busy busy month for me. You want to know what I was doing? Gimme a call on 01-missytee and I’ll give you every tinny little detail. Don't wanna bore people with the uber long list.
How have you all been by the way?

To those who checked up and asked why my blog was so quiet- thanks a bunsheeeees! You all are the best!

I just finished reading Atilola’s book- Yep I started today and finished today. I started reading saying okay I should finish this by tomorrow but seriously I just could not get myself to close the page- it was fabulous I really like the Chief Goshe’s bit, My own enemy (I think there is a word missing there I can't recall atm but it should return), The Lagos Bus Conductor, The lady preacher- Fire and Brimstone preacher??, the street with numerous churches seriously lets just say I loved them all. I was putting off reading the book till I bought the hard copy but I could not resist.  I think I might be the first to actually write a review on Amazon- we’ll see. Oh and the bit Mrs PRESSURED? that says that people should not call me Mama *insert child’s name* I am Atilola even if I have 20 children.......... J’adore that bit- I agree 100%! Or is it this Parrot girl  you wanna talk about- okay I’ll stop analysing the book now. Click on the link on my blog on the right for more as in I mean buy the book and read it!
I shall read the book again!

I need to apologise publicly by the way to Atilola-  I did get your email but I haven’t been able to reply SORRY!!! but I have managed sort it out- I hope I am forgiven? :-) I’m not usually like that- I reply emails regularly it’s just this one time.

Remember my Ghana post- well let’s just say I will be filling you guys in on what’s up with that trip soon. Like I said I did not really do anything social in May but I did go out for lunch on Friday with my colleagues at this really funky Chinese restaurant. It was a BEAUTY- the only thing is that it is not in my town if not I would have been thinking of another visit to the restaurant. We had a fabulous time. The weather was great for a couple of weeks but you know what its like- now we are wearing sweaters again! Sigh!! I totally yearn for a holiday in a country with beautiful beaches, sunny and uber warm weather, lovely fruit drinks with lots of ice cubes, a platter of different foods such as pizza, peppered mince in pita bread, Jollof rice (Yes! I LOVES IT!), Thai fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, garnished veggies, peppered snails (hmmmm), fajitas. Okay that’s enough- but for now I shall make the most of this weather- it’s a matter of weeks now weeksssss!
How have you guys been though? (Did I ask earlier? It’s just a sign that I have missed you guys and your comments). In May I must confess my phone started complaining (yes in my own dictionary phones complain) that I was reading people’s blogs, commenting when I could and forcing it to remember people’s blog addresses as I barely used my laptop- it complained by seizing and then running the battery down which means- I now have a valid excuse to get a new phone- YES! I haven’t had a new phone in 2 years which is actually a RECORD for me. Honestly I am glad I kicked that habit but yes I can get a new one now because the current one is complaining and what if you are in the middle of a very important conversation with a very important “some person” and the phone freezes- AH! #JesusChristtheGodofIshmaelandHagar- I probably will have this face for hours;

 Oh that reminds me- any ideas on good nice feminine phones out there- iPhones and Blackberries are sooooooooo out there..sigh!
But on a more serious note though- I have missed you guys plentiful and here are some pictures I took with my phone in May- no make that April.  Maybe I should have a photo blog since I love everything about photography. I love taking pictures but shy away from people taking my picture at times.

Moving swiftly on-I have been told that I am kinda becoming anti-social; Heartbreak!!! I am not saying it is a lie neither am I saying it is true (actually it might be kind of true). My fav girls were drilling me that I barely go out even when invited out- I am always either busy, making up an excuse, not ready or plain blank say Naaaaa! I’m good I’ll just read this novel. I get it---when they say it I laugh or smile; I do not usually respond and also because they at times maybe right so I just laugh- it kind of annoys them and I end up saying “I get it seriously I understand; I’ll try be more social” but when it is time to go out again I shrug and say uhmmmmm naaaaa this book is pretty interesting or this movie is pretty good I’ll stay home to finish it especially my Tyler Perry movies- I can watch TP’s movies like 2 times a day and not get tired of it even if they are pretty old.*rolling eyes* So I need to be a bit more social according to my fav. Girls international cooperation of Nigeria as I call them. Any tips on how to be more social?
Last Saturday, a friend whom I have not seen since 2010 invited me over for a praise programme  which I enjoyed actually so I did go although it was short notice I had to for so many reasons so I planned on going to braid my hair again- yes I finally took the braids out a while ago since December- Phew!  But I was too tired and sleepy so I fell asleep and when I woke up it was about past 6 ‘o’ clock and the prog. Started at 6PM!!!!!!  anyways I ended getting there at almost 8 ‘o’ clock if not past it. SAT-NAV’s are seriously annoying honestly- anyway it took me on a different route when I could have actually taken a shorter route to my destination, it was crazy- facial expressions said it all because I did not want to end up on the motorway. Anyways I got there super duper duper late- I could not even wear my make-up but make-up is not what really makes you pretty- it’s who you are that does!! It was fun and shortly after 9pm I had to leave again so I could get home before 10pm. Now do you see one of the numerous reasons why I might be anti-social; partly my fault and partly my sat-nav’s.
This was not a planned post- Yea- like I ever properly plan any of my posts. Ptschewwwwww.

Enjoy the pictures and I shall be back no not in July but hopefully June again.

Oh! I shall be having a giveaway soon- do you know what? I am going to be completely honest here- I’m a little nervous about this giveaway thing- being that my blog is not even 2 yet do you think I should hold on or I should go ahead?

The prizes are likely to be jewellery and a book so what do you guys think? I need ideas- can I call people out? EVERYONE REALLY- maybe I shouldn’t mention names? (That is why the title says random reflections- I am thinking out loud).

Ever told you guys you are fabulous???

Well I am now- You are fabulous!!!!!!!!

 Muchos gracias and muchos love!

Chao- gotta finish watching Eat Pray Love- Just seeing it since 2010 *sigh

Edit: My heart goes out to the families of the people involved in the June 3rd 2012 crash. May God console you and hold you tight. I can’t start naming the various circumstances- is it from the Maimuna lady who lost herself and her kids and hubby or the Rev and his wife whose kids are now on their own. May the safety of the Lord be with us all and may the Lord grant the victims eternal rest. IT IS WELL!


  1. This is a pretty loooooong post.

    Your public apology is accepted, lol. But it is based on one condition shaa. Do the customer review on amazon, ooo.

    Okay, am begging, please, please, please, lol.

  2. LMAooo...I feel as though u were soo excited when typing, I missed you too.I dont think there is any hard and fast rule on when to have giveaways so if u feel it is right, then it is.
    thank God u feel less stressed now.
    You are Fab Fab Fabulous too.


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